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The Face of Fear is a video game shown in the episode "Face Your Fears." In this game, the player faces a virtual version of their fears, and if they win, it upgrades their Fear Resistance stat on their Pow Card. It has five difficulty settings, with the fifth being hidden by default: EZ, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard, and Super Extra Hard.

Known players

These are the known players that have participated in the video game.

  • Radicles: His fear was of showing his vulnerabilities and soft side to others.
  • Enid: Her fear was of her disliked personality traits, and them showing through at the wrong time.
  • Mr. Gar: His fear was of Carol and the mysterious "Sandwich Incident", later revealed in "Let's Take a Moment".
  • K.O.: His fear is mostly unknown, but it is known that it involves an evil version of K.O. known as "Turbo K.O.", who was later revealed and personified in the half-hour special episode "T.K.O."

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