Not to be confused with "I Am Jethro".

"I Am Dendy" is the 8th episode of Season 1 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and the 8th episode overall.


K.O. helps a strange girl from school, Dendy, get the parts she needs to repair her high tech backpack.[1]


After school, while K.O. is singing along to Gar's, someone is hiding in the bushes while K.O. is passing by. When K.O. hears a noise, he looks behind himself, there is nothing, someone is hiding behind a tree and bounces quickly. K.O. responds that he doesn't know what they think what that was and he's trying to be heroic. Actually, there are some tiny dinosaurs. When he turns around, there is a young girl in front of K.O.'s face. He is shocked and fell back. She is tired of him singing and talking to himself. K.O. wants to know who is she. She says "I am Dendy", and the name of the episode shows up.






  • The song K.O. sings while on his way to Gar's Bodega is a reference to the theme song for "Lakewood Plaza Turbo", the show's 2013 pilot.
  • K.O. has a moth collection which he keeps in the pocket of his uniform.
  • Dendy mispronounces "alley" and instead says "alloy".
  • In K.O.'s will, he leaves Radicles his action figures, Enid his video games, his piggy bank for both Radicles and Enid to split "for college", and that his Mom gets all his comic books. Before he could say where his Pow Cards would go to, Dendy interrupted him when she told him she loves Pow Cards.
  • When Dendy says she needs a power cell and K.O. asks if those are like batteries, that makes a reference to the game Run 3's Infinite Mode.
  • While they're at the arcade, a game called "M-Elodie" can be seen, which is a reference to the character Elodie.


  • K.O. turns to Mr. Logic for robot stuff after his first interaction from "You're Everybody's Sidekick".
  • Mr. Logic recalls that he left the robot stuff behind when he opened his salon as the flashbacks from "Lad & Logic" revealed he was aligned with Boxmore.
    • Also, the Junk fish appears in the episode as damaged from the events of "Lad & Logic".


  • Darrell and Miss Quantum are credited in the voice cast credits, despite not having lines in the episode.
  • K.O.'s hero level was typed as "0.01." when in "You're Level 100!", K.O.'s level was "0.1."


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