Dynamite Watkins is a news reporter that hosts Action News 52, the neutral zone's news show. Her first appearance is in the episode "You're Level 100!".

Physical Appearance

She has light brown skin with long light-purple hair. She wears light blue high-heels which seems to make her look taller. Her body wears a purple dress with a sharp, pink vest overlapping it.

She also has pink sweatbands and head bandana that is the same color as her vest. Her earrings are triangular shaped with a light yellow color to them, along with a small necklace around her neck.

She has some light purple eye-liner with red lipstick on her lips. It also appears that she has a mole on her face, and a scar near her right eye and ear. It's unknown where she could've gotten this scar from. Her body appears to be tall and has a slender shape to it. Her arms have a slight muscular build to them, along with her legs.


This butt-kicking anchor started doing local news in the midwestern state of Minnexploda, and recently got a gig on Lakewood's local channel, ACTION 52!

She hosts the ACTION NEWS, the neutral zone’s news show. The title is extremely literal- the anchors are constantly using kung-fu and making things explode.


Dynamite Watkins is a very energetic and enthusiastic news anchor. When something exciting and newsworthy happens, she rushes to the scene to get a piece of the action. She will often act violently for no reason other than looking cool, such as when she hits Crinkly Wrinkly over the head with a chair on his own show.

She is also very determined, as shown in "Action News" when she secretly takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of an important story.

Abilities and Powers

  • Devastating SPIN!: skews the facts towards whatever will get her the most ratings.
  • Microphone Blast: forces the recipient to tell the truth.

Episode and Game Appearances


  • She loses her powers if no eyes are putting their focus on her.
  • She is the winner of the 200X Hardcore Ms. Gorgeous Arm-Wrestling USA pageant.
  • She breaks the fourth wall near the end of "You're in Control" when the heading on the news report reads "See you next season".


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