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Gloops are blob-like monsters that appears in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. They made their debut appearance in the episode "Do You Have Any More in the Back?".

Physical Appearance

They appear like a blob shape creature with an appearance that looks like jelly. From their debut appearance, they appear blue in the dark. In the daytime, they are light violet.


"Do You Have Any More in the Back?"

Enid spots a couple of Gloops on the ground. When Enid asked Rad if she can touch them, Rad said yes but Enid touched it with a stick that causes the stick disintegrate. Enid yells at Rad for almost losing her arm. Rad meant that she should touch them "emotionally" but not physically.

"Point to the Plaza"

K.O. picked up a gloob from the stock room and shows it to Enid which Enid punches it away from her and K.O. After K.O. runs to the stock room to put the gloop back, the gloop crawls on top of the Chip Damage chocolate bar boxes. K.O. feeds the gloop a chocolate bar and grew a little. Then, more gloops approach to feed themselves the chocolate bars. K.O. seems worried that more gloops come in and grow and runs away from them. The Gloop comes out from the stock room in a large size from the other Gloops and from the Bodega barricading the whole store from anyone entering. The P.O.I.N.T. troopers tried to shoot it to no luck. The P.O.I.N.T. Troops and a pterodactyl get stuck in the gloop. Chip Damage tries to open up the Gloop dome. When the crowd thinks Chip Damage finally toke down the Gloop, it reformed again into a larger size and sucked Chip Damage. Enid uses her freeze powers to freeze the Gloop, and kicks it to destroy it.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Do You Have Any More in the Back?", the Gloop is credited as "Slime".
  • Gloops are able to freeze things from the inside and melt whenever heat is applied but it does not work on the exterior.
  • While Gloops were able to disintegrate sticks, it does not do any damage to humans who come into contact with them. This was mostly that Rad misinformed Enid and K.O. about the danger of them.


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