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Speaker Dialogue
Punching Judy is doing her pushups.
Punching Judy 448, 449, 450.
K.O. 993, 994, 995, 996, 997, 998... 999... 1,000.
Punching Judy 451.
K.O. I win!
Punching Judy Ugh! I can't believe I lost to a 6-to-11-year-old in a push-up contest.
K.O. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Punching Judy How am I going to win the Ultimate Beat 'Em Up Championship tomorrow?
K.O. Oh! The what beat 'em up now?
Punching Judy It's an annual fight tournament where all sorts of strong fighters compete, but, man, I'm going to lose unless I find a really good trainer.
K.O In that case, I will train you!
Title appears.
Punching Judy Aw.
Punching Judy laughs.
Punching Judy That's really sweet of you, K.O., but I need someone that can share my years of fighting experience, someone that can give me an inspiring pep talk, someone like...
Punching Judy and K.O. at Mr. Gar's house.
Punching Judy El-Bow!
Mr. Gar El-Bow?
Mr. Gar looks at his El-Bow mask and all the newspapers as El-Bow.
Mr. Gar I've left that name behind a long time ago. Now I'm just Mr. Gar.
Punching Judy Wait! But what about the time you beat Mephisto Cross in the ring back in 199X and... and when you single-elbowedly took out the Grim Chopper?
Mr. Gar Er, well, that was a... a long time ago.
Punching Judy Not to mention you flawlessly won the Ultimate Beat 'Em Up twice back in the day.
Mr. Gar Well, I wouldn't call it flawless.
Punching Judy You're amazing. You have to be my coach!
K.O. Yeah! She's your biggest fan, Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar looks at Punching Judy's puppy eyes.
Mr. Gar Uh, oh, uh, uh, uh, all right. Uh, I suppose I can train you a little.
K.O. and Punching Judy Whoo-hoo!
Title appears.
Mr. Gar Think fast!
Mr. Gar throws an orange, Punching Judy kicks it.
Punching Judy Aah!
The orange slices into pieces and it goes to K.O.'s mouth and he chew them.
Mr. Gar Hey, good reflexes. Doesn't really seem you like need training.
Punching Judy But I want to punch, not kick. Why do you think I'm called Punching Judy? I come from a family of punchers. It's in out blood.
K.O. looks at the POW Cards of Punching Judy's family.
Punching Judy There's Punching Mommy, Punching Daddy, Punching Rudy, Punching Trudy and Punching Archibald.
K.O. Whoa. Their arms are all huge.
Punching Judy And there's me.
K.O. Oh, uh, but you punch just fine.
Punching Judy Yeah, but not compared to Trudy, though. We've been rivals since birth, and she's always been ahead of me. Whether it's sports...
Punching Judy and Punching Trudy in sports tournament and Punching Trudy punches Punching Judy out.
Punching Trudy You'll never get the best of Punching Trudy!
Punching Judy ...or school...
Punching Judy comes to spelling bee at school, but Punching Trudy gets in her way and punch her.
Punching Trudy You'll never get the best of Punching Trudy.
Punching Judy ...or at home...
Punching Judy comes to the bathroom, but Punching Trudy gets in her way and punch her.
Punching Trudy You'll never get the best of Punching Trudy!
Punching Judy ...Trudy is just first very time. She's even entered tomorrow's tournament. She only entered because I signed up, and what do you know? She's gone on to win 12 times in a row.
K.O. Oh, gee.
Punching Judy But no more. My losing streak ends here because El-Bow is near!
Mr. Gar Eh?
Punching Judy Surely, there's some inspirations or wisdom you can give me.
Mr. Gar Uh, uh, uh, I don't know about that.
K.O. Oh, boy! Mr. Gar is great at those!
Mr. Gar Well, K.O., I...
K.O. His words of a great hero has helped me more times than I can remember.
Mr. Gar Uh, K.O., I... I know you well enough to talk, but she... she's a new person and, uh...
K.O. It's okay, Mr. Gar. You've got this. Just give her some trademark El Bow emotional wisdom.
Mr. Gar Uh, uh, um, um, uh, t-t-t-t-t-training!
Punching Judy Training?
Mr. Gar Uh, yes. Uh, the body is, uh, a temple, and, of course, we must, er, uh, uh, uh, strengthen its foundations with, uh, uh, training. Heh, yeah.
Punching Judy Oh, that's cool, but what about my pep talk?
Mr. Gar Uh, well, there ain't no room in the temple for emotions because we're going to fill it with muscles.
Punching Judy Oh, okay. If you say so.
Mr. Gar gives the anvil to Punching Judy to lift it up and down. K.O. gasps. Mr. Gar puts K.O. on the anvil for Punching Judy to lift it again. She punches it in the air and jumps. She's doing pushups. She's punching the log at Fitness Dojo. She's lifting the anvil with K.O. sitting on it. She's going pushups again. She, K.O. and Mr. Gar punching in the air and jumps. She reflex her muscles.
Punching Judy Ooh.
Mr. Gar Hey, pretty good.
Punching Judy Thanks, Mr. Gar. I feel much stronger now. So what about that inspiring pep talk.
Mr. Gar Uh...
K.O. Yeah, Mr. Gar. Give her that pep talk!
Mr. Gar Er, uh, uh, uh...
Mr. Gar clears his throat.
Mr. Gar ...inspiring wisdom, that is, inspiring, that is, inspiring... That would be, uh, uh, more training!
Punching Judy and K.O. Huh?
Punching Judy is training the same time fast.
Punching Judy Whoo! Okay, so now are you ready for...
Mr. Gar More training!
Punching Judy is training very faster.
Punching Judy So much training.
Punching Judy groans and falls off to the ground. Mr. Gar sputtering.
Mr. Gar No time for a nap! It's time for the championship!
Punching Judy Already?
At the championship tournament.
Announcer Already! It's the Ultimate Beat 'Em Up Championship! Let's get beating them up!
Brandon Huh? Ooh!
Brandon got kicked by Enid.
Punching Judy Oh, boy. Things are looking pretty spicy here, huh?
K.O. You're a zesty hot wing too, Judy. You can do it.
Announcer And for the next Beat 'Em Up, Punching Judy!
Punching Judy Oh, no.
Mr. Gar You got this in the bag. Do it just like we trained.
Punching Judy rattle to keep herself up.
Punching Judy Okay. Let's do this.
Announcer And Judy starts off strong, a knockout!
Punching Judy beats up on A Real Magic Skeleton. Later, she punches Bell Beefer to the rope.
Announcer Bell Beefer hits the ropes!
Punching Judy punches Big Bull Demon.
Announcer Uppercut Big Bull Demon! Judy is on a hot streak!
K.O. Woo-hoo!
Punching Judy panting.
Punching Judy Yeah. Maybe I can do this.
Announcer And out star rookie is down to her last opponent.
Punching Trudy Well, well, well...
Punching Judy shocked, turn around and see it was Punching Trudy, beating Rad and Enid up, both groaning.
Punching Trudy If it isn't baby Judy.
Punching Judy T-Trudy.
Punching Judy exhales sharply.
Punching Judy No problem. I got this.
Punching Judy is shaking in fear and runs off.
Punching Judy Ah! I don't got this!
Announcer Ooh, looks like we've got some serious family drama here! We're going to pause the competition for as long as it takes for them to get all these issues figured out!
Punching Judy I can't do it! I can't fight her!
K.O. What do you mean, Judy? You trained so hard for this, remember?
Punching Judy I know that. It's just that, every time I look at her, I see all the times she's beat me, every time I've fallen short. Oh, why'd I think I could change that now?
K.O. Psst. Is it pep-talk time yet?
Punching Judy Please. I can't take the pressure, sir. Mr. Gar, Mr. El Bow, I could use any emotional support you got.
Mr. Gar I...
Mr. Gar freaked out and shaking.
Mr. Gar I can't! I thought spending all this time training with you would make me ready, but I can't stop seeing you seeing me as El Bow, and it paralyzes me. I'm sorry, Judy. I just can't give you the pep talk you need right now.
Punching Judy No. It's over.
K.O. is straining.
K.O. Yes, you can! Get up, Mr. Gar. I know how we can help you deal with emotions.
Mr. Gar You do? How?
K.O. How else? Training, emotional training.
Punching Trudy Emotional training?
Mr. Gar in the therapy room with K.O. and Punching Judy as therapists. Mr. Gar crying. He gulps and falls to the white background, carried by K.O. and Punching Judy and he is crying. He is painting the crying the eye of Earth with "Who am I am who" and he is crying. He looks at the mirror, he draws a smile on his face, gives a thumb up and disappeared into rose petals. He is crying. K.O., Mr. Gar and Punching Judy punching in the air, show their hearts and laughing with tears. Punching Trudy joins in. They both gasps and get back to fight.
Punching Judy Oh, I'm happy we got Mr. Gar more in touch with his emotions, but I'm still terrified.
Punching Trudy Huh.
Punching Judy What am I going to do?
Mr. Gar Judy, K.O....
Mr. Gar turns around.
Punching Judy Huh?
Punching Trudy Oh.
Mr. Gar is smiled with shining lights on his face.
Mr. Gar ...I want to thank the two of you for helping me open up. I'm ready to give you that pep talk.
Punching Judy nodded.
Mr. Gar Okay then.
Mr. Gar clears his throat.
Mr. Gar Punching Judy, I understand what you're going through because I went through similar struggles back when I was El Bow.
Punching Judy Struggles? But you're the coolest.
Mr. Gar Uh, where you saw a great fighter I saw a hopeless failure. Sure, I had some good moments, but I had a lot of bad moments too, and they ended up consuming me. The mask ended up becoming an unbearable weight on my shoulders.
Punching Judy How come?
Mr. Gar Every time I looked at it, it just reminded me of all the times I fell short. Sound familiar?
Punching Judy Well...
Mr. Gar But your faith in me despite my failures makes me appreciate that I have a gift, something I can share with the world. And I have faith in you, Punching Judy. Don't be afraid to share your gift with the world either.
Punching Judy But what is my gift?
Mr. Gar Judy, a puncher's greatest asset isn't their arms. It's their legs.
Mr. Gar shows his muscular legs.
Mr. Gar Think about it. Your strong lower body gives you incredible stability. Because of your lower center of gravity, you're a cone, and Trudy is a top. Use that to your advantage. You may not have your sister's arm strength, but you're much harder to bring down.
Punching Judy Gee, I never though about it like that.
Mr. Gar Hmm. Now get on out there! You've got a championship to win!
Punching Trudy snoring, but wakes up.
Punching Trudy Huh? Are we going to start fighting or what?
Punching Judy Whew. Okay. I got this.
Mr. Gar Hey, Judy, catch.
Mr. Gar throw something to Punching Judy.
Punching Judy Huh?
Punching Judy sees it was El-Bow's mask.
Mr. Gar Warm that up for me, will you?
Punching Judy Mr. Gar, are you serious?
Mr. Gar Just for today. Think of it as a good-luck charm.
Punching Judy You got it!
Punching Judy puts on El-Bow's mask and jumps into her style. Name: Punching Judy, wearing El-Bow's mask, just for today.
K.O. Go, Judy!
Punching Judy is standing in the wind. Punching Trudy is charging while Punching Judy is using her leg muscles. She dodges the punch.
Punching Trudy Ah!
Punching Trudy screaming, trying to punch Punching Judy, but keep dodging the punches.
Punching Trudy Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Punching Trudy is struggling with her legs.
Punching Trudy I can't keep up with my tiny legs.
Punching Judy Should've trained where you lacked, sis!
Punching Judy stomps, breaks the floor.
Punching Judy No one gets the best of Punching Judy!
Punching Judy charging now and punch Punching Trudy, defeating her. Bell dings.
Announcer Our champion, Punching Judy!
K.O. You won! You won! You won!
Punching Judy I did it!
Punching Judy laughs.
K.O. I knew you could do it!
Audience cheering. Chanting "Punching Judy!".
K.O. Mr. Gar, we should really start doing squats.
The episode ends.

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