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Speaker Dialogue
Rad (Levitating) Whoooooooooooooa! Hoedown! (Rhythmic slapping and tapping on his legs) Bongos. (Bongo drumming playing by his butt) Washboard abs. (Rhythmic scratching and scraping his abs with a spoon, then points it to Enid) All right, Enid. Top that!
Enid Whatever. Check this out. [Rhythmic popping noises with her cheeks and then rhythmic whistling] Go, K.O.!
K.O. Oh, uh… [Clapping real slowly while Enid and Rad looks unimpressed][Laughs] Yeah! That was our greatest impromptu hoedown yet!
Enid & Rad Yeah…
[Alarm blaring, while K.O., Enid, Rad, Colewort, Mr. Logic, and Joe Cuppa stand in shock]
Enid It’s Lord Boxman! Everyone to battle stations! This is not a drill! Go, go, go!
[K.O., Enid, and Rad heads out the store]
K.O. Cheese and crackers.
[A close-up shoot of a Jethro is shown]
Jethro I am Jethro.
[Jethro starts moving, revealing his actual size]
Rad Aw man, it’s just stinkin’ Jethro.
Enid I have got to fix that alarm. [Enid enters back to the store]
K.O. Wait, I don’t understand. What’s a stinkin’ Jethro?
Rad A waste of time, that’s what. All he does is move forward and that’s it.
K.O. Wait, aren’t we gonna thrash him?
Rad [Enters back to the store] Eh, you go ahead. I got some work to not do.
K.O. Wow, really? All by myself?
Rad Why not? Jethro’s perfect for you. He’s simple, and you’re simple.
K.O. My first solo mission — another step on my heroic journey. I’ll earn Rad and Enid’s trust by destroying Boxman’s powerful robot and make everyone proud — especially Mommy. All right, Jethro. You asked for it, and now you’re gonna get it.
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. Not for long. [K.O. returns to catch Jethro, kicks him high in the air and jumps. K.O. repeatedly fights Jethro until he dismantles it and lands on the ground]
K.O. [Laughs] And so my journey continues. Huh? [An army of Jethros comes towards him] Brought your friends this time, eh?
Jethros I am Jethro. I am Jethro. I am Jethro.
K.O. Wait, so you’re all Jethro? That doesn’t make sense! [Enrages then starting running to the army of Jethros and destroys them one-by-one] Whew! I didn’t realize becoming a hero meant sweating so much. Oh, well. Jethro, and Jethro, and Jethro and the other two Jethros are now gone. Forever. [A bigger version of Jethro approaches]
Jethro I am Jethro. [K.O. looks unamused, then Jethro rolled over a car]
Brandon My mom’s car! Aah! It’s totaled, man. She’s gonna kill me.
K.O. I don’t get it. He just keeps coming. [A thought bubble with Rad pops up]
Rad Jethro’s perfect for you. He’s simple, and you’re simple. Simple, simple, simple.
K.O. [Crumbles up the thought bubble] I’ll show you simple, you meanie. [Throws the crumble at Jethro]
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. [Sighs] Not for long. [K.O. is about to fight Jethro. Suddenly envisions himself as Jethro. K.O. feels that he can’t fight Jethro and stops his position] I just can’t do it.
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. Do you know what my friend Rad says about us? That we’re simple.
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. Is that how Lord Boxman treats you? Like you’re some dumb kid? Like you’re not worth anything? Do people underestimate you, too?
Jethro I am Jethro.
K.O. Well, I am K.O.. And maybe Rad was right. You and I are a lot alike. So I don’t think I can’t clobber you. [Once Jethro meets K.O.’s feet, he suddenly dismantles himself] Poop.
[Back to the Plaza, Rad is playing with a bunch of cans]
Rad [Mimicking explosions] Aaah! [Drops a can and grabs another one] Now kiss.
K.O. Rad? [Rad thumps his head on a shelf and groans] We’re not simple.
Rad What?
K.O. Simple. You called me and Jethro “simple.” And I think you’re — you’re wrong.
Rad K.O., I’ve never been wrong in my entire life.
K.O. You have, too.
Rad Have not.
K.O. Have, too.
Rad Have not.
K.O. Have, too!
Rad Have not!
K.O. Have, too!
Rad Ha—huh?
Ms. Mummy [Grabs a can] Carry on!
Rad Okay. [Grabs a can and a bottle] Let me put in words a simple min could understand. [Sits down and puts the can on the ground] The path to this here Jethro’s goal is one straight line to destroying this here store. [Puts the bottle on the ground as well] One straight line. [Rolls the can to the bottle] Uh. [Pushes the bottle out of the way] And you’re no different, K.O.. [Puts another bottle on the ground] See, here’s you going to your goal of being a hero. [Rolls the can to the bottle] Whoa, watch this now. It’s a… [Pounds the ground resulting the can and bottle fall on its side] A straight line.
K.O. That’s not true! And I don’t have time to talk about this! [Grabs a mop] I need to get back on my path to becoming a hero.
Rad Yeah, your one-way path.
[The ground starts shaking, resulting many products falling on Rad and groans]
K.O. Who-oa!
[Outside of the plaza, birds are flying away. Joff, A Real Magic Skeleton, Nick Army, Punching Judy, and Crinkly Wrinkly turns around in shock, said "Oh!", and runs away from Mega Jethro when he runs over multiple cars]
Brandon My dad’s car! [Runs off to it]
[Enid, K.O., and Rad runs out of the store to see Mega Jethro approaching to the store, in shocked]
Mega Jethro I am Mega-Jethro.
Enid Bye. [Enters back to the store, unamused]
K.O. See, I told you. Jethro’s a way-more complicated enemy than you thought.
Rad Pfft, child’s play. It’s Jethro. He’s still simple, and you’re still simple. [K.O. is angry at him] I’m so sure of it, I’ll tag along with you ‘cause the only thing I love more than being proved right is proving other people wrong.
Mega Jethro I am Mega-Jethro.
[K.O. and Rad runs towards to Mega Jethro]
K.O. Jethro, don’t do this! You’ve got to stop!
Mega Jethro I am Mega-Jethro.
K.O. Oh, sorry. Mega Jeth-, Mega-Jethro!, don’t do this! You’ve got to stop!
Rad Quit trying to reason with this doofus. [Jumps in the air to fight him] Just smash him. [Punches Mega Jethro until the impact makes his fist vulnerable and screams and falls to the ground]
K.O. Rad!
Rad [Stands up to suck his fist] I’m just tired, okay? [Uses his levitation power to grab multiple grocery carts to throw at Mega Jethro] Why won’t! You! Explode?!
K.O. Hmm. On the outside, Jethro looks really ordinary. But on the inside… [Checks that his pupils has an opening] that’s it! Rad, Jethro’s probably got tons of complex robot junk inside him that’s keeping him moving.
Rad Then I guess we should bust in and smash his robo-guts.
K.O. There’s an opening in his pupils! We got to hurry!
[Mega Jethro still approaches to the store while Enid listens to her music on her phone and increases the volume]
[K.O. and Rad runs to Jethro. They run into the conveyor belt of his foot and K.O. rolls on it making him and Rad fly up to the next level]
K.O. Aah!
Rad K.O.! [K.O. laughs] Quit goofing off. [Runs quickly to his pupil and stops] Whoa.
K.O. [Sees a bird’s eye-view of the store] Wow, we’re so high up. This Jethro really is mega.
Rad Yeah. Uh, I mean, I’ve been on bigger robots. Come on.
K.O. There’s the entrance! Could you give me a boost?
Rad You got it. [K.O. steps on his hand] Ow.
K.O. [Jumps high and enters Mega Jethro’s pupil opening] The plaza! Jethro’s gonna smush it for real, Rad! Hurry!
Rad All right, all right. [Mega Jethro closes its pupil opening and squishes Rad’s hand and falls until K.O. grabs his hand]
K.O. Not so easy, huh?
[Enters the pupil opening reveal nothing other than a light source and a switch]
Rad [Laughs] Looks just like your head, K.O.
K.O. You — You shouldn’t underestimate us! I mean him. There’s probably a super-tough puzzle we need to solve to get…
[Rad pulls the switch. Rad and K.O. moves all over the place as a result]
Rad & K.O. Oh! Ahh! Ow! Aah!
[Mega Jethro continues to approach the store, but at the moment he touches a piece of the store, a beeping noise is heard and he moves backwards now. At the store, Enid still continues to listen her music ignoring what’s going on out there]
Brandon Well, this doesn’t seem too bad. Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. I can totally fix this.
[Mega Jethro smash the car again]
Rad Sweet, we’re moving away from the plaza now. Let’s bounce, squirt. Uh, squirt? Squirt!
K.O. Oh. Coming!
[Rad and K.O. jumps out of Mega Jethro. The next scene shows Lord Boxman drinking a cup of tea and the sound waves coming off from Mega Jethro resulted him losing grip of his teacup spilling on his lab coat]
Lord Boxman Gah! Blast! What is happening out there? [Turns around and sees Mega Jethro approaching close to his factory] Poop. [Mega Jethro makes an impact with the factory, setting off an explosion]
Rad Too easy.
K.O. You were right, Rad.
Rad Huh?
K.O. I thought Jethro had more to him hidden away, but he really doesn’t have anything going on inside. Kind of like me.
Rad [Puts his hand on K.O.’s shoulder] Man, I was messing with you earlier. You’ve actually got a lot to offer.
K.O. Really?
Rad Dude, Jethro’s a dumb robot made of fake stuff, like gears. And you’re a dumb not-robot made of, like, a million guts. That’s a pretty okay number of guts. And you want to know something else? [Belches on K.O.]
K.O. Thanks.

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