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"It's Only Magic" is the end credits song for OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. It is written and sung by Rebecca Sugar. The full version of the song is played at the end credits for "T.K.O." and "You're in Control" while majority of the episodes credits plays one of the halves of the song. The song was played at the end of "Thank You for Watching the Show" with the first half playing instrumentally transitioning to with lyrics played with the second half.


It's only magic,
Isn't it amazing when you know,

Every second that you see is,
Twenty-four connected pieces,
Thank you for coming,
Thank you for staying,
Thank you for watching the show.


Episodes Divided by Two Halves of the Lyrics

It's only magic, isn't it amazing when you know? Every second that you see is... thank you for watching the show.

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