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Hero is a character introduced in "A Hero's Fate" and Ian Jones-Quartey's original character from RPG World.

Physical Appearance

Hero has a somewhat typical RPG hero appearance with blonde spiky hair and a giant sword. He wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a blue chest plate over it. He also wears grey pants, black shoes, and ring-shaped earrings.


Prior to his Webcomic, Hero retains his heroic side who desire to stop his enemy Galgarion. Hero is shown to be rather simple-minded, but is aware of how battling works and can be a very competent fighter. However, due to his desire to defeat Galgarion, his obsession grew to a point where abandons his friends to get more powerful, despite stating he treasured them. Unlike his Webcomic self, Hero seems much more aware of Cherry's romantic feelings for him and seem to have been dating before his departure.

Abilities and Powers

Hero has a power level of 90, making him the most powerful hero to debut in the show so far. This is due to all the journeys he has made, in which he has confronted many enemies.

Physical Strength

Judging by his level, Hero has quite a lot of strength and is able to wield a huge sword and swing it around with ease. He is may be able to beat any of Boxman's robots as he was able to take down Cowboy Darrell in a single hit. During his quest through Galgarion's fortress in "A Hero's Fate", he was able to retain himself without getting tired. 

Swordsmanship Skills

It is presumed that he's an expert swordsman.


He can be seen loading with him a giant sword in his back. It may be very strong and sharp enough to cut through stone and metal. 

Episode Appearances


  • Hero's appearance is based on the Final Fantasy VII character Cloud Strife, his hair is also the style that Cloud has in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. His giant sword could also be based off Cloud's Buster Sword, with a hint of Kingdom Hearts mixed in due to the blade's hilt having a guard and a keychain at the end of it.
  • Hero fighting enemies over and over to level up is a reference to grinding in RPGs where the player usually fights enemies over and over in order to become stronger and face tougher enemies.
  • He currently has the highest level out of any hero on the show, at level 90.
  • At the end of "A Hero's Fate", it is shown he is married to Cherry and had a child called "Spaghetti".


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