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Greetings, fellow students! I aways win, no matter what's the cost. The most popular hero of P.O.I.N.T. Prep, Elodie has arrived!

—"Bittersweet Rivals"

Elodie is a famous hero and a childhood "friend" of Enid. She was first seen in a cameo appearance in "I Am Dendy" as the mascot of an arcade machine game, M★Elodie, and she made her first true appearance in "You Have to Care". As of "Dark Plaza", Elodie is the leader of P.O.I.N.T.

Physical Appearance

Elodie is a young teenage girl about the same age as Enid with short greenish-blonde hair with poofy bangs, and tan skin. She wears a red velvet dress with a white blouse under it and a short, frilly, poofy skirt that exposes her legs, and a tiny red hat with a pink feather. She has long legs with light-red stockings and small white heels. Under her skirt she has on tiny dark brown shorts. Elodie is also usually found holding a bow and arrow to match her aesthestics.

In her adolescence, her hair had one or two small ponytails held with red hair ties, and, similar to her current appearance, she wore a short light red dress over a white top with round sleeves, a pink bow on the chest, a purple belt, and large poofy short white bloomers, along with white knee socks and purple Mary Jane shoes.

After becoming the head of P.O.I.N.T., Elodie now wears a blue jacket uniform over her usual hero outfit, a pink shirt, and a black tie. She wears pale pink stocking with blue heels.


Because Elodie comes from a rich background, she is outwardly arrogant and condescending. She is manipulative and deceitful, having tricked Enid just to learn her technique to defeat her in the P.O.I.N.T. Academy Admissions Test. However, at the end of "You Have to Care", it is implied that despite her treatment of Enid, Elodie still considers her a childhood friend. As pointed out by K.O., Elodie was also never aware of the test until she and Enid discovered it together, hinting that she may have an inferiority complex and her blasé attitude is only a facade to mask her insecurities. This is later seen in "Bittersweet Rivals", as she shows considerable frustration after losses against Enid. In "Second First Date", back when they were still friends Elodie encouraged Enid to go out with Rad, whom she was aware Enid had a crush on, further indicating Elodie's friendship with her was genuine.

She is shown to be extremely vain as she takes delight with the love and attention of the patrons and employees at Lakewood Plaza Turbo, as she often remarks "I love being popular!". However, this may be a part of her facade, so as not to show her heartbreak of Enid cutting their ties.

Elodie may be an immensely complicated character, as she views Enid as two things: Her rival and her idol. Enid is who she wants to beat- the most talented person she'd ever fought. However, with her possible inferiority complex, she refuses to lose to Enid. It may be because she feels that if Enid surpasses her, she will fall behind, and never catch up again.

However, in later episodes (after rekindling her friendship with Enid), Elodie has grown to be sympathetic and kind. In the episode Dark Plaza, it is shown that Elodie is willing to risk losing her own powers when Foxtail puts Enid and Rad in danger, showing that she values her friends' lives much more than her own social status and reputation.

Abilities and Powers

  • Magic Bow Construction: Elodie wields a magical bow.
  • Magic Arrows: Elodie can summon pink arrows to shoot with her bow. She can also summon them from her body. These arrows can be use as rope to swing she used it to save Enid.
  • Rail Walking: Just like Enid she can run on a rope.

Episode Appearances


  • In the end of Enid and Elodie's second battle in "You Have to Care", it's possible that this was the first time Elodie was ever defeated by anyone that's a lower level than her.
  • Elodie's appearance, abilities, and weapon are a reference to the magical girl genre. Elodie's name and outfit directly correspond with the character of Princess Elodie, the magical girl protagonist of the video game Long Live The Queen, and also an homage to the characters Madoka Kaname and Mami Tomoe from the magical girl anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Elodie fits into many categories of the "ojou-sama" archetype, such as blonde hair, popularity, condescension, having a personal valet, etc.
  • She may either be a tsundere or a kamidere as she is extremely arrogant and condescending towards those she sees as below her, but in actuality is merely a facade to hide her insecure and affectionate side, such as when she was heartbroken after Enid defeated her, showing she still cherishes the ninja girl as a friend as she still carries the necklace Enid gave her.
  • If Elodie got bit by Crinkly Wrinkly and became a wereanimal, she would be either a chipmunk or a squirrel.[2][3]
  • Elodie originated from a magical girl archer sketch that Madeline Queripel did before production.[4]


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