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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with a close-up of Enid's face]
Enid Ready, Rad?
Rad Ready!
Enid Five, six, seven, eight. [Starts the video]
[Enid and Rad triinges to mimic the dance move. Enid accidentally steps on his foot]
Rad Blorp!
Enid Ah! Sorry! Sorry!
[Pans to a phone recording them dance]
Rad I keep making my steps too big.
Enid Well, let’s just start it over from that part.
[The scene reveals that K.O. hiding behind a plant while recording them]
[Titlecard appears]
[Enid and Rad finish the dance]
Enid Wow, we stink.
Rad Really bad.
Enid Just terrible.
Rad Yeah, woof.
Enid Well, [Puts a towel over her shoulder] it’s a good thing nobody except us will ever bear witness to what we just did.
[Cuts to Rad and Enid in the Bodega, walking]
Rad So are we gonna practice again tomorrow?
Red Action (off-screen) You better. [Rad squirts his bottle] Your choreography needs serious work. The big finish is showing promise, though.
[Red Action exits the Bodega]
[Enid and Rad deflates and shudders]
Enid R-Red Action saw us dancing?
K.O. Yeah! She loved it! See? [Show all of the comments on the video to Enid and Rad]
[Scrolls down the comments and zooms in on Red Action's comment]
Enid You put it (leans back on the counter) online? (grabs K.O.'s shirt) K.O., why? Why?! [Rolls around]
Rad (gets up from the floor and puts his hand on the counter) Seriously, why would you tape that? (zooms in on Rad's face) That video is a total violation of privacy (crosses his arms) and really not representative of our dancing abilities.
[Cuts to K.O. on the counter]
K.O. Oh, I-I thought it was cool. I like watching videos of you guys.
Rad That’s nice, K.O., but you really shouldn’t have posted it. Like, I embarrass Enid all the time, but I’ve never seen her like this. [Pulls Enid up and drops her] You got to delete it!
K.O. Don’t worry! I’ll delete it right now! I-I’ll delete all of them!
K.O. [Tries to delete video] Mmmmmmmm…
K.O. [Thinking] You can only delete videos from a computer?
K.O. Yes. [Runs off the store]
Enid You have to delete those videos, K.O.!
K.O. I’m sorry!
Enid You better be! [Sighs] Well, might as well check the damage [Checks her phone] while these videos are still up.
[Shows one video of Rad and Enid by the kiddie pool]
Rad [On Video] You sure about this?
Enid [On Video] Trust me. It’ll be cool. Whoa! [Goes to the slide on a floatie slips Rad and off the pool. Rad falls on the pool] [Back at the bodega] How are there so many of these videos? [Slides off the counter]
Rad Whoa. [Gets Enid’s phone] This next one has, like, a ton of views. [Enid gets up] [A video shows K.O. in his were-puppy form putting on his regular K.O. costume] Who’s watching stuff like this?
Enid At least he’s putting weird videos of himself on here, too.
[Next video shows K.O. showing off his Pow Card collection in the kitchen]
K.O. [Waves] Hello, hello! This is K.O., here, and today, I’m gonna be opening and doing a review of [Gets the pack of Pow Cards out. Carol passes by] this pack of Pow Cards my mom got me. Say hi, Mom.
Carol [Waves] Hi, Mom.
K.O. [Laughs] Oh, here goes. [Opens the pack]
Enid Aw, so he’s got, like, a video-dairy type of thing going on?
K.O. [Shows a couple of Pow Cards] I got a Nanini and… [Gasps] Yes, Puck Reverie! He’s level 4, so that’s good. And last but not least… [Groans] I have, like, a million Pird cards. [Blows raspberry]
[The next video shows an AMV video]
Rad What’s this?
Enid I don’t know. Good choice of music, though.
[The video was actually Enid and Rad’s flashback to middle school]
Singer The crossroads between us. Is coming up fast. Is it so bad. To want to collide.
Enid [Grabs her phone from Rad] Hup! Okay. That’s enough of that. Next video.
Rad How did he get that footage?
Enid [Selects a video] Oh, he did one as T.K.O.?
T.K.O. [Breathes deeply] Everyone keeps saying I’m cute, and I’m such a [Air quotes] “hard worker.” Oh, it’s like they don’t even see me! Ugh! [Carol waves nervously in the background] MOOOOOOOM--!
Enid [Pauses] Oof. Sorry, that was getting a little too real.
Rad Yeah, no, good call. Ooh, ooh, scroll back! I saw one with us in it!
K.O. [Tied up] Hi, guys. Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with school. Also, we’re captured by Boxman right now. [Pans to the scene where Enid and Rad are tied up, while Rad struggles to escape] He forgot to tie up our hands, though, so at least I can still make a video. [Shows a scene of lava]
Rad [Laughs] Classic Boxman.
Enid You’d think he’d learn.
Rad What’s this?
[The video shows K.O. playing figurines of a wizard and a ninja. The ninja has an Enid pic taped to its head]
K.O. [As the wizard] Pay attention to me, you rude teen. [Picks up the ninja] Never, you mean old pillowcase! [“Kicks” the wizard] Dursh! [As he wizard] let’s take this fight to the pool! [As the ninja] Cannonball! [Falls in the sink] [As the wizard] Hey! We’re supposed to be fighting, not swimming! [As the ninja] Oh, yeah. Sorry. [Fights the wizard] Doosh! Doosh! Oops. Oof, oof. Yay, Enid! [Drops a rubber duck in the sink]
Enid K.O. is pure.
Rad Yeah, this is precious and all, but it suffers from a disturbing lack of Radicles. Next!
[A video shows K.O. and Dendy in Rad’s neighborhood]
K.O. Hi, guys. I’m here with special guest, my friend, Dendy. [Dendy waves] She says she has an amazing discovery to show you guys. [Shows a shot of Rad’s room but they are near his window] Where are we? Who— whose house is this?
Dendy Shh! Every morning at exactly 6:15… [Gasps] It is happening! [Ducks] Get ready, K.O.!
[Rad levitates in his underwear and does pull ups]
K.O. This is Rad’s house? Dendy!
Rad [Turns around] Huh?
Dendy [Gasps] Run! [Laughs]
[They both run with the camera running]
K.O. Dendy, why?
Enid [Laughs] Did that one have enough Radicles for you? [Laughs]
Rad Those little mutants! That’s why there’s always tiny fingerprints on my window! [Gets Enid’s phone though his finger move] Let me pick the next one. This seems promising.
K.O. [In this video, he’s singing and playing the piano] Rad rules. He’s so cool ‘cause he’s older than me. And his hair is curly, his entire body is green. Rad rules. He’s strong, and he’s got beautiful eyes. Rad is humble and wise, so keep this song surprise. Rad rules. Uh, uh, uh, uh.
Rad I’d bury myself for K.O.
[Next video shows K.O. doing a review of his Pow Cards]
K.O. Hi, guys! This is my top-10 best Pow cards! Number 10, Professor Venomous. I like it because he’s level negative 7, which is evil but still high, and because he’s purple.
[Rad skims though a couple of minutes of K.O.’s video to get to the top 2]
Enid So you’d bury yourself for him, but you won’t sit through all 18 minutes of this?
Rad I still got boundaries.
K.O. And my top two are a tie…
Rad Aw, rip-off.
K.O. … not because they’re the rarest or highest level, but because they’re my best friends, Rad and Enid.
Enid & Rad [Hands on their shoulders] Aww!
[Next video is K.O. doing a review of his employment]
K.O. Hey, guys! Welcome to my first video ever. I have an announcement. I just started working at Gar’s Bodega, so for today, I want to give you guys a review of my official Gar’s employee vest. [Shows his vest] As you can see…
Enid Aw, this is the first day we met K.O.
Rad Yeah, he was pretty excited about that vest.
K.O. So overall, I give this a 10 vest out of 10. Um, I want to real-talk about my life for a second. No one in my neighborhood really gets me— well, except maybe my mom. But today at Gar’s, I made my first two friends. My coworkers, Rad and Enid, are so cool, and I think it’d be really fun to get them on this channel somehow. [Enid and Rad seemed emotionless] So expect more uploads soon! [Waves] Bye, guys! Bye! [The video ends]
Rad [Sighs] Guess he wasn’t trying to embarrass us.
Enid Yeah. Maybe we were too harsh. [Enid’s phone vibrates]
Rad Did K.O. just post a new video?
K.O. Hi, guys. Um, this is kind of a change from my usual format, but that’s okay. Um, I— I’ve realized that my videos are a pr— priv— privacy vi— [Gets out a flashcard] violination. Well, they— they’ve been hurting people I care about, and I don’t want that to happen anymore. So this is my last upload ever. I’ll be deleting my channel after this.
Enid & Rad NO!
K.O. This is K.O. signing off forever. [Clicks a button] [Sighs] [Types] “How to delete social media.”
[Enid and Rad gets in Rad’s van, buckling up and Enid starts the GPS directions. Rad starts the car]
GPS Starting route to K.O.’s house.
[They drive to K.O.’s house]
K.O. Step one— Open settings, which should be indicated by a gear tool. [Clicks the icon]
GPS In 900 feet, turn right.
Rad This right?
Enid Um, I think it’s the next one.
[Rad turns to the right]
GPS Recalculating.
Enid Whoops.
K.O. “Delete account” should be at the bottom. [Clicks the button]
GPS Traffic reported ahead.
Rad Psh, traffic. What traffic?
Enid [Points out] That traffic!
[Sees the traffic. Both scream]
K.O. Step two, re-enter your password.
[Enid helps Rad steer passing by the traffic. Both laughs nervously]
GPS Hazard ahead.
Rad What the— [Hits the brake]
[Chameleon Sr. walks slowly]
K.O. [Enters wrong password] Huh? [Enters another wrong password] Ugh! I’m always logged in! How am I supposed to remember my password? [Clicks on the “Forget Password” button] Ugh!
Enid & Rad Ugh!
[K.O. enters wrong password couple of times. Enid got a facial cream on, Rad waits. K.O. enters a correct password]
K.O. Finally.
[Chameleon Sr. is out of the way and the traffic light turns green. Enid’s cucumbers fall out]
Rad Ah! [Steps on Nitro Gas pedal]
K.O. [Clicks to get his new password] There. Now to finally delete my account.
GPS Destination in 2 miles.
Rad We can still make it!
K.O. Step two, re-enter my password. [Types his new password]
GPS Destination in 500 feet.
Enid There!
[Closer to K.O.’s house. Rad steps in Nitro Gas again]
K.O. Step three, hit enter.
[Rad pulls the brake but the van flies off. Enid and Rad gets out of the van]
GPS [Enid’s phone is floating] Arrived, K.O.’s house.
Enid & Rad [Opens the door] K.O., stop!
[K.O. hits the enter button. Enid and Rad gasps. The computer deleted K.O.’s account]
Enid No! [Pounds the ground]
Rad We were too late! [Pounds the ground as well]
K.O. Guys, it’s okay. The videos are gone forever now.
Rad No! K.O., we’re the worst!
Enid We’re really bad.
Rad Just terrible.
Enid Uh-huh. We shouldn’t have told you to delete that stuff. Those weren’t just videos. They were your memories.
Rad And now they’re gone. Forever.
K.O. Oh, guys, those videos were important to me, but they’re just videos. I still have my real memories, and I am never getting rid of those. So you, um— you watched more of my videos? Uh, what’d you think?
Enid Oh, uh…
Rad Well, I, uh…
K.O. [Gets his computer out] ‘Cause I’ve been thinking of starting a new experimental channel with, like, short movie-style things, and I think it’d be really cool if we could all work on it together! Rad, since you like attention, you can act. And, Enid, since you don’t, you can dir—
Enid K.O. That… Sounds great.
Rad Yeah! Count us in!
K.O. Really? Okay! Okay, so it’s still pretty rough, but I guess I should start by showing you some outlines I’ve written. I’m kind of going for a cross between action, adventure, comedy, romance…
[K.O., Rad, and Enid starts their new video]
Rad Enid! [Enid is seen with ketchup all over with a notepad that says K.O. in ketchup] Enid, who did this to you? She wrote the criminal’s name in her own ketchup! O.K.? Whoever that is, I will find them and revenge you. K.O.! It was you! How could you?
K.O. To test my true power.
Enid [Laughs] Guys, you got to speak up. Okay, action!
Rad K.O., how— [Laughs]
[Enid laughs]
K.O. Guys, you got to take this serious…
[The video cuts. Next video shows a “Mystery at Gars (Full Movie)” title. However, it blacks out thus ending the episode]

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