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[The episode starts off with Enid riding on her bicycle with K.O. to Rad’s House]

K.O.: I can’t wait to see what Rad’s done to his van this time. Can you, Enid?

Enid: Yes. I can wait. Hey, Rad. [Stops her bicycle]

K.O.: Hi, Rad!!

Rad: Huh?! [Slides out of the car] Oh. Hey, guys.

K.O.: [He and Enid take off their helmets] What kind of upgrades are you workin’ on?

Rad: [Cleans the dirt off] I’m attempting something kinda crazy. I’m gonna make my van… fly. [Titlecard appears]

K.O.: [on top of a flying van] A flying van?!

Rad: Yep! I’m installing [Unrolls a plan] something I like to call the “Rad Wing.”

K.O.: It looks like a kite!

Enid: Ha!

Rad: [Rolls back his plan] Anyway, it should be an engineering challenge, but I think I’m up to the task.

K.O.: [Rips his shirt to reveal a jumpsuit] I want to help! [Holds out a wrench]

Rad: Nope. This is my van. I built her with my own two hands.

Enid: [In a note form] False.

Rad: The only person allowed under the hood is me, okay?

[K.O. whimpers]

Enid: Mnh-mnh.

Rad: Okay! K.O., you can work on… uh… [Sees a toolbox, a rat eating a cheeseburger, and another vehicle] Ah! Here you go. [Pushes K.O. to his go-kart] You can work on my old go-kart.

[K.O. works on the go-kart, Rad on his van, and Enid is watching them]

Ofrang: Anybody want ants on the log?

K.O.: Yeah, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Rad: Don’t eat those.

Enid: Heh?

[K.O. grabs his ants on a log and gets worried. Rad carries a box of thrusters]

Ofrang: Radicles, why do you use those thrusters? [Rad puts thrusters into the cannon] You know they are a fire hazard. Why don’t you use one of the spare booster orbs? [Shows a shot of space booster orbs]

Rad: [Scoffs] I know what I’m doing, Dad! Just let me work.

Ofrang: Oh, very well. Uh, K.O..

K.O. [Feeds an ant on a log to a rat] Hmm?

Ofrang: Would you like to use the orb? It will make your tiny kart much faster.

K.O.: Oh, uh… [tosses the ant on a log and the rat gets it] that’d be great.

Ofrang: [Grabs an orb] They are fully powered by glorb energy, which makes them very efficient.

K.O.: [Distracted by a butterfly] Ooh! [Laughs]

Ofrang: You must be careful, however, as they tend to be a bit… sensitive and very powerful. Here is the instruction manual. [Gives the manual to K.O., who opens it] Make sure you install it exactly as it says. Have fun!

K.O.: [Grabs a booster orb] Huh? Hmm. [Puts it on the go-kart] Ooh! [Laughs] [The go-kart goes awry] Oh, no! Rad, look out!

[The go-kart crashes to Rad’s van and sets on fire]

Rad: Aah!

[Enid laughs]

Rad: [High-pitched] My van!

K.O.: I’m sorry! [Falls down] I’m sorry.

Red Action: [In her tank] Hey, Enid, you ready to— Oh, my cob.

Enid: Hey, Red.

Rad: Well, at least all of you are here to be sad for me—

Enid: [In Red Action’s tank] Oh. You… wanted me to stay?

Rad: I guess you can leave if you need to, but—

[Red Action’s tank drives away with Enid. The sun goes down and Rad is on his couch with a small toy car on him]

K.O.: Rad? Am I allowed to say “Sorry” again yet?

Rad: [Sighs] No, K.O..

K.O.: Okay. [Thinking] Man, I really messed up. I’ve never seen Rad this upset before. I wish I knew someone who could fix his van for him. [Gasps] Of course! [Pulls out his phone] Let’s see. Uh, uh… Huh?

[Dendy appears out of nowhere]

Dendy: Hello, K.O..

K.O.: Ah! Dendy!

Dendy: I heard your internal monologue. I would be happy to fix Rad’s van.

Rad:[Leaning over side of couch] I can hear both of you! And you're not fixing anything.

Dendy: I can understand you hesistation, but I would be honored to bring you van back to its former glory. In fact, [snatches toy car from Rad's hand] with my help, [rapidly transforms toy car in her hands to a much more upgraded version with multiple additions] we can make you van into something spectacular!

Rad: Ugh! [Points at transformed toy car accusingly] That's yours now! It's not mine anymore! [Slaps toy car out of Dendy's hand]

Dendy: I simple made some small modifications--

Rad:[Points to the damaged van out the window] You know what it says on the side of that van? [Gestures to himself] "Rad's Van", not "Rad and Dendy's Van".

K.O. and Dendy: But--!

Rad: [Cutting them off with a finger to each of their lips] No "buts"! That van is my pride and joy! How can I be proud of it if it isn't mine? Whatever, I'm going to bed. [Walking away] Dendy, you can sleep over too, if you want. Just don't touch anything. [Is sucked away in transport tube]

[Scene changes to K.O. and Dendy in Rad's living room. K.O is on the couch with a pillow and red blanket. Dendy is on the floor in a green sleeping bag]

Dendy: Mm. Rad is being very... unreasonable. Why?

K.O.: Aw, Dendy, Rad's van is like his baby. You don't want someone to tell you how to make you baby better, you know?

Dendy: If I could improve a child I would. Regardless, he is acting irrationally. If he would simply allow me, I could fix it with ease. Hmm. [Thinking, arms crossed before a devious expression crosses their face] It's often said that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

K.O.: [Awkwardly] Yes.

Dendy: [yanks K.O. off the couch] Come with me.

K.O: Yow!

[Scene changes to the van being worked on in the middle of the night by K.O. and Dendy]

Moon: Eh.

[Then, the moon is eaten by the Sun wearing sunglasses while a Pacman sound effect play, indicating it is the next day. Rad exists trailer yawning]

Rad: Huh? Whoa! [seeing fixed, and modified van for the first time] She looks brand-new! But... how? [Squints and rubs chin suspiciously]

K.O.: [Sweat-dropping, he and Dendy both covered in oil spots] Uh, you w-w-were... sleepwalking last night. And, umm... sleep-fixed your van?

Rad: Huh... Cool! Heh! I didn't realize I was that good.

[Red Action's tank pulls up with Enid and Red in it]

Enid: Whoa! [Also seeing the van] You actually fixed it. Looks pretty decent, Rad.

Red Action: I mean it looks better, but it's still just a van.

Rad: [Taking great offence] Just a van?! That's pretty big, coming from Tugboat Annie over there.

Red Action: [Flustered and briefly pictured in a pirate/sailor outfit that she shakes off. Scoffs] My tank is from the future. You wouldn't even understand the tech it takes to make it better than your van!

Rad: Yeah, well I don't understand a lot of things, but I know my van was made with pure love and pure muscle. [Flexes arm] And you can't beat that.

Red Action and Rad: [Bumps into each other in frustration with their vehicles] Grrr!

K.O.: [Separates them] But how do we know whose car really is better?!

Rad: There’s a really easy way to decide that.

Red Action: Are you suggesting what I think you are?

Rad: You know I am.

Red Action: Hmm.

K.O.: [Gasps] It’s a race!

Enid: It’s a race!

Fish Dude: [Comes out his house] It’s a race?

Old Man Jenkins: [Comes out as well] It’s a race?

[Next scene shows a crowd]

Mr. Beelz: Is a race!

[Crowd chanting “Race!”. Red Action’s and Rad’s vechicles are starting positioned in the race. K.O. and Enid are the hosts]

Enid: Ready, K.O.? [Enid and K.O transforms into their racing outfits. K.O. laughs. Enid knocks the traffic light to racing signals. Enid hops into K.O.’s go-kart] All right, you two, this is a standard 500 cc, non-filtered go go prix. [The map shows the race directions] You’ll start in Lakewood Estates, blast up to the 175, wind your way through Rumble Range, and finish at the plaza— No spitting and no snaking. Let’s see some good, clean racing out there. Come on, K.O.. Let’s go watch from the finish line.

K.O.: [Laughing] Yay! [Drives to the finish line] I love being out of the way!

[Puck Reverie waves the flag to start the race]

Announcer: 3, 2, 1! Go!

[Red Action and Rad races. They start at Lakewood Estates]

Red Action: Let’s open this baby up. [Moves her stick-shift to increase her speed]

Rad: What?! So that’s how you want to play? You may be fast, but you ain’t… fayste! [Moves his stick-shift to “fayste”. He catches up to Red] That’s what I’m tal— Whoa!

Flurry: [Pushes a block of ice] I’m gonna make a nice new dream home!

Red Action: ‘Fraid this is where we part ways, Radicles! [Her tank hovers the block of ice]

Flurry: Whoa! Now, that was cool!

Rad: To a pedestrian, perhaps. Check this out! [Launches a Rad Rocket]

Singer: Rad rocket. On the roof and ready to roll. Rad rocket. Rad rocket.

[The rocket demolishes the ice into small pieces]

Boys: Whoooooa!

Rad: Direct hit!

Singer: Rad rocket. Rad rocket.

Flurry: My dreams…

Rad: Here come the never-ending cul-de-sacs. [Catches up to Red and chuckles] Don’t get lost, now, y’hear?

Red Action: Please. [Turns on her GPS]

GPS: Continue straight and run the yellow light.

Rad: Pffft! Like I’d need help with directions.

Red Action: Good luck with that, scr-u-u-u-ub!

Rad: [Flexes his arm in a high-pitched voice] little does she know, we know a shortcut. [Laughs] Mwah! [Normal voice] Now, where’s the Guard Twins’ trailer? There it is. Just hang right here… [Meets a dead end] Wha— Where’d that shortcut go?

[The Guard twins comes out of the house]

Security Guard 1: Hey, Rad. Sorry, but we actually moved last week.

Security Guard 2: You want help with directions?

Rad: [Growls] No! [Drives back]

Security Guard 1: We can’t control what he does— only what we do.

Security Guard 2: I know you’re right.

Rad: Stupid mobile suburbs! [He and Red enters Rumble Range] Now that we’re out of that maze, there’s no way I’ll lose. [Catching up to Red]

Red Action: Man, you must like the taste of my dust!

Rad: [Licks the dust] Not bad. Could use some more debris an— Hey! [Grumbles] I’ll show you! [Tries to move his stick-shift higher] No! I’m already going as fayste as I can! [Slowing down] We’re already going through Rumble Range! At this rate, Red’s gonna win. Eh. What the— [Sees the Dendysoft Help System] I don’t remember adding this. [Pushes a button where a holographic form of Dendy appears]

Dendy: Greetings, operator.

Rad: Aah! Demon! Don’t eat— Dendy?!

Dendy: A facsimile of Dendy, and as such, I’m programmed to help in a variety of ways.

Rad: You snuck into my van and messed with my stuff?!

Dendy: Please select a—

Rad: I don’t want your help! [Smashes the help system] I just gotta… um… That’s it! The volcano! While she’s comin’ round the mountain, I’ll be going over it. I’m a smart booooooy! [Drives to the volcano]

Enid: [As a note] False.

Rad: Time to fly. Launching the Rad Wing. [The wing replaces the rocket launcher. Flies over the volcano] Engaging thrusters. Y-e-e-es! I did it! I— [The thruster fires the wing] Noooooooooo! [The van falls close to the lava] Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Dendy: Perhaps I can be of assistance.

Rad: Demon! Dendy? How long have you been there?

Dendy: The entire time.

Rad: [Grabs Dendy] Well, don’t just sit there adorably. Help!

Dendy: You… want my help?

Rad: Oh, Dendy, I shouldn’t have refused your help before. And now it’s my fault we’re gonna take a lava bath. I’ll do anything to atone.

Dendy: Stick your finger in the ignition.

Rad: Okay— if it’ll atone.

Dendy: No, Radicles. You can use your beam power to fuel the zero-point energy engine I secretly installed.

K.O.: [As a note] I helped!

Rad: Oh, okay. That makes sense. [Takes off the keys and stick his finger to the ignition and uses his beam power. The van levitates away from the lava] I did it! I did it, I did it, I did it!

Dendy: Aren’t you forgetting something?

Rad: Oh, yeah. Y-You, uh… helped.

Dendy: The race!

Rad: [Gasps deeply. Driving around the volcano] But there’s no way we’ll catch up! [His van flies through]

Dendy: That’s not entirely true.

[Enid leans on a pole of the finish line texting]

K.O.: [Waves flags] Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Dendy: I may have made some more secret mods to your van. [Pushes the faystest button to upgrade Rad’s van]

Red Action: Whoa! Cool!

Rad: [Drives faster] We’re… gonna… win!

K.O.: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

K.O. and Enid: Aah!

Rad: [Flies by the finish line and pushes the brakes but doesn’t stop] Why aren’t we stopping?!

Dendy: I had counted on you accepting my help much sooner!

[The van crashes to the Bodega and sets it on fire. K.O. drives his go-kart and Red Action her tank to see]

Rad: [Takes off sunglasses] Rad!

K.O.: Dendy!

[Dendy carries Rad out of the mess]

Enid, K.O., and Red Action: Whew!

Rad: [Groans] Wha… My van!

Dendy: Do not worry, Radicles. We will repair your van. Besides, you won the race.

Rad: No, Dendy. We won. Did we— Did we blow up the bodega?

Dendy: [Whispering] Shh! Don’t draw attention to us.

[Next scene shows Rad and Dendy fixing the van. K.O. telling a story to Enid and Red Action is in her tank. Laughter is heard]

K.O.: And remember when he crushed Flurry’s dreams?

Dendy: Laser torch.

K.O.: And then the finish line caught on fire!

Ofrang: Would anyone care for a snack? I made soft pretzels!

K.O.: Me! Me! Me! [Eats the pretzel]

Enid: No, thanks.

Red Action: Just toss mine in the hatch! [Catches the pretzel and eats it]

Enid: You’ve been in that tank all day. Are you ever gonna come out?

Red Action: Nope.

Rad: And now the final touch.

[Dendy lasers the “and Dendy’s” on the van making it read as “Rad and Dendy’s Van”. Rad puts Dendy down]

Rad: Perfect.

[Dendy lasers “Dendy’s” on Rad’s shirt. The episode ends]

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