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Speaker Dialogue
Title appears. All of the Shannons are defeated, Shannon groans and exploded.
Rad Cake.
Rad and Enid's POW Cards dinging.
Enid Do you think?
Rad Could it be...
Enid and Rad's POW Cards are now leveled up as Enid's level 4 and Rad's level 3.
Rad & Enid We leveled up!
Rad and Enid cheering.
K.O. Wow! That's great, guys!
K.O. looks at his POW Card.
K.O. Ehhhhh...
K.O.'s POW Card leveling up, but it's not effect and stops. K.O. shed a tear and turns from smile to frown.
Rad & Enid We did it!
K.O. sighs.
K.O. It doesn't make any sense! I've been fighting the same battles as everyone else!
Dendy Is something the matter, K.O.?
K.O. Dendy?
Dogmun barks.
Dendy Ahem!
K.O. Oh, whatcha doin' down there?
Dendy Experiments.
K.O. My POW Card is acting funny. I think it's broken? I'm not gaining any experience points.
Dendy Hmm. Allow me to take a look.
K.O. give Dendy his POW Card and looks at anything. It beeps but buzzes.
K.O. What's it say?
Dendy According to my hackpack, your battle data is being collected and pushed to the servers normally. However, the problem is your POW Card itself. It is unable to update and display these values properly.
K.O. Whaaaaat?
Dendy This is a good thing, K.O. A slight adjustment should turn everything back to normal.
K.O. That's great news, Dendy! How are you gonna do that?
Dendy I just need to program some code that will reconfigure your POW Card.
K.O. Wait. Coding can fix POW Cards?
Dendy Coding can do many things. Observe.
Dendy press the plug to K.O.'s nose. She presses more beeps. She press a device, it chirps.
K.O. Yeeeee!
K.O.'s nose changes into a long one.
K.O. Oh, my gosh! Dendy! You're a wizard.
Dendy No, K.O. I am just a programmer.
Dendy presses, it changes K.O.'s nose into a small one, a clown one, a corn and normal nose.
Dendy There we go.
Dendy removes a plug from K.O.'s nose.
Dendy Now for you POW Card.
Dendy makes beeping art stuff, changes into the "Thinker".
K.O. Whoa. This looks like a piece of art!
Dendy Thank you, K.O.
Dendy presses the button.
K.O. Hopefully, it performs as good as it looks!
Dendy Hmm.
The "Thinker" beeping more and now buzzes. Dendy sighs.
Dendy An infinite loop.
K.O. Is that bad?
Dendy It will not help us repair your POW Card.
K.O. Aw. It still looks pretty though. Kinda makes me forget I have a buggy POW Card in the first place.
Dendy Hmm... That gives me an idea.
Dendy fixes something.
K.O. Did you fix it?
Dendy No, but I was able to modify it into an exploit that allows you to customize your POW Card's appearance.
K.O. Whaaat?
Dendy I can make your POW Card shoot fireworks now.
K.O. Ohhhh!
Dendy Hopefully, this little mod will bring you joy.
K.O. Yay! I love it so much, Dendy. It's really... infinite?
Dendy As long as the edit exists, it will continue infinitely.
K.O. Wow!
K.O. and Dendy laughs. Drupe comes in and see K.O.'s POW Card.
Drupe Huh? Hey! What's the deal with this kid's POW Card? I've never seen it do something that like.
K.O. Oh! Dendy used her amazing powers to customize my card!
Drupe Oh, um... Can you show me how?
Dendy Of course. Allow me to connect your POW Card to my hackpack.
Dendy puts a plug on Drupe's POW Card.
Dendy Hold your POW Card, please.
Drupe Okay.
Dendy I found that the POW Card's coding is easily manipulated. I believe it should allow us to make an extremely wide array of changes. Something more like...
Dendy beeping.
Drupe Hmm. Can I try something?
Dendy Yes.
K.O. Whatcha gonna do?
Drupe Well, maybe I could import some pictures from my fashion blog and do something with that.
Drupe beeping.
Dendy Try moving this here, and this part like this.
Drupe Ooh! That makes sense. Well, I think that's all donezo. Let's see if that worked.
Drupe used her POW Card of herself, switching clothing. Drupe, Dendy and K.O. cheering.
Dendy Innovative.
K.O. Now we're POW Card buddies!
Drupe Yeah... Hey! Everybody! Check out this new POW Card mod you can do!
Potato Whoa! Hook us up, Dendy!
Dendy Oh! Uh, y-yes, o-of course.
All the plaza people show their POW Cards got customized.
Rad Take a look at my new and improved POW Card.
Rad shows his POW Card, grunts his muscles.
Rad Really captures my true essence, I think.
Rad's POW Cards have kittens, Rad hides it.
Enid Check mine out. I got my DJ Fireball playlist embedded.
Brandon 3, 2, 1!
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon shows their POW Cards.
Brandon Oh!
Potato Cool broccoli theme.
A commerical shows Carla.
Carla Hello, heroes and villains! Have you heard about the newest POW Card trend discovered by a young Kappa by the name of Dendy? This mod lets you make ultra-customizable looks for your card! Amazing! This is the biggest improvement seen in years! So get your update on now!
A commerical on Shannon's phone.
Shannon A POW Card upgrade? How come I didn't get one?! Aaaaaaaaaah!
Shanon breaks her phone.
Shannon How dare those plazoid donkers keep juicy updates to themselves! I guess I'm just gonna have to take it from them, then.
Shannon used her wig and lipstick.
Shannon Gonna have to take it all.
At the plaza, the plaza people have their POW Card conservation.
K.O. Wow, Dendy! I can't believe how popular your POW Card mod has gotten!
Vormulax Thanks, Dendy!
Dendy I am just glad that it's opening up so many eyes to the possibilities of coding.
Shannon Uh, excuse me.
K.O. Let me guess. You want your POW Card modded, too... Jannon?
Shannon in a poorly disguise.
Shannon Gee. You're pretty perceptive.
Dendy K.O. It's Shannon.
K.O. Huh? The robot?
K.O. It says right here her name is...
The wind blows the POW Card is belongs to Shannon. K.O. squeals.
K.O. Villains don't get to have their POW Card mod...
Dendy Modification complete.
Shannon's POW Card is now modification, K.O. gasps.
K.O. Dendy! We can't help a villain!
Dendy Information is free and meant to be shared. It's the spirit of coding.
K.O. Yeah, but...
Shannon Ha!
Shannon used her arm to code.
Shannon Thanks for being such an open source!
Shannon insert herself into her POW Card.
Shannon So long, Lakewood losers!
Shannon enter the server of POW Card.
Shannon Zah! The server signal. With this, everyone's POW Cards will belong to me!
Shannon laughs manically. Shannon is now in Brandon's POW Card.
Shannon Power!
Shannon laughs manically in all the plaza people's POW Cards. All the plaza people gasps. K.O. sees his POW Card.
K.O. Aah! Make it go away!
Dendy Shannon, why are you doing this?
Shannon Because code isn't free. Code is me!
Shannon laughs manically.
K.O. This is terrible! W-W-We have to fix this!
Dendy I agree, K.O. There is no doubt Shannon has relocated to the servers.
K.O. The server? Wheh'zzat?
Dendy That would be in the cloud.
K.O. Ohhhh.
K.O. looks up to the POW Card server in the sky.
K.O. We can't get up there!
Dendy I can just use my powers to get us up there.
K.O. Oh! Are you gonna code us a way up?
Dendy I wasn't referring to coding, K.O. I am able to jump great distances by supercharging my feet with electricity.
K.O. gasps.
K.O. You have an electric super jump?!
Dendy Yes. I will take us to the cloud.
Dendy used her feet to supercharge jump to the clouds.
K.O. Wow, Dendy! I can't believe you have coding and jumping powers!
Dendy Coding is not a power I was born with. I learned coding from scratch. It is how I express myself. It took a lot of effect, but it was fun, even though it wasn't always easy. With enough dedication, anyone can have this power, even you, K.O.!
Dendy got her coding skills completed.
Dendy Yessss!
Dendy is jumping to the clouds.
K.O. Let's go free some information, Dendy.
K.O. and Dendy went to the POW Card server.
K.O. Now to find some...
Carla Hello?
K.O. gasps.
Carla Gasp! Visitors! Hey, I know you kids.
K.O. End of the line, Shannon!
Carla Shannon? I'm Carla! What are you guys...
Carla turns around and sees something scary.
Carla Aah! It's a demon!
A scary-looking Shannon hissing.
Carla Always remember to save your work!
Carla went back to the POW Card server. K.O. is charging at Shannon, about to shoot lasers. K.O. dodging them. Shannon is coding, laughs manically.
K.O. Aaah!
K.O. punch Shannon, but not effect. She shoot lasers at K.O., falls down. He groans.
K.O. Aaah.
Dendy grabs K.O. without Shannon shooting lasers at him.
K.O. Whew! That was a close one.
Dendy It seems that Shannon has become part code.
K.O. Can we even stop her?
Dendy Yes, this dongle... You'll need to plug it into her. It contains special overrides that will boot her from the servers.
K.O. How am I gonna do that if I can't even touch her?
Dendy Do not worry. I'll take care of that. Just wait for my signal!
Dendy Yes! K.O., now!
K.O. Now it's my turn!
K.O. goes to Shannon.
K.O. Hyah!
K.O. puts a dongle to connect Shannon's head, it electrified her. K.O. gasps.
Shannon How dare you interrupt me. You are nothing! I am everything! I am the best!
K.O. Oh, no! It made her stronger!
Dendy I need to alter her programming!
Dendy used her coding to zap Shannon, but not effect.
Shannon Ha ha ha ha!
K.O. It didn't even scratch her!
Shannon zaps K.O. and Dendy.
Dendy Her defenses are too strong! My coding cannot reach her!
K.O. What do we do? Nnaah! I can't believe this all started because of my infinite fireworks POW Card!
Dendy Infinite loops... K.O., we can defeat her with your POW Card!
K.O. Really?
Dendy Yes! We can use the card as a transmitter of the infinite-loop code to overload her system.
K.O. Then I will gladly sacrifice my POW Card. Let's do this!
Dendy used her coding skills while K.O. used his POW Card to transport it and Dendy zaps Shannon.
Shannon Gaah!
Shannon got fireworks coming of her, all of Shannons screaming and got poofed.
K.O. We did it!
Dendy Sucess!
Carla My goodness! You defeated that menacing Shannon virus! Oh, thank you, dearest children. The POW Card servers are safe once again. How can I ever repay you?
Dendy Well, I would like for you to fix K.O.'s card glitch.
Carla I'd love to! Let me show you to the main computer!
At the POW Card machine, the plaza people got their POW Cards back.
K.O. Looks like everyone's back to making their POW Cards super-cool, huh?
Dendy Yes, it pleases me to know everyone is enjoying their improvd cards again. Oh! Take a look at your card, K.O.
K.O.'s POW Card is beeping, he is now level 2.
K.O. Level 2?!
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Wha...
K.O.'s leveling up as level 3.
K.O. Level...
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Th-three!
Dendy Congratulations, K.O.! It looks like your efforts have been paying off all along.
K.O. Yippee! I'm even closer to being a great hero now! Mmm! Thanks so much, Dendy! I couldn't have done this without you.
Dendy I only...
K.O. gasps.
K.O. I gotta go show everybody! Rad! Enid! LooK! My POW Card!
Dendy looks at her POW Card.
Dendy Oh?
Dendy leveled up as level 2.
Dendy Yay!
Dendy gasps, she chuckles and crashing up to the ceiling. The episode ends.

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