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Speaker Dialogue
(Open int. Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega.)
(Enid is sitting on the cash register counter and has sunglasses on.)
K.O. My co-worker, Enid is the coolest! She runs the front counter and she's really good at it.
(KO tosses four different groceries in the air to which Enid scans and puts in a grocery bag really quickly.)
Enid Have a punchtastic day!
(Enid takes off her sunglasses and sees a fly buzzing around near her. From a distance, it looks like Enid actually karate choped the fly itself, but really she just actually just karate chopped the tiny wood plank in the fly's hands.)
Enid High-Ya!
Sensei Fly Ah, great form!
Enid Thank you, tiny sensei.
KO Enid, how can I be as cool as you?
Enid (Up close to KO; whispering) KO, you'll never be as cool as me.
KO Wow!
(Enid laughs.) [The OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes logo appears]
Enid (Standing on counter; to KO and Radicles) I'm on the counter, so I'm in change! Go clean up that expired yogurt, underlings!
KO Let me at it! (Goes over to where the yogurt brand Yogo, is at; throws a container of it up in the air and hits it) Puppy power!
(The green yogurt falls out of the container and onto KO's hair.)
Radicles (Scoffs) Have some style. (Picks up a Yogo from a short distance with his power move, and then proceeds to punch it) Use a power move, little bro.
KO Wow! Good one!
Enid (Gets off counter) Hey! I told you guys to clean it up, not beat it up!
KO Come on, Enid! Play fun with us! Please? I'm your little buddy! (Squishes face)
Enid (Rolls eyes, but smiles; sighs) Ok, KO! Pull!
KO Fire one!
(KO throws a Yogo at Enid, and she demolishes it with her power move.)
Radicles Fire two!
(Radicles throws two Yogos up in the air, and Enid destroys them with her power move again.)
KO Go long!
(KO accidentally throws Corrosive Acid at Enid, which has a similar container design, and is right beside the Yogo. Enid is able to destroy it, which causes the acid bursts out onto her counter, dissolving it.)
Enid (Tearful) Ah!
(Radicles and KO gasp, first look at the yogurt, and then look suprised over the Corrosive Acid beside the Yogo.)
Radicles (To KO) Enid's gonna kill you!
(A guy removes the dissolved counter from the store.)
KO E-Enid?
Enid (Tearful) C-Counter?
Radicles (Gasp) I think we broke Enid!
KO Broke Enid? (Internally) By breaking her thing. People are more important than things. Sometimes, in this hero's life people are things.
(In the next scene, Enid is sitting on her new 'counter' (KO and Radicles) while putting someone's pinapple in a bag.)
Enid Have a punchtastic day. (To Radicles and KO) Thanks guys.
KO You can always...counter on us.
Radicles Boo!
(A train-like whistle on the wall blows steam and whistles.)
Enid Well, quitting time.
(Enid jumps off Radicles and KO. They afterwards try to get up.)
Enid Uh, no. You have to stay, you're furniture now.
Radicles, KO (Dissapointed) Aww.
Enid But you're my favorite furniture.
Radicles, KO (Happily) Aww.
(Enid turns off the light and leaves the store.) [THE END]

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