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"It's our job as volunteers to take care of all animals.

—"Radical Rescue"

Dr. Sphinxen is a minor character on OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. She debuted in the episode "Parents Day" but has her speaking role in "Radical Rescue".


She looks like a human with a lion's tail. She has brown hair styled in a bob-cut, she wears eye glasses, green buttoned shirt, white undershirt, khaki shorts with a brown belt, white socks, and brown boots. Her accessories include green and blue patterned bracelets surrounded by a gold layer on each arm and a tiara. Her tiara has a gold serpent decoration.


She is very caring of the animals in her shelter by ensuring they are in good health and loved by. She believes that every animals are good despite Mikayla being affilated with Boxmore.


"Parents Day"

She and Ms. Mummy goes to the Parents Day event in the Bodega.

"Radical Rescue"

She lets Teacup stay at the shelter after her home did not work out. She asks Rad why he has not brought home a pet after helping out at the shelter for many years. She receives Mikayla as a new arrival for the shelter. She reminds Rad that the animals of the shelter should be taken care of and loved regardless if they are made out of fur or metal. Then, she goes on break by sleeping in her sarcophagus leaving Rad in charge of Mikayla.



Her new home didn't work out, so she'll be staying here at the shelter for a little longer.

—"Radical Rescue"

She is very caring of Teacup and the rest of the cats.


You know, for all the years you've been helping out here, I've always wondered why you never took home a friend of your own.

—"Radical Rescue"

She considers Rad as the best volunteer at the shelter as she rewards him many times for his contributions. She believes that he is lucky to be a volunteer for her.


Just because one is made out of metal instead of fur, doesn't mean we can't show it love.

—"Radical Rescue"

Dr. Sphinxen thinks that Radicles is exaggerating about Mikyala being an evil robot. She says that the animals should be loved regardless of the material they are made out of. She considers Mikayla a little angel.

Episode Appearances


  • She and Ms. Mummy both share Ancient Egyptian motifs and they both sleep in sarcophaguses.


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