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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts with Vormulax laughing malevolently. K.O., Rad, and Enid confront Vorumlax.
K.O. You're doing down, Vormulax!
K.O. used his Power Fist.
K.O. Unh!
K.O.'s Power Fist hits Vormulax.
Vormulax Unh!
Rad used his finger beam to trap Vormulax.
Rad Got her. You know what to do, Enid.
Enid jumps.
Enid Huah!
Enid used his ice breath to freeze Vormulax, it falls down on the skateboard. K.O. punch it.
K.O. Uah!
The skateboard going to the slide and going up. Enid jumps.
Enid Huhh…
Enid used his Fireball Kick.
Enid Yah!
Enid's Fireball Kick hits Vormulax.
Vormulax Ohhh!
Cool Sun puts on his sunglasses to see it snowing.
Rad Thank Cob that skateboard was there.
Enid Heh, seriously, that was serendipitous. Good hustle out here, guys.
K.O. Yeah! We were all amazing!
Rad We make a such a good team, y'all. It's like we're best friends or something.
K.O., Rad and Enid comes out of Rad's van. They gasped to see the people cheering and applause. Chanting: "K.O., Rad, and Enid!" Titecard appears.
K.O. Wow! There's more people welcoming us back than usual.
The helicopter arrives, revealing Dynamite Watkins and Cam.
Dynamite Watkins Here they are, the new team of heroes that have been helping people all over. As you can tell from the crowd, everyone just loves them! We've heard about your heroic feats: keeping Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous at bay, protecting the plaza from destruction, and, now, successfully returning from yet another top-secret mission! I think we're all dying to hear so we can shout it loud and proud after your next victory: What do you call yourselves?
K.O. We are... K.O., Rad, and Enid?
Dynamite Watkins Huh? Doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Every real hero team needs a great name. Just think of Hue Troop! P.O.I.N.T.! And who could forget the legendary villain team The Katkus Krew?!
K.O. blinks.
K.O. Uhhhh, well...
Rad Uhh, it's a secret for now. C-Check back with us tomorrow,
Rad used his finger beam to pick up K.O. and Enid.
Rad 'cause out team name's gonna kick your high heels right off!
Dynamite Watkins scoffs.
Dynamite Watkins I hope so.
Enid Rad, why did you tell her that?
Rad drops K.O. and Enid.
K.O. Ah!
Rad I'm sorry. I panicked! How are we gonna set ourselves apart from a whole world of hero teams?
Enid Yeah, but we never needed a team name or anything before.
K.O. Guys! These are the big leagues and it's time to take ourselves seriously. We just go to think of what other teams have that we don't!
Rad and Enid Hmm...
K.O. Hmm.
K.O., Rad and Enid keep thinking.
K.O. Uh…
K.O. is lying on the floor.
K.O. Pbbbt! I got it! Hero teams don't just have a cool name, they have really cool costumes!
Rad and Enid Costumes?
Rad But we just got these new costumes from Drupe.
K.O. Right, but our costumes don't have a gimmick. Hue Troop are all different colors. The Katkus Krew are all... They're all cactuses. And, and P.O.I.N.T. is um...
Rad and Enid remain silent.
K.O. If we have a gimmick, then we can make that our name.
Enid A costume gimmick, huh? I love it! What's our gimmick, K.O.?
K.O. blinks.
Enid You… thought of one, right?
K.O. Hmm?
Scene to Strawbaby Couture.
K.O. So, uh, Drupe, you made us these new costumes a-and they're great, but...
Drupe Thanks, dudes. I'm glad they didn't give you any trouble.
Dogmun barks.
Drupe You're welcome, Dogmun.
Enid We...ll, there is one problem. We were actually hoping you could get something more... charismatic, and... identifiable.
Rad Yeah, like they're stylish, flattering, and don't mess with our silhouettes, but, what's our gimmick?
Drupe A gimmick? Uh, what did you have in mind?
K.O. We, uh... don't really know.
K.O. chuckles.
K.O. That's why we came to you.
Drupe Hmm. Well, I like to think of my personal brand, err, gimmick, as something aspirational. Like, what is the thing that I want people to look at and immediately think of "Drupe"? Try something new. You might like it.
K.O., Rad and Enid gasps.
K.O., Rad and Enid Ohhhh! Something new...
K.O. in his cape.
K.O. Capes!
Enid in her barbarian costumes.
Enid Barbarians.
Rad in his armor.
Rad Robo-armor… stuff.
K.O. Come on, guys! Could we have picked costumes that were more different?
Rad Just following my dreams, K.O.
Enid Yeah, you guys are really gonna have to convince me about those.
K.O. Capes are great because they're flowy and they help you fly, see?
Rad Take it from me, no, they don't. Robo-armor is super-strong, sleek and shiny!
Enid Uh, barbarian outfits are of the Earth and help you get in touch with your inner fighting spirit.
Rad That's bogus.
Enid It's not bogus.
K.O., Rad and Enid keep arguing, but the alarm blaring. A box falls from of the sky, revealing the giant rose, blooming into Raymond with roses hand. He poses "The Birth of Venus".
Raymond Plaza peasants, behold!
Raymond shows his rose hands.
Raymond Stepfather made me some adjustments.
3 spikes comes out of Raymond's rose hands. He giggling delightedly.
K.O. Okay, whoever defeats Raymond gets to decide the team gimmick. Deal?
Rad and Enid Hmmm!
K.O., Rad and Enid comes to Raymond.
K.O., Rad and Enid Buzz off, Raymond!
Raymond Oh? Oh… my.
Raymond sees K.O., Enid and Rad in their new costumes.
Raymond I'm sorry. Did I come at a bad time? Are you breaking up?
K.O. Huh? They're… They're our new costumes.
Raymond Costumes? The three of you look like preschool pretend gone wrong.
K.O. Hey! Huh!
K.O. is about to charge at Raymond.
K.O. Let me show you what these costumes are really made of!
K.O. trips on his cape.
K.O. Oh!
Rad You don't wanna underestimate my powerful, high-tech armor!
Rad's armor jet pack boost, but puts Rad down on the ground and go faster.
Enid Ahh! Ahh!
Enid muttering, got hair from her barbaric clothing, making her scratch herself.
Enid Just you wait until I get over there!
Enid got hair on her hair.
Enid Hahhhhhhhhhhh!
Enid muttering.
Raymond Well, far be it from me to let you all go outside looking like that. Let me give you some… pointers.
Raymond shoots 3 rose thorns at K.O., Enid and Rad, blasting them off the sky.
K.O., Enid and Rad Aah!
Raymond You look uncomfortable over there. Let me scratch that itch.
Raymond sports a sword from his rose hands and hits Enid.
Enid Uhh!
Rad Enid!
Raymond Now, I think you should lighten that load!
Raymond blast a solar beam from his rose hand and hits Rad.
Rad Ohhh!
Raymond comes to K.O.
Raymond And you, next time, get a cape that isn't made out of a polyester blend!
Raymond kick K.O.
K.O. Ohhhhhhh!
K.O. falls off the floor.
Raymond I just love judging people.
Raymond looks at A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon.
Raymond Hey, Mr. Bones, did you get that gem from a board game?
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon running.
Brandon Ohhhhhhh!
Enid Way to go, Rad. Your super-sleek armor was super-useless!
Rad (muffled a rock in his mouth) Me?!
Rad spit a rock.
Rad Well, what were you doin' out there, Scratchy-Butt No-Jutsu?
K.O. jumps 3 times.
K.O. If you both just listened to me, we could've bested Raymond using the power of…
Enid Capes do not give you the power of flight!
Rad Even if they did, I'm not wearin' one.
K.O. Well, how are we supposed to be a team if we can't even agree on what to wear?!
Rad Tch. I don't even know if I wanna be on this team anymore.
Enid Oh, I get it. So you're saying you're… quitting?
Rad Yes.
K.O. Huh. Then, I quit too.
Enid (sniffs) Same here.
Rad Well, I guess this is… goodbye.
K.O. Huh. I guess it is.
Enid (sniffs) Same here.
K.O., Rad and Enid goes away in the different angle. K.O. walks from the plaza to his house where Carol and Mr. Gar looks at each other, sharing their sandwich, sighing contentedly. K.O. slams the door, Carol and Mr. Gar gasps.
K.O. Huh!
Carol K.O.! You're! Home early.
K.O. comes to his bed.
K.O. Hmph!
Carol Peanut? I like your outfit. Is this the cool, new look for your hero team?
K.O. No, it's not! Because we're not a team!
Carol Oh! Since when?
K.O. Since Rad and Enid are big, smelly jerks who don't understand capes!
Carol Aww, hun. I think you look great! But maybe you kids could try to reach some sorta compromise. I'm sure you can work it all out, if you try.
K.O. You don't understand, either, Mommy!
K.O. turns away.
K.O. Uh!
Carol sighs and comes back to her dinner date with Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar Is, uh… everything all right?
Carol This one's kind of a softball.
Carol eats a sandwich.
Carol He'll figure it out.
K.O. comes to the top of the plaza.
K.O. (echoing) So, it's come to this. Today marks the beginning of my solo hero career. Betrayed by my so-called teammates, I must find my own way. May be a lonely path, but it is mine to walk.
K.O. takes a step, but his cape caught him falling off the mountain.
K.O. Huh. Waah-ooh!
K.O. bumps into rocks.
K.O. Uh! Ooh! Ow! Oww! Aah! Uh! Oop!
K.O. comes to Strawbaby Couture. Drupe humming, drawing fashion clothing on her notepad, sees K.O. got dirty.
Drupe Hmm?
K.O. I need my old outfit back.
Drupe laughing.
Drupe Why don't you just follow me to the back.
K.O. Enid and Rad were right! Capes look really cool, but no one tells you how much work it takes to wear one!
Drupe Is that so?
K.O. Yes! Yes!
K.O. shows his dirty cape.
K.O. It's so heavy and so long, I keep tripping all over the place,
K.O. crying.
K.O. I should've listened to Rad and Enid, but we're b-broken up and…
K.O. sobbing.
Drupe Take it easy! I really just think you should just follow me to the back.
K.O. comes to the dressing room.
K.O. Aah!
K.O., shocked, seeing Enid and Rad dressing back to their old outfits.
K.O. Enid? Rad? What happened to your artistic integrity?
Enid And why, exactly, are you here, K.O.?
K.O. gasps.
K.O. These new outfits were a bad idea, huh?
Enid Very embarrassingly bad.
Rad Yeah, we kinda figured that out.
K.O. But that means we're just back at square one! No gimmick, no team name, and out same old, boring costumes!
Drupe Gee, thanks, K.O..
K.O. Oh, sor-ry!
Drupe No offense taken. Listen, if I were you, I'd just keep kicking butt and saving the day and let the rest form naturally. You guys make a great team. You just gotta let everyone else see it.
Rad Heh, you're probably right.
Enid Yeah. Thanks, Drupe.
Drupe Always happy to help. In return, though, do you think you guys could go finish what you started with Raymond? He's still out there, terrorizing potential customers, you know?
K.O. Mm-hmm. Yeah!
Rad I think you'll need this, little dude.
Rad shows K.O.'s outfit, K.O. gasps.
Raymond A T-shirt and shorts? What are you, a child?
Potato Mooooooom!
Potato wailing, running away.
Raymond Make sure you pick up some taste on your home.
Raymond laughing maliciously.
K.O. We'll give you taste. A taste of our fists!
Raymond Bodega brats! Sporting spandex, now, are we? How about some natural fibers?
Raymond uses his arms as vines to whip, but K.O., Enid and Rad dodge them. Raymond gasps. K.O., Enid and Rad keep running and prepares to attack Raymond.
K.O., Enid and Rad Hah…
K.O. punches Raymond on the cheek.
K.O. Yah!
Raymond How stylish!
Rad elbows at Raymond.
Raymond How flattering!
Enid kicks Raymond.
Enid Yah!
Raymond Clean silhouette!
Raymond falls off.
Raymond Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
Raymond thud.
Raymond Your sense of teamwork and willingness to compromise is just too much!
Raymond turn into rose petals and disappeared.
Dynamite Watkins Aaaaaaaaaaah!
Dynamite Watkins jumps in front of K.O., Rad and Enid.
Dynamite Watkins Incredible victory against the floral fiend! I see you're wearing the same matching outfits, but have you decided on a team name? My expectations are extremely high.
K.O., Rad and Enid remains silent until they got an idea.
K.O. We are… K.O.!
Rad Rad!
Enid And Enid.
K.O., Rad and Enid And we are heroes!
Dynamite Watkins remains silent.
Dynamite Watkins Hm… I… lo-o-o-ove it!
The episode ends.

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