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Gar's Hero Supply and Bodega is a shop in Lakewood Plaza Turbo owned by Mr. Gar, creator of the plaza. It is where Enid, K.O. and Radicles work. Although it isn't the only setting in the show, Gar's Bodega is one of the most prominent settings in the series.


The bodega is a yellow shop, with a red roof, and a huge "Gar's" sign on the front, in orange letters. It's placed right in the center of the plaza, next to the huge parking lot.

Inside, the ceiling and walls are yellow, and the floor is covered in grey tiles. A little balcony is placed on the left close to the entrance. Many items are on display to be purchased in isles. On the back, there is a door leading to the stock room.

Notable Sold Items


There is a great variety of things on sale at the bodega, going from hero supplies (like swords, gauntlets, capes, etc), to food, or anything else that is usually found in a convenience store.


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