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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. show his Chip Damage book to Carol]
K.O. And now chip damage shoots four different types of laser beams instead of just one. Oh, so cool, right?!
Carol Okay, you convinced me. I’ll play it with you when I finish work!
K.O. Oh, wow! Really?! [Jumps up and down] Yeah! [Laughs and opens the car door]
Carol K.O., wait! Hold out your hand. [Hands K.O. a bag of treats]
K.O. Wow! Delicious treats. Thanks, Mo—
Carol K.O., wait! [Points down K.O.’s seat] Look under your seat.
K.O. Hmm? [Gasps] A brand-new sweatband?! [Puts on sweatband] Just what I needed! Thanks, Mommy! [Drops down from the car]
Carol K.O., wait! I love you!
K.O. I love you, too! [Waves back to her as she drives off] [Titlecard appears] My mommy is cool, I am her son. Wherever we go, She makes it fun. She gives me sweet treats, [Eats the treats] that I love to eats. My mommy's the mommy, [Gulps] Nobody can beats! All right, Mother’s Day sale, guide me to the ultimate frame!
[K.O. enters the iFrame Outlet store]
Brandon [Pants as he takes down a frame] I’m fading, dude. I’m not gonna make it.
A Real Magic Skeleton [Takes down the pictures] Sorry, man. [Looks at his watch] Lunch is not even for like another 15 minutes.
Brandon I can’t… I can’t!
K.O. Hey, Brandon. Heya, Real Magic Skeleton. [Zooms in his macaroni art]
[Brandon whimpers and drools]
A Real Magic Skeleton Dude, no.
Brandon [Pushes A Real Magic Skeleton] You’ll never stop me!
[A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon hops to the counter]
Brandon [Clears throat] How way me— How may we a-assist you, kind sir? [Stomach rumbles]
K.O. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I wanted to get a cool frame for my macaroni art.
A Real Magic Skeleton [Writes on clipboard] Cool frame. Now what kind?
Brandon [Pushes A Real Magic Skeleton] Pasta picture, huh?
K.O. Yeah.
Brandon K.O., K.O., K.O. This is your mom we’re talking about here.
K.O. So… I should buy a really expensive frame?
A Real Magic Skeleton Yes! I’ll get the most expensive one we have.
Brandon Well, of course, you could buy an expensive frame. You could also put a bow on this empty candy wrapper. [Drops it on the floor]
A Real Magic Skeleton [Slips] Whoa!
Brandon Or, like, wrap up a… [Gets A Real Magic Skeleton’s boot] slimy old boot!
K.O. Uh… well, I don’t want to give my mommy trash.
Brandon No! [Takes K.O.’s macaroni art] Of course not! [Chuckles] [Eats it]
K.O. That was my best idea. What am I supposed to get her now?
A Real Magic Skeleton [Regenerates himself] Well, what does your mom like?
K.O. Um… [Imagines] cooking breakfast, uh, driving me to the plaza, and, uh, running— running the dojo.
A Real Magic Skeleton That sounds like stuff she does, K.O., not stuff she likes. [K.O. grunts in frustration] Why don’t you just get her a nice custom key chain? What’s her name?
K.O. Mm. Mommy?
[A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon laughs]
K.O. [Thinking] I don’t know anything about my mama. I can’t give her macaroni art.
[K.O. imagines Carol getting disgusted by his macaroni art]
Carol K.O., why’d you give me trash?
K.O. And a key chain?
Carol Oh, K.O. [Tosses the keychain down] I thought you loved me.
K.O. These aren’t presents. They’re— They’re… thoughtless. [Sighs] Just… thoughtless. Thoughtless.
A Real Magic Skeleton You’re a monster.
Brandon Don’t judge me. You don’t even have a stomach.
K.O. Thoughtless. Thoughtless. Thoughtless. Hmm? Guidance!
[Shy Ninja and Vormulax fights in the background. K.O. peeks at the window to see Carol heading in the back and Gertie, Gladys, and Ginger exercising]
K.O. Hmm.
Gladys I am just so exhausted.
[K.O. clears throat]
Ginger, Gertie, & Gladys [Gasps] It’s Carol’s boy! [Heads out to hug K.O.]
K.O. [Halts them] Please tell me everything you know about my mommy!
Ginger Well, she’s got a page on KickiPunchia, see? [Shows her phone to K.O.]
K.O. Oh, yeah! Carol.
Ginger Silver Spark was a big deal back in the day. [K.O. plays video] She could mimic the powers of any opponent. [slides to next screen] And she was recruited by Worldclass Superhero Squad P.O.I.N.T.. [slides to next screen] She took down the infamous Kactus Krew, [slides to next screen] and it was the talk of the town for weeks after. But about 6 to 11 years ago, she quit the team.
K.O. 6 to 11? 6 to 11?! That’s exactly how old I am! Was it my fault?
Carol [Heads back] All right, ladies, break time’s ov…er? [K.O. vanishes without her spotting him]
Ginger Where’d he go?
K.O. [Thinking] Oh, did Mommy really quit her cool superhero life because I came along? What kind of gift can hold up to that?! Think, you garbage boy! Oh, think!
[Shy Ninja and Vormulax fights. Shy Ninja defeats Vormulax. She giggles]
Vormulax You’ve beaten me, Shy Ninja. Go ahead. Gloat if you must! [Shy Ninja giggles] Really? Oh. Okay. Well, remember this— you are nothing without me, for a hero is not a hero without a villain!
K.O. That’s it! [Thinking] If I can get one of Mom’s old villains to come and fight her, she’ll be a hero again. It’s… [Imagines Carol beating a villain]
Carol Wow! My very own villain!
K.O. It’s…
Carol I love ya, kiddo!
K.O. Thoughtful! [Runs to a photo booth] All right, now to make some calls. [Looks at the phone] What the heck is this thing? Mm. [Gets out his phone scrolling his contacts] Kactus Krew… Kactus Krew. Ah! Ferocactus. [Calls]
[Ferocactus’ phone rings as he is slowly approaching it]
Ferocactus [Groans] I’m a-comin’. I’m a-comin’.
K.O. Eh. Must be busy fightin’ a hero. Let’s try… Prostratum! [Whistling]
[It is revealed that Prostratum passed away as the nurse moved his blanket]
K.O. Ugh! Busy again! How about, uh… Succ-u-lentus? Please, please pick up.
[Succulentus is relaxing as he watches his grandkids playing at the pool. The telephone rings]
Cactus Kid Gampy! Gampy!
Succulentus What is it?!
K.O. Oh, um… will you… Will you fight my mommy?
Succulentus Who?!
Cactus Kid Gampy, Gampy!
Succulentus Put that down!
Cactus Kid No! [Runs away]
K.O. Oh, right, um… Silver Spark, um… uh, challenges you to a power battle!
Succulentus Silver Spark.
K.O. That’s right, you— you weenie! Come to the dojo at Lakewood Plaza! And don’t forget your costume. Ha! [Puts away his phone] This is gonna be the best gift of all time.
Cactus Kid Gampy.
Succulentus Can you drive?
A Real Magic Skeleton Just saying, your action have consequences.
Brandon [Still eating the macaroni] [Scoffs] You don’t really believe in that stuff, do you?
[A car approaches]
Succulentus [Gets off the car] Silver Spark! [His grandson honks the car] What is the matter with you?!
Cactus Kid Gampy!
Succulentus [Approaches to the Dojo] SilverSpark, come on out and face me! And hurry up! My life could end at any second!
Carol [Walks out] Succulentus? Is that you?
Succulentus That’s right! And I’m taking you down once and for all, Silver Spark— in the name of the Kactus Krew! [Grows a cane out of his head and attaches to the cane he has] Are you ready?! [Runs] Aaaaaaaaaaah! Every step that I take… is another mistake for you! [Carol dodges his attacks] I wanna see you try to take a swing at me. [Carol punches him] Aah!
Carol Ooh!
K.O. Yes! I knew this was the perfect gift!
Succulentus [Pants] [Puts back his sunglasses] Now you’ve woken up the demon in me!
Carol [Gets his cane as his hands are still on it] Why’d you come to the plaza to fight me?
Succulentus You wanted to!
Carol Why’d you go and drag up the past?
Succulentus You wanted to!
Carol That’s not true! That’s the last thing I wanted.
Succulentus Then why’d I get a call saying you wanted to throw down?
K.O. Silver Spark! Silver Spark! Ooh! [Hides in the trashcan]
[A rat appears]
Rat Hey, how’s it going?
Succulentus Enough! Stop confusing what is real. It doesn’t matter who brought me here. You’re gonna pay for all those years of beating me, beating me down!
Carol [Groans] Were we really like this 6 to 11 years ago?
Succulentus [Sticks his cane on the ground] A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. [Carol dodges a bloomed cactus] A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. A bloom, cactus, bloom in the plaza. [Carol dodges another cactus] A bloom, cactus, bloom in… [Wheezing] A bloom, cactus. [Blooms a couple small cacti] Bloom, cactus, bloom in the… Bloom [panting] cactus.
Carol You feelin’ all right?
Succulentus [Panting] It’s— It’s been a while.
Carol What do ya say we call off this power battle and sort things out over some coffee?
Succulentus [Sighing] Yeah. A-A coffee would really wake me up inside about now.
K.O. [Sticks out the garage can] Huh?
[Carol and Succulentus got coffee and exits the coffee shop]
Carol [Laughs] Those were some good times. [Laughs with Succulentus] You take care of yourself now!
Succulentus Yes. Yes, you too. And now to find my thoughtless goof of a grandson.
Carol [Waves bye to Succulentus] You want to tell me why you called up old Succulentus… K.O.?
K.O. [Peeps out of the bush] I-I just wanted to give you one last battle with your old archenemy… for Mother’s Day.
Carol What? I don’t understand. Why not one of your handmade cards? I love those!
K.O. Well… you had to give up all of your hard work and quit your superhero team… because I was born. I was just trying to make up for it.
Carol Oh! [Boinks K.O.’s head] My little dumbbell! Me quitting P.O.I.N.T. had nothing to do with you.
K.O. Then what did it have to do with? [Falls off the bush] Oh!
Carol Well… [The flashback takes place on a rainy day with thunder crashing. An exterior shot of a donut shop being blasted shows, with an alarm setting off. Two pairs of legs were shown exiting from the donut shop. In the next shot, it shows a sandwich being dropped to the floor, thus ending the flashback.] It’s grown-up stuff, and none of it matters. ‘Cause I’m happy where I am now.
K.O. But wasn’t P.O.I.N.T. your dream?
Carol Sure, it was, back then. But now my dream is raising you to be kind and thoughtful. And you let me achieve that dream every day by being all those things and more! [K.O. giggles] Now… what do ya say we go home and play that game?!
K.O. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
[They head off. A Real Magic Skeleton is next to the bathroom while Brandon has his problem]
Brandon [Sighs] Why is this happening to me?! Oh! [Screams]
A Real Magic Skeleton Your actions have consequences. [Brandon grunts] My, dude.
[The episode ends]

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