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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off with K.O. walking at the plaza]
K.O. Walkin’ after school on my way to Gar’s. [An unknown figure is hiding in the bushes] Walkin’ after school, it is not that far. Lakewood Plaza turbo!
[Bushes heard rustling, K.O. turns around]
K.O. Huh? What the…?! All right, whoever you are, I dunno who you think you are… prepare to meet my… whoever-you-are-destroyer fist!
[Tiny dinosaurs runs away from K.O.]
K.O. Phew!
Dendy Finally.
K.O. Aah! [Falls off]
Dendy I was getting tired of hearing you sing and talk to yourself.
K.O. W-who are you?!
Dendy I am Dendy. I sit behind you in school. I’ve noticed things that would threaten the average person have little to no effect on you. An example, [Flashbacks to the bus broken down during a field trip] one time the bus broke down on our trip to the zoo. [The classmates were seen sad] Our peers were unsettled. [A tow truck passes by while K.O. was eager] But you were just excited to see a tow truck in action.
K.O. Uhh, yeah, ‘cause tow trucks are the most heroic vehicles!
Dendy Precisely. You wish to be a hero. That is why you are so audacious. And it is why you help people. Even people who don’t have friends. To get right to it— I need your help, K.O..
K.O. [Gasps] “I need your help”! The four words guaranteed to stir the passionate heart of any young hero in training. I’d be happy to help!
Dendy Let’s proceed.
K.O. I like your cool backpack.
Dendy [Unzips her backpack] This is no ordinary backpack. I use it to allocate code blocks for the purpose of manipulating real-world objects.
K.O. A hack-pack. Can I touch it?
Dendy [Snatches her backpack away from K.O.] No! That is… the problem… you see. It requires some repairs before it will perform correctly. There are three items I need. First, robotic dilation circuit. [Shows a hologram of a dilation circuit]
K.O. A hack-pack fetch-quest, huh. I don’t know much about robot-y stuff. But Mr. Logic does! I bet he can help us!
Mr. Logic I can’t help you. When I opened this salon, I left all that robot stuff behind.
K.O. Man!
Mr. Logic Perhaps I can make it up to you. How about two mathematically perfect haircuts on the house? [K.O. raises his eyebrows. Mr. Logic cuts K.O.’s and Dendy’s hair] It is done.
[K.O. gasps]
Dendy Hmph.
[They both see their haircut in the mirrors]
K.O. Hello, handsome! Mind cleaning the ol’ neckline?
Mr. Logic [Puts back the mirrors to get out a hair clipper] With pleasure, K.O.. These old clippers have quite a history, you know?
Dendy You mean the Logic Model 3000 with laser nose hair sculptor?
Mr. Logic Yes. I remember my grandfather giving me these clippers, as if— [Dendy snatches the clippers] Uhh!
[Dendy smashes the clippers]
K.O. Dendy! Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. What did you just do?!
Dendy I procured our dilation circuit. See? [Shows the circuit]
K.O. The clippers, Dendy! You just threw Mr. Logic’s entire family history on the floor!
Dendy Oh, right! [Fixes the clippers] There! I believe you’ll find those now work at 260% their original capacity. [Puts the clippers back on Mr. Logic’s hand]
Mr. Logic Huh. Magnificent. [Laughs]
[K.O. and Dendy exits Logic Cuts]
K.O. Man, I thought you broke those clippers for good!
Dendy The second item we need is a copper pewter alloy. [Shows hologram]
K.O. A what?
Dendy Preferably in disc form.
K.O. Hmm! I think I got you covered.
[Enters the arcade store with a couple of people at the arcade]
M-Elodie Game Start!
K.O. Here we are!
Dendy A token machine?
K.O. We’re just .25 technos away from your cotton pooter disc. Lemme just grab a coin! [While opening his pocket, moths come out] No! My moth collection! No, come back! [Dendy opens the back of the token machine] Uhh! [Catches the moth] Gotcha, you little scamp! Guess we’ll need another way— [Dendy moves a wire] Dendy? Dendy?! [Tokens start spewing out of the machine] Whoa, guess we didn’t need coins after all.
Dendy These tokens should meet our needs.
K.O. You’re always a step ahead of people, huh?
Dendy I do walk quickly, yes.
K.O. No, I mean, like, you kinda just do things in your own way. It’s kinda weird! But it’s kinda really cool, too?
Dendy [Smiles] Now, the final item I need is a glorb. [Shows hologram] The simplest course of action would be to return to the roboto barber, tear open his interior circuits and extract it by force.
K.O. Whoa, wait! You can’t hurt Mr. Logic!
Dendy Oh, but how do we acquire a glorb without a robot?
K.O. Well, we fight a ton of bad robots around here, and after, we toss ‘em in an alley out back!
Dendy Hmm. Very well. To the alloy!
K.O. Alley.
Dendy To the alley! [K.O. and Dendy exits Neo Rama Game Center] This is not the first time a glorb has destabilized my rig’s dilation circuit.
K.O. Oh.
Dendy You know how it is with power cells. [Laughs]
K.O. [Laughs] Yeah! Power cells! That’s like a battery?
Dendy Precisely! It’s the last thing I need to restore the backpack to its former glory. Once we retrieve one, that’ll be it!
K.O. But, Dendy? How can that be it… When you’re it?! [Laughs] Aren’t you gonna tag me back?
Dendy Oh. Yes, of course. [Tags K.O. but misses]
[They both laugh and run around the plaza. Dendy tags K.O.]
Dendy You’re it!
K.O. You’re faster than you look!
Dendy This game is more fun than it looks.
K.O. Well, that’s good to hear! Because you’re… [Jumps on Dendy] whoo-hoo… it!
Dendy Not for long!
K.O. [Laughs but sees a gate to the alley] Oops. [Slams into the gate] [Dendy tags him and they both laugh] [He falls off the gate] [Laughs again]
Dendy I have forgotten about our task. That is very unlike me. Anyway, glorbs are commonly—
K.O. [Climbs over the gate] Found one! [Laughs as he grabs a glowing orb]
Dendy [Opens the gate] That is quite the glowing orb, but it is not a glorb.
K.O. What?! How can you tell?
Dendy Well, they are located inside of robots. This particular robot appears to be using it externally. [The robot opens its mouth] Uhh! Ah! You almost had me! But I got some news for you! [Throws the glowing orb around]
Dendy K.O., you should let go of that.
K.O. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to get the drop on me! [The glowing orb retracts] Ahh! [K.O. enters the robot’s mouth]
Dendy Hmph. Unexpected. But convenient. [Opens her keyboard]
K.O. Don’t worry, Dendy! I’m not letting this stop me! This is a perfect opportunity to work on my punching ability! Take… this! [Punches the robot and the glowing orb explodes] Uhh! Okay, let’s see how you do without it, tough guy! [Continues to punch it as Dendy types] Ow! Ooh! Ow! I think it’s denting some in this spot! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! [His fist turned red] Just hang tight, Dendy! I’ve got a plan! Uhh! If I just keep punching! Uh! Eventually I’ll be so strong that I’ll be able to punch through thick metal! Ow! Ow! Uh! Yep! You’ll have your hack-pack up and running in no time! Uh! Ow! Uh! [Day turns into night] Unh! Ow! Owie! Uhh! [His arm gets injured] Oww! I might have to accept my fate. In the trash where I belong! Can you type up documents on your screen-thing?
Dendy Oh. That can be managed.
K.O. [Sniffs] Can you take my last will and testament?
Dendy Proceed.
K.O. To my dearest co-worker Radicles, I leave my action figures. To my other dearest co-worker, Enid, I leave my video games. And they both should split my piggy bank. You know, for college. It’s only right that Mom gets all my comic books. As for my Pow cards…
Dendy You collect Pow cars?!
K.O. Yeah! Well, at least, I used to. Before my trash life began.
Dendy [Closes her screen] I love Pow cards! Have you seen the new Ted Viking card with battle damage?! It is so cool! I have doubles!
K.O. No! If we hadn’t come here to fix your backpack, we could’ve traded.
Dendy I think we will be able to trade cards. [Pushes a button to hack-pack]
K.O. Maybe if we can slip the cards though the gills. [Grabs a cord out] It’ll take a while to get the whole collection in here, [Connects the cord to the robot] but yeah, that could be great!
Dendy If junk fish contains child, then barf!
[The junk fish “barfs” K.O.]
K.O. Aah! I’m free! [Laughs] Whoa! Dendy! You fixed your hack-pack. I guess you didn’t need that glorb, after all.
Dendy K.O., my backpack was never broken. [Closes her screen and retracts the cord]
K.O. Oh.
K.O. laughs.
K.O. Well, glorb or no glorb, problem solved! Thanks for the rescue! [Holds his hand out] You slap it!
Dendy It’s just that… rather, I… Mmm!
K.O. It’s easy! You just take your hand…
Dendy You aren’t understanding! I was interested in you as a specimen. The backpack quest was a ruse I engineered in order to study you in a variety of shared experiences.
K.O. Oh! So you faked this whole quest just to hang out with me?
Dendy Correct.
K.O. laughs.
K.O. If you wanted to hang out, you could have just asked!
Dendy Oh.
K.O. It might have been for a fake quest, but I still had a lot of fun. Plus, I made a new friend. That part’s real, right?
Dendy I— I would not have made such an error had I known of our common interests.
K.O. [Opens the gate] So maybe you could check out my Pow card collection sometime?
Dendy Oh, I have quite the collection already. [Pushes a button to open her Pow card collection]
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Dendy! You must have, like, 100 cards in there!
Dendy 100? Oh. Pardon the malfunction. [Reveals more than 100 Pow cards]
K.O. [Gasps] [Holds out a Professor Venomous Pow Card] Professor Venomous?! I’ve only ever seen this card online!
Dendy No, K.O., it is right there in your hand.
K.O. Oh.
K.O. laughs.
K.O. I guess you’re right. [Puts back the Pow Card and closes Dendy’s backpack] You know what else you are?
Dendy It?
K.O. No, you’re… [Pats Dendy] Yeah, you’re it! [Laughs] [Runs]
Dendy Just give me one moment, K.O.. [Adds herself to K.O.’s allies in her screen]

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