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Speaker Dialogue
Rad & K.O. Mr. Gar, Mr. Gar!
Mr. Gar Huh?
Rad There's this new game at the arcade called "The Face of Fear". It makes you face your biggest fears, and adjusts your fear resistance stat depending on how well you do! Look how fearless we've become.
Rad shows Mr. Gar his and K.O.'s Pow Cards.
Mr. Gar 10? 15?
Mr. Gar growls.
Mr. Gar You kids and your videos game, pah! I never needed some cockamamie machine to help me face my own fears.
K.O. What's your fear resistance, Mr. Gar? I bet it's pretty high.
Mr. Gar scoffs.
Mr. Gar I haven't checked in a while, it's probably through the roof by now... [pulls out his Pow Card and checks his stats.] It's... eight?!
Rad, K.O., & Enid Eight?!
Mr. Gar This is absurd! I- I guess I haven't updated it in a while... Not since I left P.O.I.-
Mr. Gar laughs nervously.
MR. Gar What I mean to say was, there'd be no point in me checking, since I'm impervious to fear. Heh, heh.
Enid Then I guess you wouldn't be afraid of playing the game and updating your info?
Mr. Gar Heh...
The title card appears.
[The scene cuts to in front of Neo-Rama Game Center]
Mr. Gar I'm only doing this to set an example for my employees, you know. [Carol passes by] I haven't got anything to prove. This best be worth my time-
Carol humming and turns around.
Carol Hey, kids! Hey there, Gar.
Mr. Gar acts nervous and stammers.
K.O. Hi, mom!
Carol I'll be back around later to pick you up, okay, hon?
K.O. Okay, mom.
Mr. Gar stammering.
Mr. Gar Sss.... Bye, Carol! Huh?
Carol is gone. Enid appears confused. Scene cuts inside of Neo-Rama Game Center. Dendy is playing a game.
K.O. Alrighty Mr. Gar, are you ready?
Rad There it is!
Enid The Face... of Fear! Just step right up and insert your Pow Card.
Arcade Game Select Difficulty!
Mr. Gar turns difficulty meter.
Arcade Game Extra hard!
Enid Uh, I don't know if that's a good idea-
Mr. Gar turns meter past the possible level.
Arcade Game Super extra hard!
Mr. Gar Kids and their videos and game. Huh.
Rad He's in!
The game screen reads "Terror.
Mr. Gar No!
Mr. Gar sweating and hiding from something.
K.O. Is Mr. Gar okay?
Rad Should we help him?
Enid Yeah, but we can't just unplug him, it says right here that he'll go into a coma.
Dendy appears from the panel Enid was pointing at.
Enid Oh my Gar!
Dendy I may be of assistance here.
K.O. Dendy!
Dendy Greeting, friends. I can hook up an extra VR helmet to Mr. Gar so someone can enter his fear space and help him.
Rad I'll take care of this. Hook that baby up to me.
K.O. You can do it, Rad!
Dendy Preparations are complete. And... enter.
Rad makes funny noises.
K.O. Rad!
Enid Classic Rad. Dendy, hook me up to Gar, as well, so I can help them out.
Dendy I... cannot do that. Mr. Gar's helmet has only one input port, and Rad is already plugged into it. You're gonna have to face Rad's fear first before helping him with Gar's fear.
Dendy puts a helmet on Enid.
Enid Ugh, fine.
Enid gets plugged into the game.
Enid Uh…
Enid holds up a sign saying "STUCK PLS DON'T UNPLUG TYSM". K.O. stammers and points at Enid.
Dendy (sighs) I understand. Sit down next to Enid.
K.O. (sits down next to Enid) Hup!
Dendy Okay, K.O., this is important. Since I'm plugging you into Enid, you have to overcome her fear before you can assist her in overcoming Rad's fear. The three of you can then help face Mr. Gar's fear together. Are you ready to face all their fears, K.O?
K.O. Sss... Yes?
Dendy (puts the VR helmet on K.O.) Good luck.
Dendy plugs K.O. into the game. K.O. opens his eyes and gasps. He finds himself in a dark room filled with blue candles.
K.O. Huh? Mamma mia.
K.O. looks around at pictures of young Enid.
K.O. Are these all... Enid? She's scared of herself? Heh, I guess even cool people like Enid can have dorky phases.
Enids Did you just call us dorky?!
K.O. Ah! Hole hamburgers.
Enids Don't make fun of us, you big toot!
K.O. [thinking] Wow, they sure are mad. Who knew Enis was so se- [gasps] You are a big toot! If these are Enid's fears, then maybe these are things that she doesn't like about herself. [outloud] I'm sorry for calling y'all dorky. Left Enid, it looks like you're trying to be a great ninja.
Ninja Enid Huh?
K.O. I admire your determination and really like that part of you. Right Enid, I think you're always trying to play it cool. and I think you're doing a great job. I mean, it always works on me!
Cool Enid Well, shucks.
K.O. Center Enid, I think you're dark and brooding.
Dark Enid hisses.
K.O. Oh, no no, that's a.- that's a good thing! I- It gives you an air of mystery. It's- intriguing.
Dark Enid Aww. Hey, this guy's pretty cool.
Ninja Enid & Cool Enid Yeah.
Enids Have a punchtastic day!
K.O. I should compliment Enid more often. Huh?
A star appears, opening a golden doorway.
K.O. It's the way out!
Enids Yeah!
Rad faces Hahaha. Doesn't even hurt. Try again!
Enid Nothing's working. What is this weirdo even afraid of?
K.O. [appears out of Enid's ear] Here I am! Whoa. What the heck?
Enid K.O! Thank goodness you're here. I guess Rad's claustrophobic or something, and I'm trying to find my way through, but nothing's working and this is driving me insane!
[Rad faces continues laughing]
K.O. Claustrophobia doesn't sound right... Quick! What do we know about Rad?
Enid Well, he puts on this massive macho man act, but deep inside, he's a big softie.
K.O. So Rad's ultimate fear must be admitting his vulnerability, like sadness.
Rad faces Huh?
K.O. Now! Let's get emotional... [thinks of dropping a hotdog and starts crying]
Pird [In Enid's thoughts] Hello, hi, here I am. A customer.
Enid starts bawling.
Rad faces No! Stop crying! I... [starts crying and their crying creates a flood that lifts Enid and K.O. to the exit door]
K.O. Yes!
[Rad's crying and then Enid and K.O. appear from his tears]
K.O. Toot toot! [gasps]
Laserblast face
Enid Holy smokes. This is Mr. Gar's fear?
K.O. Wait. [pulls out a Pow Card] I know him! That's Laserblast! He was a powerful hero from before I was born.
Enid Well, how do we stop him?
K.O. Uh, well, since he's a strong hero, we need... A powerful villain!
Enid That's a great idea and all, but where will we find one on such short notice?
K.O. [grunts] Uh, this is gonna be scary, but... [exhales a dark blob]
Rad & Enid Huh?
Enid K.O., what is that?
K.O. Well, last time I played, this came out of me, and it was really powerful. [dark blob takes the form of T.K.O.]
Enid Is this your greatest fear?
K.O. Uh... I don't know. I guess so.
Laserblast's head shoots lasers at T.K.O., which shifts around them.
Rad Woah, that's pretty dark, homie.
The dark blob charges at Laserbalst's head, which explodes. T.K.O. comes back towards K.O..
Enid & Rad Your evil burp!
K.O. No...
T.K.O. touches K.O.'s nose, which opens K.O.'s head. T.K.O. gets into his brain.
K.O. See you in my nightmares! Oh, Mr. Gar, you can get up now. I faced your fear for you.
Mr. Gar No... Laserblast isn't my ultimate fear. [points at figure in the distance] No! No, no no no, no! No! [starts sobbing]
K.O. Young mommy?
Young Carol Look me in the eye, you big baby. How could you let this happen? And why did you bring that sandwich? [sandwich fills start shooting at Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar]
K.O. [slices the lettus heading for Mr. Gar in half] [jumps on sanwich fills to get to Young Carol]
Enid & Rad K.O?!
[K.O. hugs young Carol and she glances between K.O. and Mr. Gar, smiles, and turns into the star allowing them to exit the game]
K.O. Shall we go home, guys?
Mr. Gar Hmm.
Enid Yeah.
Rad Whoo! Oh yeah! We did it! Blorp!
Dendy Welcome back to real life.
K.O. That was amazing! But what was Laserblast doing there? And why was my mom so angry?
Mr. Gar K.O... Laserblast, your mom, and I were all members of a superhero team named P.O.I.N.T.. Carol and I were best friends until...
Sad saxophone music plays, and raining, thunder, and footprints can be heard in the flashback and a sandwich fell.
K.O. That's the exact same confusing vague flashback my mom had! Anyway... You shouldn't be scared of my mom. She's a pretty great lady, and she likes you.
Mr. Gar [sighs] Yeah.
Carol K.O., you ready to go?
K.O. Hi, mom!
Carol Hey, y'all! Hey, little guy.
Mr. Gar [whimpering] Hi, Carol! [growls] H- how are you?
Carol I'm fine, thank you. See y'all around!
Enid & Rad Bye, Carol. Bye, K.O.
Mr. Gar Woah.
Enid You know, Mr. Gar, you finally said a whole sentence to Carol.
Mr. Gar I did, didn't I?
Rad Guess you did face your fear, after all.
Mr. Gar [clears throat] Yeah, uh... Yeah, well, uh... Get back to work! Hm! "How are you? How are you, Carol?" [chuckles] Not bad, not-
[The episode ends]

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