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[The episode begins in Gar's Bodega. Rad is holding a magazine and talking to K.O.]

Rad: The thing about magazines is: they're not free, right?

K.O.: Yup. That's the thing about magazines.

Rad: [Shows a magazine page containing a free sample for invisibility juice] But, the free samples inside the magazines, are totally free.

[Rad starts rubbing the page on himself while giggling and starts turning invisible. K.O. does the same thing as Rad and also starts turning invisible. The scene transitions using Rad's head.]

Rad: [During transition, whispering.] Rad knows.

[In the next scene, Rad and K.O. are standing next to a crate of bombs.]

Rad: Freshness is key when picking the perfect explosive. [He picks up a bomb, flicks it and it explodes in his face.] Too ripe.

[The scene transitions using Rad's head again.]

Rad: [During transition, whispering.] Rad knows.

[In the next scene, Rad and K.O. are standing next to the juice dispensers. Rad is holding cups of different sizes.]

Rad: You got your standard cup sizes. [He picks up K.O.] But did you know, that the biggest cup of all, is your skull. [He places K.O. under a juice dispenser and opens his mouth.] Behold!

[Rad turns on the juice dispenser and K.O.'s mouth starts filling up with juice. Once full, Rad then turns off the machine and pushes K.O. onto the floor.]

K.O.: [Muffled] Gosh rad. [He swallows the juice and talks normally.] How do you even know all this stuff?

Rad: Because K.O., I know, everything. [Starts walking away.]

K.O.: [Amazed] Everything? [Follows Rad.]

Rad: For instance: [He picks up a box using the levitation beam from his finger and throws it away.] Did you know that Gar's Bodega is named after Mr. Gar, our boss?

K.O.: No way!

Enid: Of course it's named after Mr. Gar. Everyone knows that.

[Holo-Jane nods in agreement.]

Rad: Please Enid. You're just jealous because I figured it out first, and you're only pretending that you knew.

K.O.: Yeah Enid. Rad knows everything.

Enid: Who told you that?

K.O.: [Gestures to Rad.] He did.

[Fish Dude approaches Rad.]

Fish Dude: Uh, excuse me? I was looking for the super shaving cre-

Rad: Shaving beams are in isle three dude.

Fish Dude: Uh no. Super shaving cream. You guys are all out. Do you have any more in the back?

K.O.: [Gasps] The back of the store? The most dangerous and mysterious maze known to employee-kind?

[The title card appears]

Rad: Danger? “Mystery”? Hah! How soon you all forget that I know everything! Especially where to find your piddling cream. Come on, K.O.

[K.O. and Rad approaches to the back of the store]

Enid: You know I have to go watch him embarrass himself, right?

[Enid closed the register which angers the customers]

Enid: Hey, wait up, guys!

Rad: Ah, the store room. A.K.A., my domain.

K.O.: Whoa!

Enid: Please. It’s just a stockroom, K.O., and he’s just a stock boy.

Rad: Man! Stock man. Come, my pupils. The back is this way. Well, it’s more of a back and down, downtown, back, down. You gotta go downstairs.

[Enid and Rad passes by the lift]

K.O.: Oh! A creaky old lift! Please tell me this is how we get to the back and down and the rest!

Enid: The stairs are this way, K.O.. That thing’s been busted for—

Rad: For you guys, totally. But for a hero like me it’s… [The lift moves a bit] Uh, safe, but not totally practical.

Enid: You sure about that?

K.O.: Come on, Enid. If Rad says it’s safe, it’s gotta be safe!

Rad: Yes! But I’m also super sensible. [Grabs K.O.] So we’ll just take the stairs.

Enid: Cool, I’ll lead the way.

Rad: Oh, no, I’m the leader with all the… knowledge here. So we follow me!

Enid: [Sighs] Crazy, dangerous old life it is. [Rad and K.O. entered the lift. Enid pushes them to make room] Make some room, at least.

Rad: Hold on tight, jerks. [Pushes a lever] Guess this thing is broken. Oh—

[The lift goes down and they all scream. Enid tosses a grappling rope to escape from the lift]

Enid: Autumn breeze! [She, Rad, and K.O. lands on the pile on leaves. The lift crashes]

[Rad coughs out leaves while Enid fixes her hair] Enid: Well, at least you’re right about it being broken now.

Rad: Uh, I just pushed the lever too hard. [KO pops out] [Chuckles] Don’t know my own strength.

K.O.: But I thought you knew everything?

Rad: Well, yeah. It’s just, you know, [Flexes] I’m always getting buffer, so…

K.O.: Dang!

Rad: [Pulls K.O. out] Come on, we’re almost there.

K.O.: [On Rad’s back] So this place is kind of like a corn maze, huh? Have you guys ever been to one?

Enid: Nah, corn freaks me out.

K.O.: I always get lost in them. What about you, Rad?

Rad: Ha. I always know the right path. [Show them walking around the maze] This way! Over here! Uh, this is the way! Almost there!

Enid: Still no shaving cream.

K.O.: I can’t even tell what direction we started from!

Rad: You don’t gotta worry about that with me guiding ya! [Passes through vines] Watch your head.

K.O.: Oh. [Chuckles]

Enid: Uh, vines? Rad, are you sure this is the right— Hey! Check out these Gloops!

K.O.: Weird!

Enid: Hey, Rad, is it okay to touch these things?!

Rad: Sure.

Enid: [Puts a stick on them but burns it] Ooh! What the heck, dude?! I almost lost my favorite hand!

Rad: Oh! I thought you meant, uh, emotionally touch— like tell it a sad story or something. Yeah, you shouldn’t physically touch things.

K.O.: Wow! Rad really knows his stuff!

Gary: Halt! Go ye no further. For deep in the bowels of the back and down, down, down, back, down lie dark forces whose power—

Rad: [Pushes Gary] Get our of the way, Gary.

Gary: Oh. hey, Rad. You on break?

Enid: Hey, Gary.

Gary: Hey, Enid.

K.O.: Hi, guy I don’t know!

Enid: Man, Gary wasn’t kidding with that darkness shtick.

Rad: Gary doesn’t know anything. We just gotta, uh… use this flashlight that’s always here. [Flashlight bites him] Yeow!

Enid: It’s a mimic! Get it!

[Fights the flashlight mimic]

[Enid turns on the light as K.O. and Rad finds the flashlight to fight it]

K.O.: Take that, darkness!

Rad: Hey, where’d it go?!

Enid: I take it you know about this light switch, genius?

Rad: Obviously. It’s just the power’s normally out down here.

Enid: What about the mimic?

Rad: Clearly, I was protecting you guys.

K.O.: Man, it must be hard being smart and selfless.

[Enters the mummy room]

Rad: And here we are in the, uh… Bathroom.

Enid: Bathroom?

Rad: Yeah. See? Here’s the toilet! [The tomb moves]

K.O.: Someone’s using it! [A mummy hand pops out] [Hands the toilet paper to it] I got you, buddy!

Ms Mummy: Hmm? Oh, thank you! Travelers! Are you perhaps lost?

K.O.: No way! Rad knows all about this place!

Ms Mummy: Ah, so the handsome one is guiding you. Then there won’t be a need for my extensive back room maps? [Pulls out a map]

Enid: You have maps?! [Grabs to Rad’s shoulder] She has maps!

Rad: [Scoffs] Like I’d need a map.

K.O.: But a backup couldn’t hurt. [Grunts]

Rad: [Levitates K.O. and grabs Enid’s arm] Save ‘em for the tourists.

Enid: Ew! Why are your hands so sweaty?

Ms Mummy: Ooh! Just my color!

Enid: Rad, hold up! Hey! [Turns into a stump] [Appears in front of Rad] Okay, real talk? I haven’t seen a single bodega product for the past like, 20 rooms.

Rad: That’s because I’m taking us through the scenic route.

Enid: I’m going back for the map.

Rad: What?! [Enid flips above Rad] Enid, come back! [Enid runs] Hey!

[Sees a different room]

K.O.: Wasn’t this that mummy’s room?

Enid: The rooms are randomly generated?!

[K.O. gets distracted]

Rad: Well, there you have it, Enid. You have no choice but to follow my lead.

Enid: [Grabs Rad’s shirt] Listen here, you tiny little man. We’re lost and you have no idea what you’re doing. I’m in charge now.

Rad: [Gulps] Uh, yeah?! Well, then I’m not coming!

Enid: Whatever. [Rad blows a raspberry] Come on, K.O.. [Enid and K.O. goes to another room]

K.O.: Okay! [On Enid’s back] It’s weird Rad didn’t want to come with us. We’re probably slowing him down, huh? [Enid scoffs] Hey look! [Points to a map]

Enid: Is that a map?!

K.O.: Now we can make Rad’s knowledge ours, too! [The map is a mimic]

[K.O. screams and tears the map]

Enid: K.O. you all right?

K.O.: Yes.

[Mimic turns into a weapon. Enid throws it to the wall]

K.O.: No way!

Enid: Uh!

[Enid dodges the hammer and K.O. punches it]

Enid: [Uses her power kick] Gotcha! K.O., use your power move before it can reform!

K.O.: Okay!

[K.O. and Enid uses their power move to attack it]

Enid: I think we got ‘em. [Mimic was the floor. Eats K.O. and Enid]

[K.O. and Enid fights it]

Enid: One more time K.O.!

[Mimic was crushed sending K.O. and Enid to the ground]

Enid: [Growls] Great! We’re hopelessly lost, and we’re gonna starve! And I’m gonna miss every Shadow Boyz concert— all because we’re stuck here forever!

K.O.: We can’t be stuck here forever, ‘cause at 5:00, I’ve gotta go home and eat spaghetti.

Enid: And how will we get back?

K.O.: Rad!

Enid: That useless dweeb got us into this mess!

K.O.: He’s not useless! He knows what he’s doing.

Enid: You really look up to Rad, huh?

K.O.: Mmm.

Enid: [Sighs] But you know, nobody’s perfect, not even the people you look up to. You should try looking at Rad for who he really is, not for who you want him to be. It’s more fair that way— for the both of you.

K.O.: I’m gonna miss that spaghetti.

Rad 1: Hey, guys. I’m sorry about everything. I was a real stinker and… Gosh it all, I went ahead and got that map for us.

Rad 2: There you are, jerks. I got tired of waiting for you guys to come apologize to me, so I came… Who’s this doofus?

[K.O. gasps]

K.O. and Enid: A mimic!

Rad 1: I guess I put myself ahead of the group, and that was just plain wrong.

Rad 2: [Laughs] Dude! [Laughs]

K.O.: What do we do?! Which one is which?!

Enid: Think, K.O.. Look at them for who they really are.

K.O.: Who they really are? Hmm. Well, the Rad on the right seems like he really cares about us!

Rad 1: I went ahead and got that map.

K.O.: Except Rad hasn’t been very helpful at all.

[Shows flashback where Rad isn’t helpful]

Rad: Then I’m not coming! Ha— like I’d need a map.

K.O.: He’s the reason we got lost in the first place! Which means… The real Rad is… the Bad Rad.

[The fake Rad was a mimic. He attacks the real Rad]

Mimic: I’ll sup upon thy bones! [Throws Rad to the ground] You’ve sniffed me out, have you, bodega knaves? Huzzah for you.

Rad: [Chuckles] Oh, man. Even his evil speech is geeky. Oh man!

Enid: Ugh, enough! Let’s get this wiener!

[K.O., Enid, and Rad was going to fight the mimic]

Mimic: Hold! If this truly be our final battle, let’s do it right.

Enid: What do you mean, “do it right”?

Mimic: Take turns, silly. Let me just roll for initiative here. [Rolls dice]

Enid: Dude, what are you doing?!

Mimic: Um, a little thing called playing by the rules! You gonna roll your dice or not?

Rad, Enid, and K.O.: No. Dice is for… [Fights the mimic] nerds!

Mimic: Filthy causals. [Vanishes]

Rad: Now then, if you’re done doubting my knowledge, we’re pretty close to the exit.

Enid: And you reached that conclusion how?

Rad: [Groans] I told you already— I know everything!

K.O.: If that were really true, then why’d you get us lost?!

Rad: Hey, first off, we were not lost. [Enid sighs] And, frankly, I resent [Enid sees a map in Rad’s back pocket] your lack of faith in me, good buddy.

Enid: Hey! [Grabs the map] Rad! You went back and got the map!

Rad: What? No, I uh…

Enid: So you actually did the right thing for once.

Rad: Look, I… I only got it ‘cause you guys wanted to see it so bad. I— I mean, I… Whatever! Can’t we just go already? [Grumbling]

K.O.: So, Rad did know what he was doing! He’s so smart and cool and wise and…

[Next scene shows Enid, Rad, and K.O. opening a tile]

Fish Dude: Hey, you’re finally back!

[Enid, Rad, and K.O. gasps]

Rad: Your beard!

Enid: Were we gone that long?

Fish Dude: Oh, no, no. I just grow a beard really quickly. That’s why I need that super shaving cream.

Enid: Oh. [Chuckles] The shaving cream.

K.O.: Don’t worry, guys! [Picks up the shaving cream] I picked some up on the way!

[The shaving cream was a mimic]

[The episode ends]

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