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Excuse me, cup do you have any magic muscle cream? I've got no... (rips his shirt off) ab definition!

—"Presenting Joe Cuppa"

Heroic Guy is a minor character in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. He debuted in the episode "Presenting Joe Cuppa."

Physical Appearance

Heroic Guy is a male cat-like humanoid with a buff build and grey skin; he has shiny black hair that waves to the back of his head, two small pointy ears on both sides of his hair, a wide neck and a small, black, triangular nose and a unibrow that covers his eyes. His jaw is rather large and has three noticeable bottom teeth popping out of it, his wide neck is also a visible physical attribute.

He wears a red shirt and red pants, with a yellow collar and belt; he has a long blue cape that falls down to the top of his small black boots.

When he tears his shirt off, he has a muscular build but without abdominal muscles.


Heroic Guy has a slightly humorous personality, as he makes a joke about his muscles. He gets stunned to the point where he can't move when Joe Cuppa and Small Joe stated a joke in his face about coffee, putting him into an uncomfortable state.


"Presenting Joe Cuppa"

He went to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega and asked Joe Cuppa if there's any magic muscle cream for his abdominal muscles. After Joe Cuppa presented his coffee jokes to him, he nervously walks away from him.


Joe Cuppa & Small Joe

Uh... No, thanks. Coffee makes me gassy.

—"Presenting Joe Cuppa"

He was uncomfortable when Joe Cuppa and Small Joe said a joke to him about coffee which makes him gassy.

Episode Appearances


  • After Joe Cuppa offers Heroic Guy a cup a coffee, Heroic Guy states that coffee makes him gassy.


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