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"KO's Health Week" is the 36th episode of Season 2 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and the 88th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

K.O. spends a week dispensing healthy tips to everyone in the plaza. [1]


In the bodega, Radicles and Enid find a K.O.-drawn poster advertising K.O.'s Health Week. Radicles comments on this, with emphasis on his bad breath. Enid shoves him away in disgust. Radicles says that Mr. Gar was usually the one to host Health Week. Mr. Gar pops down from the ceiling and explains why he doesn't do Health Week anymore after an embarrassing yoga incident, and quickly explains that it is now K.O.'s Health Week before popping back up into the ceiling. Radicles wonders - with continued bad breath - where K.O. is and what he has planned for the first day of health week. K.O. suddenly flies in, circling around screen with sparkles trailing behind him, greeting everyone and cheerfully introducing the week and the first lesson on hygiene. Radicles with continued bad breath tells him it sounded cool, but K.O.'s face shrivels up. He asks how often Radicles brushes his teeth, who replies that he does every month or so. K.O. punches a hole in Radicles's teeth and becomes a toothbrush to brush away plaque, much to everyone in the immediate proximity's dismay. K.O. then cheerfully cleans Mr. Gar with soap, water and his mop, and transforms into deodorant for Enid. He twirls in the middle of the bodega before hopping away, the three saying thank you as he leaves.

K.O. moves on to Tuesday's topic on self-esteem, in which A Real Magic Skeleton had just beat Brandon at a game of tic-tac-toe. A Real Magic Skeleton apologizes, but Brandon readily accepts his defeat, commenting it is what he deserves. He continues to passively state mean things about himself until K.O. pops up and asks if he'd call A Real Magic Skeleton the same things. Brandon denies, saying he'd never do that, to which K.O. tells him he shouldn't call himself those things either, bringing him into a pink place where Brandon can talk to a clone of himself. They compliment each other and lift each other up, so much so that Brandon determinedly brings his pencil down on the tic tac toe board and smashes it. The Brandon clone gives Brandon an ice cream and the two hug.

The next day is Mental Health. Barista Pup is giving Crinkly Wrinkly a coffee with a flat tone. Crinkly tells her to just be happy all the time, but K.O. steps in and says that you can't be happy all the time.




  • On November 20, 2018, Toby Jones tweeted of mixing sound for this episode.[2]

Production Notes

  • Ryann Shannon came up with an idea of the episode to be about healthy work and life habits.[3]


  • It was revealed that Barista Pup is friends with Drupe who had previously worked at the @Cafe from "RMS & Brandon's First Episode".
  • Based on the intended story order, this episode takes place after "Project Ray Way" which shows that Drupe no longer works at the @Cafe.
  • Colewort eats broccoli again since the short "Commercial" although he is not nervous this time when K.O. gives him a tip to eat healthy.

Cultural References

  • The cup attacking Colewort bears a resemblance to Master Shake from the Adult Swim original series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.



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