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K.O.'s Hero Cards is a binder that holds all of K.O.'s Pow Cards.

Physical Appearance

K.O.'s Hero Cards binder is dark blue and has stickers on the front and back of it. The binder holds all of K.O.'s pow cards which are in little card compartments.

List of Pow Cards he owns

  • K.O.
  • Dendy
  • Radicles
  • Enid
  • Carol
  • Mr. Gar
  • Drupe
  • Fish Dude
  • Gregg
  • Joff
  • Potato
  • Red Action
  • Sparko
  • Miss Pastel
  • Small One
  • Colewort
  • Miss Mummy
  • URL
  • Bill Burp
  • Calopo
  • Puck Reverie
  • The Flu
  • Punching Judy
  • Chip Damage (Holo-Foil Edition) (Ye olde knight ) (Tuxedo) (Dr.)
  • Stretch-Or
  • Gargantulon
  • Megahugeman
  • Shy Ninja
  • Glitter Starlight

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • One of the stickers on the binder features Cartoon Network's logo.
  • His binder collection is a possible reference to numerous people who used binders to carry card collections.

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