A glorb is a small, glowing orb that is first mentioned by Dendy in "I Am Dendy". They were created by The President of the Universe to make life more fun. Every robot needs a Glorb inside them, as it works as a form of battery. It has been stated that they are hard to come by.


Dendy sought out a Glorb from a robot to fix her backpack in "I Am Dendy".

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In the episode "Do You Have Any More in the Back?", while exploring the back room of Gar's Bodega, K.O., Enid, and Rad stumble across a room with plenty of glorbs floating around a large tree.
Through the sewers of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, the room is guarded by a strong door. Shadowy Figure was interested in getting inside to harvest the Glorbs for their "incredible power", so he lured K.O. in to open it for him. Mr. Gar has since reinforced the entrance, making sure the Glorbs are protected.
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Lord Boxman has a room for processing Glorbs as seen in "Villains' Night Out". Because of their rarity, he tries to use them as efficiently as possible. This was part of his secret project later revealed to be Boxman Jr.

Glorbs can also be used to grant power to organic beings. In the episode "Villains' Night In", when a glorb is placed in Fink's collar, she transforms into Turbo Fink for a short period of time. In "You're in Control", T.K.O.'s power increases after he swallows glorbs.

In the episode "T.K.O.'s House" Shadowy Figure reveals that Glorbs are very valuable in the villain circuit.

In the episode "Let's Fight to the End", Fink used the Glorbs to Rad and Enid to go Turbo as a boost to their powers temporarily without going insane and overtaking their persona to knocked down T.K.O. in the Plaza Tournament.

In the CN Arcade game app, the mini-game "Go Go, K.O.!" allows the player to collect Glorbs, causing K.O. to go Turbo for a short period of time. As T.K.O., the player is able to knock Jethro's out of the way, with the addition of a higher speed.

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