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Speaker Dialogue
Computer loading and shows K.O.'s video channel. It opens to show Dendy.
Dendy Hi. Sorry it's been a while. You've probably noticed that K.O. hasn't updated his channel lately.
Dendy shows all the videos.
Dendy So I hacked into it.
Title appears.
Dendy I wanted to update on his behalf and make a record of everything that has happened since K.O. lost control of...
Dendy clear her throat.
Dendy ...this channel. The world has been in a control state of disarray.
Nick Army Joff!
Dendy And its attackers, Shadowy Venomous and... T.K.O., show no sign of stopping.
Shadowy Venomous and T.K.O. evil laughs.
Dendy There has been no activity coming from Boxmore. Lord Boxman's situation is unknown. That goes for his robots, as well. As for the Bodega...
Brandon Huh?
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon screaming from T.K.O., attacking them.
Dendy ...Carol and Mr. Gar are quite sad about how things have turned out.
Carol crying.
Dendy As for Enid and Radicles, they've been going on missions nonstop to help those affected by T.K.O. and Shadowy's attacks. In short... times have been tough. I don't know if K.O. is coming back or when this channel will be updated again. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe.
Dendy close the computer. She sighs.
Dendy That update was quite sad. K.O.'s video channel was always such a bright and happy place.
Dendy closes all the videos.
Dendy I miss you, K.O.. I hope things aren't too hard wherever you are.
Cuts to the destroyed Boxmore with T.K.O destroying is heard.
T.K.O. Break it! Smash it! Ha Robot parts everywhere!
Lord Boxman This'll be hard, Boxy, baby. Things are bad, and you have to find a way to make them better. Oh. Okay.
Lord Boxman comes to the room where T.K.O. smashing robots, laughing with Shadowy Venomous. Fink is playing her videos game.
Lord Boxman Professor Venomous, haven't seen a lot of you lately. You missed Fink's recorder recital last week.
Fink breaks her recorder.
Lord Boxman Just sayin'. You've been out flying around with your son while I've been keeping things together and running here... alone.
Shadowy Venomous chuckles.
Shadowy Venomous Don't you love it?
Lord Boxman I... don't. That new kid destroyed tons of my robots! I'm more about the slow back-and-forth of classic evil, not this "wiping enemies off the map" type of thing, you know?
Shadowy Venomous laughs.
T.K.O. "Classic evil".
Shadowy Venomous Well, that's just too bad, isn't it? This is what we're doing now.
Lord Boxman Hey! I am a villain, not a monster. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the premises!
Shadowy Venomous Ohh, is that you think? Well, it just so happens that I'm the biggest shareholder of Boxmore and these are, in fact, my premises. So you can take whatever fits in that box and be on your way out.
Shadowy Venomous throws a box to Lord Boxman. He whimpers.
Lord Boxman Children!
Darrell and Shannon Yes, Daddy?
Raymond Yes, Father?
Lord Boxman Where's Jethro?
Shannon Um, there's no more Jethro left.
Lord Boxman Oh. Professor Venomous, from today on, this partnership is over!
Shadowy Venomous and T.K.O. laughing.
Lord Boxman with Box bots, leaving.
Lord Boxman Take care of yourself, kid.
Fink confused by Lord Boxman's words. He leaving Boxmore, sighs.
Lord Boxman You knew this would happen, Boxy. But you'll find a way to make this work.
Darrell Um, Daddy, what's going on?
Lord Boxman Daddy has to go. You must find your own way now. You're all... free.
Box bots gasps.
Shannon I'm going to miss Daddy.
Raymond No, I'm going to miss Father the most.
Darrell No! I am!
Ernesto Clearly, I am.
Shannon No! Me!
The Box bots fighting while Lord Boxman enters into the sun, it revealed to be Cool Sun.
Cool Sun Buh?
Dendy Wow, times are hard, even for petty villains.
Dendy groans.
Dendy This is stinky! That does it. I'm going to make something good happen, and I will put it on K.O.'s video channel for the world to see.
At the Bodega, Rad and Enid are sad. Dendy checks on them.
Dendy Perfect. Radicles, Enid, you must be feeling sad because you miss K.O., but I have the cure.
Dendy show Rad and Enid a phone of K.O.'s video channel.
Dendy K.O.'s old videos.
Enid Hey, yeah. That sounds pretty nice right now, actually.
Rad chuckles.
Rad Look at K.O. in your sunglasses.
A video of K.O. dancing with Enid's sunglasses.
Enid Aww! I forgot how cute K.O. is.
Rad and Enid laughing.
Rad Look at that. He's so funny, too. Or rather funny.
Enid Yeah, was.
Rad and Enid whimpering. Alarm blares.
Mr. Gar Rad! Enid! New mission! We received some new intel from Elodie. T.K.O. and Shadowy Venomous attacked the POW Card factory, and we need you to contain the damage. You're going good out there. Take care.
Rad sighs.
Rad I remember POW Cards.
Enid K.O. loved those.
Rad and Enid sobbing, walking away.
Dendy Drat! I was so close.
Rad and Enid in Rad's van comes to P.O.I.N.T. ship and zips in. Mr. Gar and Carol crying. Dendy checks on them.
Dendy Perhaps I can cheer up Mr. Gar and Carol instead with an acceptable amount of comedy. Let's see.
Dendy clicks to find "comedy".
Dendy Excellent. Hmm.
Dendy search more "comedy".
Dendy I did not realize humor was so complicated.
Dendy looks at "Joe Cuppa Impressions.
Dendy Impressions. I have loads of data on K.O. I could do a great impression of him!
Mr. Gar and Carol are sad.
Dendy Excu-u-u-se me!
Dendy make his impression of K.O..
Dendy Ta-daaaa! I am K.O.! I love spaghetti and my mommy!
Mr. Gar freaks out and Carol is about to cry. She sighs.
Carol Dendy, I think we need to take a break.
Dendy Huh?
Mr. Gar Take care of the Bodega until we're back, will you?
Dendy But I don't work here. Mm.
The Box bots shouting.
Dendy The Boxmore robots.
The Boxmore robots crying.
Darrell What do we do now?
Raymond Father has set us free. But with the Plaza already in shambles...
Shannon We have no purpose.
Boxmore robots We miss Daddy!
Boxmore robots sobbing.
Dendy Hmm... Perhaps this could make good video materials.
T.K.O. Huh!
Dendy Hmm?
T.K.O.'s power fist is coming at Dendy.
Dendy Aah!
T.K.O.'s power fist blasting.
Brandon All right, not bad.
T.K.O.'s power fist blasting.
Brandon Aah! Aah! Aah!
Boxbots are crying, T.K.O.'s power fist blast them.
Raymond Ya-ha-hoo!
T.K.O. We're baaaaack!
Shadowy Venomous laughing.
T.K.O. Did you think we'd let you forget about us?
T.K.O.'s power fist blasting the Plaza, but Dendy defend it with her hologram and transform it into K.O..
Dendy Please, stop this, K.O..
Shadowy Venomous Don't hesitate, son. She experimented on you, remember?
T.K.O. I'm gonna get that science baby!
T.K.O. charges at Dendy. She gasped.
Dendy K.O.! You are loved and appreciated!
T.K.O. punches Dendy, crashing her backpack. Dendy screams and thud on the ground. T.K.O. fly to Shadowy Venomous, laughing. Dendy slowly opens her eyes, sees Mikayla sniffing. Dendy groans and gasps to see Box Bots.
Mikayla Mikayla!
Dendy It's you, guys. You must help me stop T.K.O..
Shannon Yeah, that's not happening.
Shannon snap her finger.
Darrell, Raymond and Ernesto Mm-hmmm.
Dendy But he's destroying the Plaza and Boxmore.
Darrell No doy! He's taken everything from us, our brothers, our home, our daddy. But he's too strong. We just can't do it.
Dendy Maybe not individually, but do you know what made regular K.O. so strong?
Darrell I don't know. His big, meaty fists?
Shannon Hidden switchblades?
Raymond Excellent pectorals?
Ernesto Referendum collateral?
Dendy Incorrect. His strength was his ability to bring people together with the power of friendship and love.
Darrell Love?!
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond Ew!
Shannon Uh, excuse me, what makes you think we can use this goody-two-shoes power-of-love trash?
Dendy Well, you guys got abandoned by your creator, yet you haven't abandoned each other. Perhaps that's because of love.
Darrell What? Do we love each other?
Raymond Are we even capable of love?
Shannon Our hearts are mechanical, but in theory...
Ernesto I love you guys!
Mikayla Mikayla!
Boxmore Bots shouting.
Darrell What do you say, sibs? Let's be heroes, Boxbot style!
Shannon, Raymond and Ernesto Yeah!
Shannon What do you clods waiting for?
Shannon transform into a biceps.
Shannon Get up in here!
Darrell laughs.
Raymond Great idea, sister!
Ernesto Dividends!
The Boxbots transforms into everything strong, Dendy sees it all. A cowboy hat puts on Darrell's head. It comes to T.K.O. blasting.
Boxbot Prime T.K.O.!
T.K.O. Eh?
Boxbot Prime Your reign of terror ends here!
Name: Special Edition Ersharreyland. Cross it. Boxbot Prime. Together at last! Why didn't they think of this sooner. Shannon chuckles. Raymond and Ernesto laughing. T.K.O. and Shadowy Venomous laughs.
Boxbot Prime Yah!
Boxbot Prime charges at T.K.O. and punches him.
Boxbot Prime That was for Jethro!
Shannon And Boxman Jr.!
Darrell No, just Jethro.
Boxbot Prime And this is for all of us!
Boxbot Prime beat up on T.K.O.
T.K.O. Aah!
Boxbot Prime And this is for kicking us out of our home! And this is for Daddy!
Boxbot Prime punches T.K.O.
T.K.O. Aaah!
T.K.O. is sent back to Boxmore, Shadowy Venomous groans.
Darrell We did it?
Boxbot Prime We did it!
Boxmore robots cheering.
Shannon Guys. Guys! That felt pretty good and all, but now what do we do? T.K.O. and Venomous still run Boxmore, and Daddy is still gone. We're back to having no home and no purpose.
Boxmore Bots Aw.
Dendy clear her throat.
Dendy Perhaps you can find a new purpose here.
Boxbot Prime Uh...
Dendy And find their purposes, they did. Each of the bots quickly found their place in the Plaza and were welcomed with open arms, not just as citizens but as its new makeshift set of protectors. Times are still tough, but things have gotten a little better.
Mr. Gar Hm!
Dendy And it looks like I've finally found something positive to vlog about, after all.
Dendy sighs.
Dendy Until next time, this is Dendy filling in for K.O.. Signing off. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe.
Dendy close the computer. Next video: RUMOR: Plaza Tournament Incoming? by KOthePowCardFan11. The episode ends.

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