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This article is about the canon character. You may be looking for the A.U. character.
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Darrell is the antagonist and villain of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. He first debuted in "Let's Be Heroes".

He is a robot created by Lord Boxman. Darrell plays the role of Lord Boxman's loyal henchmen. Like his siblings, he has a hive mind, which means all Darrells share one mind. He first appeared in the pilot as the main antagonist and is a recurring antagonist in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, in which he was first briefly seen in "Let's Be Heroes". At the end of the Season 1 finale "You're in Control", he reveals to Lord Boxman that he called the villain's board of investors about the destruction caused by Boxman Jr., leading him to get fired both from his job, and launched from a cannon of Darrell robots into the sun. Cosma then reveals that Darrell has been chosen to be the new head of Boxmore. However, in "Boxman Crashes", he lets his father be the head of Boxmore once again. Darrell is also a boss or enemy in OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo and an enemy in OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes.

Physical Appearance

Darrell is a red robot with a slender and tall body. He only has one eye, instead of two eyes. His head is shaped like a square and holds a pink brain inside a light green compartment that is connected to the top of his head. He has a yellow circle surounded by a gray ring on his chest that he can use to reset his robot form into a new one, matching the ones on the back of his hands, and also wears grayish-black robotic boots. He has very sharp fingers and sharp teeth.

It is revealed in "You're in Control" that Darrell has human feet, much like Shannon.


Darrell is known for his trickery, persistence, and childlike behavior. He hates the heroes of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, especially K.O., Rad, and Enid. Despite his temper and evil ways, he shows a soft side via a need for affection from his father, Lord Boxman. As a result, he is very receptive to any praise that Lord Boxman might give him. Darrell also has a never-ending rivalry with his sister figure Shannon.

Darrell can be described as being rather emotionally unstable, as he is easily aggravated. He can also become easily flustered by the pettiest of insults; this is one of Darrell's weaknesses.

Darrell has a childish personality, passing the time when he is not attacking the bodega by coloring, playing with toy cars, and dressing up in costumes.

Despite bickering with his siblings occasionally, he really cares about them and gets along with them more often than not.

When he took over Boxmore he showed to be a far more competent and a more business-oriented leader than Lord Boxman. He refused to attack the bodega so he could focus on his job, but after reconciling with his father he started attacking again.

Alter Egos

Lord Cowboy Darrell

Lord Cowboy Darrell is the new C.E.O. of Boxmore. It‘s shown that he, as Cosma said, has sent the company on the right track, as profits have apparently skyrocketed. Unlike the original Darrell, this Darrell is more mature, serious, highly-intelligent, calm, great leadership, resourceful, and seemingly has a cunning nature, he appears to be someone who now doesn't care, and treats his father like how he was been treated by him.

However, this Darrell eventually realizes his flaws upon hearing Lord Boxman's acknowledging his intelligence, strategy, leadership, and even coming so-far to resigning himself as an employee of the company and eventually walks off. This made Darrell now realizes that his father does love him, and doesn't treat him like a mere minion at all, and the Lord Cowboy Darrell eventually decided to give his father's position back to him if he ever get a chance to meet with Boxman once more.

Abilities and Powers

Darrells can be customized in various ways (though not to the extent that Shannon's can), such having a laser cannon on one arm and a giant fist with spikes on the other. Darrells can also send out seemingly endless multiples of themselves. Darrell has the ability to merge with his siblings to form Boxbot Prime.

Big Darrell

Big Darrell

Another notable customization is the Big Darrell robot, piloted by a normal sized Darrell within the head compartment, which has a power level of -100. This robot can only be beaten by a hero or force that equals up to power level 100 or higher. The Big Darrell was first seen in the episode "You're Level 100!", when Lord Boxman created a robot to test KO's claim of him being level 100.

Mega Darrell

Mega Darrell

This form of Darrell has a cannon on his chest that can destroy the plaza in one blast. It is giant and also has giant and powerful artillery and weapons. It was destroyed by Turbo K.O. The Mega Darrell was first seen in the episode "T.K.O.".

Episode Appearances


  • Darrell is the first robot of Lord Boxman's design introduced to the main cast.
  • He also appears the most often out of them all.
  • Darrell secretly thinks K.O., Rad, and Enid are cool and wishes he could be as cool as them.
  • In the pilot, Darrell always wore a name tag. This was later removed in the shorts and the series, when "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" then became known under the name of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.
  • In "We're Captured", Darrell asks to wear 'his costume', which is based on a sailor suit.
  • He is also seen wearing a cowboy costume in "A Hero's Fate" and refers to himself as "Special limited edition Cowboy Darrell".
    • At the end of the season 1 finale, "You're in Control", he is shown to wear a different version of a cowboy costume.
  • Darrell's brain is made of gum.[2]
  • "Dendy's Video Channel" reveals that Darrell still hates Boxman Jr. since the events of "You're in Control".
  • Ian Jones-Quartey stated on Twitter that people compare him to Bixbite, a gem character from Steven Universe Future.[3]


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