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[The episode begins with K.O. jumping on his seat in Carol's car, excited about work.]

K.O.: Work time. Work time. Work --

[Carol opens the door and enters in her car.]

Carol: Okay, K.O. [Puts on her seatbelt], it's time to settle down and buckle up!

K.O.: Yes, Mom. [Puts on his seatbelt, grabs it and hits him.] Ow! [Groans]

[As they leave from the garage, Carol and K.O. are driving to Lakewood Plaza Turbo.]

Carol: We got a big, beautiful day ahead of us!

K.O.: Mm...

Carol: Something wrong, honey?

K.O.: It's nothing. Just all the heroes I know are huge. Look at these guys. [Shows Stretchworth's pow card] Stretchworth's seven feet tall. [Shows Gargantuon's pow card] Gargantuon -- ten feet tall. [Holds Mega Hugeman's pow card] Mega Hugeman? Five ten, which isn't that tall, but still taller than me. How am I supposed to fight the big, bad guys when I have to fight a seat belt? [K.O. takes off his seatbelt and exits out the car, heading to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega] Anyway, see you later, Mom.

Carol: K.O., remember this. [Puts her hand in K.O.'s shoulder and shows her in front of a pink background with white bubbles and magenta petals flying with the air] A pebble in the stream only travels when it's a pebble, not a rock.

K.O.: Thanks, mom. [Carol kisses him and she leaves] [Thinking] Mom's a great warrior. Years of relentless training have honed her primal instincts into sage advice. The only problem is I usually don't get it.

[The title card appears. At Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega K.O. is struggling to put a box on the shelf. Rad passes by with a forklift and stops.]

K.O.: [Groans and sighs] Rad, I'm too small!

Rad: Why not try some of this candy? [Throws the candy to K.O.] Just got 'em in. Check out the wrapper. [K.O. catches the candy] It's a little guy turning into a big guy. So they'll probably make you big.

K.O.: Big?

Rad: Not that I ever need that junk, though. [Chuckles] Cause I'm so huge already.

K.O.: I trust, big friend! [Eats the candy]

Rad: Well, that was a du--.

K.O.: [Grows into the same height as Rad] Whoo! [Picks up the box and places it on the shelf] Wow, just like that.

Rad: I can't believe that actually worked. [Leaves]

K.O.: This is perfect. So maybe I'm not a Gargantuan, but I'm definitely more than Megahugeman. And that's good enough for me. [Looks at the packages of the candy]

Rad: [Reads a magazine and gets startled of K.O.'s growing limbs] Aah!

Enid: [On her phone and also gets startled of K.O.'s growing limbs] Aah! Rad, what the heck is going...? K.O.? [K.O. grows to become a giant and eventually damages the roof of the store] Woah. I am not cleaning this up.

K.O.: [Waves at Enid] Hi, Enid, I'm big now! [A bird slams onto his hand] Whoops! [Blows] [Bird squawks] Sorry!

Rad: Looking good, buddy!

Enid: He may look good, but we won't when Mr. Gar sees his store is destroyed.

Rad: Oh, good point. Never mind, K.O. You look like crud!

Enid: [Covers Rad's mouth with her hand] K.O., why are you so big?

K.O.: [Chuckles] I ate some of this weird candy. [Drops a bunch of candy] Green ones make you big.

Enid: Uh, is there one that can make you small again?

Rad: Yeah. I don't know about that. None of these look super-promising.

K.O.: Don't worry, guys. I won't be needing to get small again. That's the old K.O. Now I'm finally what I've wanted to be ever since I was little -- just this morning -- [Stretched his arms and jumped to damage the roof once more] Huge! Now watch me do big stuff. [Steps back from the store] Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. [Chuckles] I'll be right back. [Runs around the world while Rad and Enid stands idly for about six seconds as K.O. comes back from his trip] I'm back, I just went around the whole world. [Shows souvenirs from his trip] I got you souvenirs.

Rad: Sick! Baklava! [Levitates baklava into his hand and eats it]

Enid: Oh, well, that's sweet, K.O. Thanks. Hey, uh, you got some crud in your hair.

K.O.: [Checks his hair to see random objects in his hair and brushes off] Huh? Oh. It's just satellites and junk. Sometimes stuff gets stuck in your giant hair. You know how it is. Huge people problems. [Rad levitates and Enid jumps out of the store] Check out this other huge thing. [Takes a tree and stuffs in with a cloud and swirls it to create cotton candy. He points himself if someone asks him to do it.]

Rad: Do it!

K.O.: [Eats the cotton candy] Mmm! [Burps] I almost forgot! Look! I can fill my pockets up with cats. [Shows a couple of cats in his shirt pocket]

Rad: [Gasps] I wish I had a pocket full of cats. [Kicks a rock]

Enid: Not that this isn't cool and all, K.O. but don't you think it'll be hard to work in a store you can't fit inside?

[A random howl is heard]

K.O.: Um, no way! I'm going to do my job better than ever! [Lifts the roof up of the store] Who needs help?

Ted Viking: That's the roof.

[Ted Viking, Foxy, Sparko, and Potato screams and runs out of sight, leaving Colewort scared and shaking.]

K.O.: You! Hi, there. Welcome to Gar's. [Deep voice] How can I help you?

Colewort: Um, can you get -- get me those m-m-m-p-p-p-p-power boots?

K.O.: [Crushes the floor with his hands] Of course. You know, I used to be too little to reach the top shelf, too. [Grabs the power boots, but accidentally squishes them] Huh. [Slides the squished power boots off of his finger to the floor] There you go, little buddy.

Colewort: [Runs in fear, leaving couple of dollar bills on the ground] Oh, wow! They're perfect! I'll take them!

K.O.: You forgot your boots.

[A customer screams from underneath K.O.]

Enid: Dude. [Pulls out the customer] Those are not boots anymore. And you cannot work here like this.

K.O.: What? But I'm so much better than before! I love being a giant.

Enid: But we didn't hire you as a giant. We hired you as a small. [K.O. went from happy to sad] I'm sorry, but you're just too destructive at this size, and you're kind of off-putting.

Rad: [Holds a candy wrapper] Hmm, the wrapper that weird candy came in looks like it's in a foreign language. Do we know anybody worldly enough to translate?

Enid: [Approaches] Hmm.

Rad: Hmm.

Enid and Rad: Hmm.

[The next scene takes place at Beardo's Burrito food truck with Beardo checking out the wrapper. Enid and Rad are in line of the truck, and a giant K.O. sits alone angrily.]

Beardo: Hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I see. Got it.

Enid: You can read it? That's great. What's it say?

Beardo: It says it's rude to assume immigrants can read all foreign languages. [Enid whimpers and Rad gets nervous] [Laughs] How should I know? But I do know the recipe for a burrito that can shrink your friend.

[Beardo hums as he makes a burrito by showing him adding ingredients. The shots display a bunch of random ingredients from the shelf and shows him grabbing a special ingredient that shrinks the burrito. He chuckles and hums again, then folds the burrito as he prepares to give it to Enid and Rad.]

Beardo: Okay, here it is, you ignorant scramps.

Enid: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. [Enid pays Beardo and she and Rad storms off]

Beardo: [Grumbles and chuckles] Spoiled teens. Can't even shrink their own giant friend.

[K.O. plays with a car by rolling it front and back, while Enid and Rad ran towards him with Enid handing him the burrito.]

Enid: [Panting] We got it! [Chuckles] Beardo says if you eat this, you'll be your tiny, employable self again. You're welcome.

K.O.: [Takes the burrito from Enid and groans] It's so un-huge. I can't do it. I can't go back to that life.

Enid: Uh, the life where you can fit inside the store?

K.O.: [Lands on the ground with a car alarm blaring] You guys don't get it. There might be an emergency where I need to be huge.

Rad: Bro.

Mr. Gar: [Approaches] Enid! Radicles!

Enid: Mr. Gar?

Mr. Gar: I have an emergency job for which only the greatest hero will suffice.

K.O.: [Waves his hand] I'll do it! Me! What is it, Mr. Gar?

Mr. Gar: Oh, hello, K.O. You look different. Did you get a haircut? Looks nice. Anyway... [Shows a close up of his face in a red light] Listen up because this is pretty serious. [Zooms away from his face and gestures his finger] I dropped my keys in between my car seat and the -- you know, the thingy in the middle. You know what I mean? That -- that -- that -- I need someone with tiny hands to fish them out for me. Can you do it, K.O.?

K.O.: [Sees his hand and clenches it] Uh, of course I can!

Mr. Gar: Great! Come with me! [The next scene shows shot of Mr. Gar's car] Try not to get too many of these tiny fingerprints on it.

K.O.: [Thinking] Okay, now's my chance to prove that bigger is better. But it's gonna take a delicate touch do it right. Hmm. [K.O. picks up the car, shakes it until the keys fly out of the car while Enid, Rad and Mr. Gar looks at it fly in the air until landing in the sewers] Aah! I got! [Pants as he tries to open the sewer cover] It's like only a pebble could fit through there.

Carol: [In K.O.'s mind] "A pebble in a stream only travels when it's a pebble."

K.O.: And I'm a rock!

[Car alarms blaring.]

[K.O. sits and Mr. Gar, Enid, and Rad stands. Carol comes to check how K.O. is doing.]

Carol: Oh, K.O., my precious kale chip. What happened, honey?

K.O.: You were right all along, Mom. Being small wasn't really that bad. But I didn't listen to you, and now look at me. I'm too big! I'm a rock, and I need to be a pebble. But not just any pebble. I need to be actually pebble-sized.

Carol: Wait, what?

K.O.: And I know just the way to do it. Enid, give me Beardo's mini burrito, and keep them coming.

[Beardo drives up his food truck. Enid and Rad shake their heads in agreement.]

Enid: All right, kiddo. [Catches the mini burrito] One bite-sized burrito coming right up.

[Enid throws the burrito in the air, and she jumps up to kick it onto K.O.'s mouth.]

K.O.: Another! [Rad cracks his knuckles and levitates a couple of burritos with his mind onto K.O.'s mouth] More! More! More!

[Enid continues to kick and Rad continues to levitate the burritos until K.O. eats them.Then, K.O. shrinks into his small self, getting caught in the sewer cover.]

Rad and Enid: K.O.!

K.O.: [High-pitched] Give me more burritos! More!

Rad: That's gonna make you even smaller.

Enid: Yeah, K.O., just look at yourself. I don't think you could eat another burrito if you tried.

K.O.: I don't care, I want to be so small! I have to!

Enid: Forget it. Right now we should be focusing on getting you back to your normal size, not messing around with -- [Rad feeds K.O. one more small burrito] Okay, never mind. We're just gonna do it.

[K.O. shrinks once more, falling into the sewers and screams.]

Rad: Glad I could help.

[K.O. continues to fall, landing onto the sewer stream, sees Mr. Gar's keys going away.]

K.O.: Mr. Gar's keys!

[Hops onto a leaf, going through a tunnel to follow the path to Mr. Gar's keys and passes by random objects. A rat awakes himself.]

K.O.: Come on! Come on! Almost! [A rat grabs the keys before K.O. does] Aah! [A rat jumps onto him and they both fought to get the keys] Aah! He's got the keys! [The rat was about to claw him, falling onto the stream and climbs back up the leaf] A pebble in a steam only travels when it's a pebble, not a big, scary rock like you! Pebble power! [Punches the rat which ends up the rat unconscious and dropping the keys. K.O. lands on the ground to catch the keys]

[Carol, Mr. Gar, Enid, and Rad are waiting for K.O. to return.]

Enid: I can't find anything on extracting tiny children from storm drains. I mean, what's the Internet even good for?

[K.O. rapidly comes out from the sewer cover with Mr. Gar's keys.]

Rad: Whoa!

Carol: [Catches K.O. and hugs him] There's my boy!

K.O.: Mom! I finally took your advice! And it really paid off! Thanks to you, I did the work of a true hero. I'll never doubt you again, Mom.

Carol: [Chuckles] K.O., it's not that important to me that you followed my advice. A true hero forges her own path.

K.O.: Oh, I almost forgot. Mr. Gar! Here's your keys back! [Throws the keys to him]

Mr. Gar: [Catches it] Thanks, son. Good hustle out there.

K.O.: Don't thank me. Thank my mom and her great advice.

Mr. Gar: I, um, uh, uh...

[Carol lets go of K.O. on the ground.]

Enid: So this is touching and all, but we still haven't figured out how to get you back to normal.

Rad: Why don't we try this? [Hands K.O. candy] It'll totally return you to your normal size... probably.

K.O.: I trust you, normal-sized friend. [Eats the candy]

Enid: Well, that was a dud.

[A tentacle comes out of K.O.'s head.]

Rad: Uh, I meant try this one?

[Enid slaps the candy out of Rad's hand.]

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