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Kimson Albert is the supervising animation director on OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. Previously, he was an animation director on The Venture Brothers. He is a sheet timer for Cartoon Network's Steven Universe/Steven Universe Future, Victor & Valentino, and supervising animation director on the HBO Max original Adventure Time: Distant Lands.


On nearly every episode, Kimson Albert is credited with a quote from an episode as the "middle name", a tradition that had started back when he was on Venture Bros.

Season 1

Episode Nickname
"Let's Be Heroes" Transformation Sequence
"Let's Be Friends" Lord Butthead
"You're Everybody's Sidekick" Icy Heart
"We Messed Up" Cheapskate
"Jethro's All Yours" I'm Simple
"You're Level 100!" Level 2-2
"I Am Dendy" Destroyer Fist
"Plaza Shorts" Unforch (from "Action News" short)
"Sibling Rivalry" Pompadork
"You Get Me" You Crazy
"Do You Have Any More in the Back?" Bodega Knaves
"Just Be a Pebble" Pebble Power
"Presenting Joe Cuppa" Magic Muscle Cream
"My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" Super Cool Kaiju Chameleon
"We've Got Pests" Hashtag Lame
"You Are Rad" I'm Simple [1]
"Legends of Mr. Gar" Lumpsalot
"We Got Hacked" Ctrl+Alt+Del
"Plazalympics" Broccoli Person
"We're Captured" Freshee Peppa
"Know Your Mom Bloom Cactus Bloom
"Face Your Fears" Let's Get Emotional
"Everybody Likes Rad?" Blorpe
"You Have to Care" Sign My Chest
"Plaza Prom" Mainstream Trash
"T.K.O." At Least You're Cute
"Stop Attacking the Plaza" Ernesto 1701
"We've Got Fleas" Mundane Reality
"One Last Score" Double Cross
"Second First Date" That One Time
"No More Pow Cards" Heroputer
"Let's Watch the Pilot" Say It to My Face! Bruh!
"A Hero's Fate" Boogaloo
"Glory Days" Super Dutiful
"Parents Day" Ninja Nonsense
"Let's Have a Stakeout" Harvest These Glorbs
"The Power Is Yours!" Grey Wind
"Rad Likes Robots" Robo-Fist
"KO's Video Channel" Experimental Channel
"Villains' Night Out" Tiny Shrimpuhs
"Villains' Night In" Nasty Little Mutant
"Back in Red Action" Let's Live
"OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.!" Excessive But Fair
"Let's Take a Moment" Like a Sandwich
"RMS & Brandon's First Episode" Willfully Complacent
"Mystery Science Fair 201X" Boo Hoo
"Let's Not Be Skeletons" Tall Socks
"Lad & Logic" Army of Cakes
"Action News" Verse Slinging Bronto
"You're in Control" Loved and Appreciated

Season 2

Episode Nickname
"Seasons Change" Useless Unfunny Clown
"Lord Cowboy Darrell" N/A
"Hope This Flies" Fayste
"The Perfect Meal" The Dinner Man
"Plaza Film Festival" Grenade Hands
"Be a Team" Cool Shiruken
"My Fair Carol" Mecha Sandworm
"Point to the Plaza" Lame-o Jerk
"The So-Bad-ical" Pudding Brains
"Let's Watch the Boxmore Show" Immunity Bipple
"Your World is an Illusion" Base-Born Cur
"Red Action to the Future" Premium Laser Goodness
"T.K.O.'s House" Typical Villain Jerk
"Special Delivery" Who Slash What
"Dendy's Power" Buggy Pow Card
"Wisdom, Strength, and Charisma" Lakewood Represent
"Bittersweet Rivals" Forgot Deodorant
"Are You Ready for Some Megafootball?!" Corn Dangit
"Mystery Sleepover" Oh Piffle Poff
"Final Exams" Unhand my rear
"Soda Genie" Rash-o-mon
"CarolQuest" Magic Clue Giver
"Boxman Crashes" N/A
"Crossover Nexus" Omni-thingy
"Plaza Alone" Muscle Tragedy
"All in the Villainy" How Very disgusting
"Monster Party" Already had this arc
"GarQuest" The Pointer Finger
"Super Black Friday" A Latte More
"Whacky Jaxxyz" Zero Zone
"Sidekick Scouts" His Butt is Fake
"Project Ray Way" Style Battle
"I Am Jethro" Frustrated Supreme
"Beach Episode" Totally the Worst
"Rad's Alien Sickness" Balance Your Humors
"KO's Health Week" We're Going Hiking
"Gar Trains Punching Judy" Single Elbowedly
"OK A.U.!" Good Choreo
"Dark Plaza" Public Enemy #1.5

Season 3

Episode Nickname
"We Are Heroes" Yust Yungry
"KO, Rad, and Enid!" Scratchy Butt no Jutsu
"Let's Meet Sonic" Little Buddy Material
"TKO Rules!" Draconian Rules
"K.O. vs. Fink" Back on my Beezwax
"Chip's Damage" I feel Ambient
"The K.O. Trap" Go Bathroom
"Whatever Happened to... Rippy Roo?" Being Besmirched
"Planet X" Shake Quake
"Deep Space Vacation" Blorples
"Big Reveal" At least another season
"Radical Rescue" Diaper full of judgment
"You're a Good Friend, KO" No PP
"Let's Get Shadowy" Creepy Glorb Dealer
"Red Action 3: Grudgement Day" Crop Top Aficionado
"Carl" Sticky Rampage
"Dendy's Video Channel" Good Video Material
"Let's Fight to the End" It's Gonna Be Alright
"Thank You for Watching the Show" Comfortable With My Witch Side

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  1. (erroneously had Jethro's All Yours's end credits)
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