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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins with K.O. and Carol heading to the Plaza.
Carol Ready for another day at the Plaza, K.O.?
K.O. You bet I am! Are you ready, Mommy?
Carol Your momma's always ready! Here, I made you a little snack.
Carol gives K.O. a cupcake. K.O. gasps with surprise.
K.O. (holds the cupcake) This is the best day of my life. (hugs Carol) Thank you! I love you, and I'm so happy that you're here.
Carol Aww, I love you too, K.O. Now, you be good at the bodega. I'll see you after work.
K.O. Bye, Mommy!
K.O. heads toward the bodega while Carol heads toward the Fitness Dojo. Meanwhile, someone is spying on K.O. and Carol from Boxmore.
Fink (growls) That stinkin' K.O. I hate him!
Titlecard appears.
Fink Everything is always so "hunky dory" or -- or "I love my mommy." Bleh! It's disgusting. (turns to Professor Venomous) Right, Boss?
Professor Venomous is at his desk, wearing glasses while staring at his phone.
Professor Venomous Mm-hmm.
Fink And I'm gonna go show that baby that things aren't all sunshine and cupcakes.
Cuts to Mr. Gar's bodega. Enid is staring at her phone while Rad is doing some yoga.
Rad Warrior one. Warrior two. Reverse warrior.
K.O. enters and greets Rad and Enid.
K.O. Hi, Enid! Hi, Rad!
Rad & Enid Hey, K.O.
Alarm blares. The sky opens and the box with a picture of Fink falls to the ground. The box opens, revealing Fink.
Fink Bodega men! Come out and play-y-y!
K.O., Rad and Enid notice Fink.
Enid Oh, it's just Fink.
K.O. You guys sit back. I'll take care of this myself.
K.O. then heads to fight Fink. Rad and Enid head back inside.
K.O. You're going down, Fink.
Fink Well, if it isn't Momma's Boy.
Fink chuckles.
K.O. Huh? Well, yeah, of course that's me. I'm my momma's boy.
Fink laughs
K.O. What's so funny? Isn't every son their momma's boy?
Fink (snickers) You know what I heard?!
Fink presses a button from a backpack containing glorbs and transforms into Turbo Fink.
Fink I heard that momma's boys are the weakest!
K.O. Hey. That's not very--
K.O. was interrupted when Fink attacks him.
K.O. Whoa!
K.O. runs while dodging Fink's turbo attacks.
Fink You just gonna run away, Momma's Boy?
K.O. Why do you keep calling me that?
Fink appears besides K.O.
Fink I just call 'em like I see 'em.
K.O. Well, stop it!
K.O. throws an uppercut but Fink casually dodges. Fink grabs K.O.'s arm.
Fink See, you can't do anything without your momma.
Fink throws K.O. to the ground. Fink appears in front of him, laughs, and steps her foot on K.O.
Fink Your momma can't save you now.
K.O. No, I--
Fink returns back to her normal self suddenly.
Fink What? (checks her backpack) Out of juice already?
K.O. sends Fink a backflip kick. Fink lands on the ground.
Fink I'll be back to play again later, Momma's Boy.
K.O. runs towards Fink.
K.O. You get back here, Fink. I'm not letting you--
Fink attacks K.O. with her tail. A cupcake pops out from K.O.'s pocket. K.O. gasps as the cupcakes falls to the ground. K.O. goes shocked. The sound of shattering is heard. Fink laughs evilly.
Fink Looks like your little snackie got ruined. Why don't you go cry to your mommy?
Fink then laughs as she heads back to Boxmore, but trips herself. She gets up and cackles as she leaves K.O.
K.O. My lil' cake. Why did she do that?! (looks at the Fitness Dojo) Maybe Mommy has another one?
K.O. hears Fink laughing at him. Fink appears as an actual rat, mocking K.O.
Rat Fink You gonna go cry to her now, Momma's Boy?
K.O. No. I, um...
Another rat Fink appears.
Rat Fink 2 He is a momma's boy.
The third Rat Fink appears.
Rat Fink 3 Momma's boy!
Rat Finks Momma's boy! Momma's boy! Momma's boy!
K.O. Wait, no! No, stop it. I-- I'm not-- I'm not-- (shouts) I'm not a momma's boy!
K.O. lies on the ground.
K.O. Oh, I don't like this. Why does this feel so bad?
K.O. sits up.
K.O. (thinking) I can't be a momma's boy anymore. Wait, doest that mean I have to be an independent boy?
Cuts to Rad and Enid doing their own usual thing; Enid staring at her phone and Rad doing yoga.
Rad Chatarunga. Bady cobra. Downward dog.
K.O. enters the bodega and walks past Rad and Enid.
Rad & Enid Hey, K.O.
K.O. holds a garbage bag and walks past Rad and Enid again.
Rad Fink all taken care of?
K.O. turns to Rad and Enid.
K.O. Ee-e-e-yea-h-h-h.
K.O.'s eye twitches when he answers and his mouth slips off and drops to the ground, shatters. K.O. then leaves the bodega to throw out the garbage. The bodega doors close.
Rad Huh?


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