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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts with the titlecard. Rad and Enid stares at the sign drawn by K.O.
Rad K.O.'s Health Week? Um, what's this all about?
Enid smells Rad's stinky breath.
Enid Ugh.
Screen title: "Friday: Exercise".
K.O. Friday: exercise!
Tires screech, car door closes and horn honks. K.O. running and panting.
K.O. Sorry.
K.O. panting.
K.O. For the final day of K.O.'s Health Week, we're celebrating my favorite healthy habit...
K.O. gulping a coffee.
K.O. ...exercise! There are all kinds of ways to exercise!
K.O. jumps into the big screen.
K.O. But the best kind is the kind that's most fun for you! Right, guys?
Enid and Rad, in their exercise suits, doing the leg-up.
Rad Way ahead of you, little dude.
Enid I'm having fun.
K.O. Slow down, guys. I already have something exciting planned for this week's big finish! We're going...
Enid and Rad goes from exercise suits to hiking suits.
K.O. hiking!
Enid and Rad Oh!
K.O. I spent all night researching the best trails with the best views, and I packed enough to be prepared for anything from hunger to poison ivy...
Enid Robots?
A sky turns purple. A Boxmore box falls from the sky, it revealing Darrell, Shannon and Raymond.
Darrell 'Sup, lamers? Hope y'all stretched 'cause we're you're next workout.
Shannon You guys are really going to get shredded.
Raymond No pain, no gain.
K.O. Hey, I'm sorry, but does this sign say "Darrell's Health Week"?
Darrell Uh, uh, well...
K.O. jumps on Darrell.
K.O. Does it?! Does it say "Darrell" anywhere on this?! No, it doesn't! That's because it's K.O.'s Health Week, and K.O. says we're going hiking.
Darrell stammering.
K.O. Huh, Mr. Frog.
Enid Wow, K.O., this is amazing. I can't believe you scouted out such a beautiful trail.
Shannon Yeah. I wasn't sure about this hike at first, but I feel oh, so refreshed, ugh, and energized!
K.O. Ah, that's great, Shannon. Did you know that...
K.O. yawns.
K.O. ...regular exercise doesn't just make you feel good? It makes you look good, too.
Raymond gasps to see in his mirror.
Raymond You're right. My skin is absolutely glowing.
K.O. That's not all. Exercise can help reduce the risk of disease...
Enid takes the thermonator of her mouth.
Enid Hey.
K.O. ...strengthens your muscles and bones...
Rad rips off his hiking shirt and shows off his muscles.
K.O. ...promotes better brain health and memory.
Darrell's brain gets muscles.
Darrell Oh!
K.O. And you know what else?
K.O. yawning.
K.O. It helps you get better.
K.O. yawning again.
K.O. It helps you...
K.O. falls off the cliff. Rad, Enid, Darrell, Shannon and Raymond screaming while Rad and Raymond hug each other. Rad captures K.O. with his finger beams while Rad, Enid, Darrell, Shannon and Raymond sighing. Rad drops K.O. to the ground.
K.O. Oh, thanks, guys. I haven't really been sleeping much.
Flashback to K.O. searching on the computer.
K.O. I've been staying up every night researching healthy habits for my lessons this week.
K.O. clicks the apple on the computer.
K.O. Ooh.
K.O. chuckles. Flashback back to present.
K.O. I guess I'm a little...
K.O. snores, but gasps.
K.O. Drowsy.
Enid Oh, K.O....
Darrell Mm-hmmm. Now that is a no-no.
Shannon turns into a chair while Darrell and Raymond sit on her to chat with K.O.
Darrell Let's rap. Poor little thing, in all your efforts to look out for everyone else, you forgot to look out for number one...
Darrell points at K.O.
Darrell you.
K.O. Huh?
Darrell That's right, K.O.
K.O.'s eyes morphs something trippy and imagined Darrell as an apple, Shannon as a mushroom and Raymond as a bird.
Darrell A growing boy like you should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night and be tucked in before 10:00.
K.O. sighs, chuckles.
K.O. Apple.
Darrell Healthy habits. You see now, K.O.?
Shannon Everyone needs their beauty sleep.
Raymond Even superior beings like us require powering down to recharge every night.
Shannon How else do you think we look this hot?
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond laughing.
Darrell Hey, why don't y'all get some rest yourselves?
Darrell picks up K.O.
Darrell We'll take it from here.
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond taking K.O., flying off. Rad and Enid waving.
Rad & Enid Good night!
K.O. is sent to bed while Darrell tuck him in and smooches him.
Darrell Sweet dreams...
Lights turn off.
Darrell Little angel.
Rooster crows.
K.O. Oh, man!
Darrell Did you sleep well, K.O.?
K.O. Sure did! I relaxed...
K.O. punches Darrell.
K.O. And...
K.O. kicks Shannon, then punches Raymond and lastly punches Darrell, Shannon and Raymond's heads, screaming, high in the sky. K.O. waving to them.
K.O. Thank you!
Darrell, Shannon & Raymond Thank you!
The Boxbots explode in the sky in a firework shaped like a heart.

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