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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts with audience cheers and applause while K.O. giggles. He is making the "Together Breakfast".
K.O. We should run late for work more often. Eating breakfast at the bodega is way more fun.
Audience laughter.
K.O. Here you go, Mr. Gar. Mommy and I made yours with lots of love.
Audience "awws". Mr. Gar blushes. Audience laughter. Mr. Gar sees Enid and Rad panting and sprays them.
Mr. Gar Get out of here. Get.
Audience laughter.
Carol Shoot. I forgot to check today's weather forecast.
K.O. Aw, that's okay, Mommy, 'cause I just have this feeling today's gonna be a beautiful sunshiny...
Explosion, rumbling.
K.O. Whoa!
K.O. accidentally drops his "Together Breakfast" on the floor and crashes. Title appears. P.O.I.N.T. approaches at Lakewood Plaza Turbo. K.O. and the crew comes out of the bodega.
Rad Hey, look.
P.O.I.N.T. ship approaches. The ship opens, Foxtail and Elodie emerging.
Carol Foxtail?
Enid Elodie?
K.O. My hotcakes.
Mr. Gar Cob sarnit! What are those confounded P.O.I.N.T. loons doing back on my property?
Elodie gives Foxtail the megaphone.
Foxtail Attention, citizens. According to the Superpowers Act 1064-092, P.O.I.N.T. forces have zoned the area for the complete and total reconstruction of Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
Spectators murmuring.
Red Action No way. This can't be happening.
Mr. Gar Reconstruction?!
Mr. Gar faints.
Foxtail Shoppers, merchants, and hooligans alike, you all work for P.O.I.N.T. now.
Enid What do we do?
K.O. M-M-Mommy?
Foxtail Elodie, get phase-one preparations in order.
Elodie nodded.
Elodie Hm.
Elodie zooms off.
Carol Foxtail, what's going on here? I thought protecting the plaza's power source was my mission.
Foxtail That's right, and I'd like to extend my gratitude for providing P.O.I.N.T. with your services all these years. Thank you, Special Agent Silverspark. You are now relived of your command.
Carol What?
Mr. Gar get up from fainting.
Mr. Gar Did she just say "special agent"?
Carol I don't understand.
Foxtail Your work here is done, Agent. Thanks to all of your valuable intel, P.O.I.N.T. Tech has finally finished development on my top-secret project...
A bot shows the map.
Foxtail ...converting Lakewood Plaza into a glorb-excavation plant so we can finally harvest the hotbed of glorbs that lie beneath it. With such a bounty of glorbs boosting the power of our troops, P.O.I.N.T. will be unstoppable.
Mr. Gar groaning.
Foxtail You know, I could use a hand overseeing the excavation, Agent. What do you say?
Foxtail offers a handshake to Carol.
Carol For years we've protected the Lakewood tree from villains trying to harvest its glorbs. And now you propose we do the same thing on an even more massive scale? Well, I say that'd make us no better than the villains!
Foxtail I'd make us stronger than the villains, better equipped to protect the world from them! Don't you want that?
Carol shook her head.
Carol Not like this. Not like this.
Carol walks off. Foxtail is stunned in silence.
Foxtail Oh, well. Life goes on.
Foxtail calls on her watch.
Foxtail Elodie.
Elodie Present.
Foxtail Bring her in.
Whistling appears. A wrecking machine with a wrecking ball appears. Name: Wrecking Ball. 'Bout To Wreck Stuff Up. Elodie comes out of window.
Elodie Bodega clear for demolition!
Mr. Gar Not on my watch!
Mr. Gar grunting, using his Elbow attack. A red ray zaps him and hits on the tree. He groans.
K.O. and Enid Mr. Gar, are you okay?
Rad Mr. Gar, are you all right?
Mr. Gar Why do I feel so weak?
Foxtail You can thank the folks at P.O.I.N.T. Labs for that. Meet the disempower ray. One zap, and you lose every ounce of your power. The effects are temporary, but if you don't fall in line, my next shot will be permanent.
Elodie Oh.
Carol Gene, are you all right? Can you stand?
Gene hands off. Carol gasps.
Carol Gene.
Mr. Gar I heard everything, Carol. Commander Bushy-Tail over there isn't very quiet.
Foxtail picks her nose.
Foxtail Your words, how they hurt.
Carol Please let me explain. I didn't...
Mr. Gar I was so happy that you and I were finally a team again, but this whole time, you were secretly working for those plaza-wrecking bullies.
Carol gasps. Thunder crashes.
Carol Gene, I didn't know, I would never.
Mr. Gar No, it's fine 'cause I surrender. Take the stupid plaza. I don't want it anymore.
Mr. Gar walks off.
Carol Eugene, wait!
Rad & Enid Mr. Gar, don't leave us.
K.O. Mr. Gar, you can go!
Mr. Gar Don't try and stop me, K.O. I'm a broken man.
Mr. Gar walks away, his long hair and beard are growing.
Foxtail Finally, soap opera's over. Resume the demolition.
K.O. No!
K.O. grabs Foxtail's leg.
K.O. Please, Miss Foxtail. The plaza's our home.
K.O. crying.
K.O. Why are you ruining it? Aren't you apposed to be a great hero?
Foxtail Sometimes heroes have to make decisions they don't always like for the greater good. Maybe someday you and your mother will understand that.
Foxtail flies off.
K.O. No!
K.O. sees Elodie is about to wreck the bodega.
K.O. No. No.
K.O. is about to run.
K.O. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
K.O. is about turn into Turbo K.O.
K.O. I won't let you do it. I won't let you do it. I won't...
K.O. is grabbed.
K.O. Huh? Mom?
K.O. sees Carol grab him.
Carol Sorry, hon. There's a time and place for fighting, and now's not it.
Enid But just know that when that time comes, K.O...
Rad We've got your back.
Elodie is about to crash and now it got crash. Two months later. The P.O.I.N.T. takes over the plaza.
Foxtail Harvest the glorbs! Troopers, it is our duty as the powerful to guard and protect the powerless. Glorbs are power. The more glorbs we harvest, the safer we all are. There's no need to worry. We will control the power.
Troopers are harvesting the glorbs while the tree is growing more glorbs. A leaf falls and disappear. One trooper is writing and went to the underground and goes down. He removes the helmet and is revealed to be Crinkly Wrinkly.
Crinkly Wrinkly Wow! The glorb tree's getting worse, fellas! P.O.I.N.T.'s not gonna stop.
Name:The Resistance. Literally Underground.
K.O. Dang. Enough is enough. We've been biding out time, but things have just gotten worse. Mr. Gar is gone, my mom is in hiding, and instead of hanging out at the plaza, we have to come here every day. And it's up to we, the resistance, to take a stand. Today we take back the plaza from P.O.I.N.T.!
Heroes cheer.
Red Action About time. It's starting to remind me too much of the future around here.
A Real Magic Skeleton Yeah, I'm sick of working for those P.O.I.N.T. jerks.
Brandon And this outfit keeps riding on my butt.
Colewort I just want everything to go back to normal.
Ginger belches.
K.O. Agreed. There's nothing I want more than for everything to go back to the way it was.
K.O.'s tears got "WHY".
K.O. Crinkly Wrinkly...
Crinkly Wrinkly Whoa!
K.O. ...have you secured the blueprints for the plaza?
Crinkly Wrinkly Darn tooting!
Crinkly Wrinkly got blueprints out of his nose.
K.O. Beautiful. Dendy, load up that drive.
Dendy Affirmative.
Dendy beeping the computer.
Dendy Initalizing.
Dendy's computer shows a dancing banana.
Crinkly Wrinkly Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Red Action We're doomed.
Enid Hold on. Does that sound funny to you?
Dendy Ah, of course. It's Morse.
Dendy types "MRGARRULEZ". A dancing banana is actually Mr. Gar in disguise. He inhales.
Mr. Gar Hello. If you're watching this, you found my top-secret blueprints to the plaza, you sly dog. Have fun.
A blueprints approaches.
Dendy Interesting. When I pull up the source code, it appears the plaza is already equipped with a self-defense system.
Blueprints shows the defense system power supply sector 6.
Dendy I don't have access to override the system from here, however. It needs to be manually activated.
K.O. Pshht! That's it? Well, I'll just hop in and flip the dang thing on. Easy peasy.
Red Action Oh, yeah? And just how you gonna get past security? The place is crawling with troopers.
Enid She's right. Plus, you're Carol's kid, and she's, like, public enemy number 1. Which makes you, like, public enemy 1.5.
K.O. Maybe so, but troopers aren't the only ones crawling around up there.
K.O. stands up.
K.O. Everyone, gather 'round and listen up! I've got a plan.
K.O. and Enid sneaks in the path without being noticed by troopers.
K.O. Tonight, on the surface, Enid will meet me by the big sign and cast a shadow jutsu.
Enid used her shadow jutsu.
K.O. From there, we'll sneak past the guards at the main gate, right under their noses. A little further in, Enid will hand me off to Rad.
Enid hands K.O. to Rad as a trooper in disguise.
K.O. You'll walk through the biosignature detector and beam me up over the checkpoint.
Rad beam K.O. over the checkpoint.
K.O. As I close in, Sparko will give the lock a zap so I can finally sneak inside.
K.O. goes inside the bodega full of troopers thanks to Sparko.
K.O. And, Colewort, you do your thing.
Colewort Oh, sorry.
Colewort used his steaming.
K.O. It should give us enough time to fog up the security cams so I can run through unnoticed.
K.O. is locked inside Red Action's cannon.
K.O. Red Action loads me into her arm cannon and shoots me right through back-room door.
K.O. gasps and grabbed by Ginger.
K.O. Ginger will give me a treat, and, whoa!
Ginger goes up with K.O.
K.O. Okay.
K.O. chuckling with Ginger going loop-de-loop over the troopers.
K.O. Whee! Ahem. You'll get me toward the back of the room and ge...
Ginger throws K.O.
K.O. Oh, I said gently toss me...
K.O. gasps and is grabbed by Chameleon Jr. with his tongue.
K.O. ...where I'll be caught and pulled up through the vent by Chameleon Jr..
Chameleon Jr. puts K.O. in his mouth.
K.O. Okay, whatever. But I have to look really cool using your tongue like a surfboard.
K.O. is slided on Chameleon Jr.'s tongue.
K.O. Brandon and Real Magic Skeleton, I couldn't think of anything of your guys.
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brand are eating candies while Brandon is slurping.
Brandon That's chill.
A Real Magic Skeleton Fine with me.
K.O. Anyway, to the battery room, and finally...
K.O. enters the battery room.
K.O. ...I'm in.
Dendy And how convenient, the power switch.
K.O. Let's save the plaza!
K.O. switch the power, but it sputters.
Dendy Hmm.
K.O. switching but not effect.
K.O. We're doomed! The power of friendship is fake!
K.O. tripped over something.
K.O. Ow!
Dendy Are you all right?
K.O. Yeah.
K.O. gets up and finds an old battery.
K.O. Someone just left their giant battery lying around.
Dendy Battery?
Dendy gasps.
Dendy K.O., look, we are not doomed. The power chamber just needs batteries.
K.O. Well, I don't think we should use this one. It's yucky.
Dendy Hmm. This is unfortunate. Without a fresh battery, we would need to harness an extraordinary amount of power to operate the defense system.
K.O. Power, huh? Hang on, Dendy. I think I can find exactly what we need.
K.O. goes to his mind to find T.K.O.
K.O. T.K.O.? T.K.O.!
K.O. and T.K.O. fused into Perfect K.O.
Dendy Ooh, excellent idea, K.O. In this form, you should have more than enough energy to kick-start the plaza defense system.
Perfect K.O.'s name: Perfect K.O. (As long as K.O. and T.K.O. are in balance).
P.K.O. Exactly.
Dendy That was your fastest transformation yet.
P.K.O. You know what they say-- practice makes perfect.
P.K.O. chuckles.
P.K.O. Let's power up this bad boy.
P.K.O. gets cuffed up.
P.K.O. Huh?
Trooper Halt, intruder. I'm taking you back in P.O.I.N.T. HQ. Your cooperation is mandatory.
P.K.O. groans and turn into T.K.O.
T.K.O. I don't think so!
T.K.O. charges at the Trooper and punch at it, losing the helmet. It turns out to be Ms. Mummy. T.K.O. is charging now and see Ms. Mummy. T.K.O. turns into K.O., gasps.
K.O. Ms. Mummy?
Ms. Mummy used her gun.
Ms. Mummy I'm sorry, K.O.
K.O. and T.K.O. are struggling later and turns into P.K.O. and grabs the gun. Ms. Mummy gasps and runs away.
Dendy K.O., are you okay?
P.K.O. Yeah, but I lost control for a minute, there.
Dendy We must hurry. If T.K.O. takes over again, he will derail our mission.
As Ms. Mummy listens in to K.O.'s conversation with Dendy, she calls Foxtail.
Ms. Mummy Foxtail, we've got trouble in sector six.
Foxtail Hold tight, Ms. Mummy. Help is on the way. Elodie, change course to sector six.
Elodie Right away, madam.
P.O.I.N.T. ship zips. At the underground, Rad, Enid and Red Action were playing cards while Colewort is taking a nap.
Rad Man, who knew a dystopian resistance would involve so much downtime.
Red Action I know, right?
Dendy Perhaps it is of interest that K.O. has nearly charged the plaza's self-defense system.
Enid and Rad zip in.
Enid He did it?
Rad All right!
P.K.O. is charging.
Enid Whoo-hoo!
Rad You got this, buddy!
The battery is charged and full.
Gar's voice System charged. Insert key.
Enid Huh. I don't remember Gar mentioning a key.
Colewort Ahem. I do.
Colewort shows the key.
Colewort Key to the plaza.
Name: The key to the plaza, important after all.
Rad & Enid Um...
Rad That's right.
Enid Oh, yeah.
Rad Plazalympics season one.
Enid I totally remember now.
The resistance insert the key.
Rad, Enid, Dendy, Red Action & Colewort (nod) Hm!
The key disappears.
Rad, Enid & Red Action Huh?
Colewort My key!
Gar's voice Plazamo defense system activated.
Rad & Enid Plazamo?
POINT is shaking and the bulding is shaking, shapeshitfing into Plazamo.
Plazamo Plazamo activated!
Name: Legendary defense system, Plazamo.
P.K.O It's working!
Rad and Enid comes to the plaza and sees Plazamo.
Enid Whoa. Rad, look.
Rad The plaza's self-defense system is a giant mech?! The legends are true.
Enid She's even more beautiful than I imagined. Looks kind of confused, though.
Foxtail Oh, look at the abomination. No matter. Let's put it back in the ground.
Elodie Yes, ma'am.
P.O.I.N.T. ship is zapping Plazamo. Rad gasps.
Rad She doesn't know what's going on.
Enid We got to go help her.
Rad Hm.
Rad and Enid comes to Plazamo.
Enid Aah!
Rad and Enid jumps on her shoulders.
Enid That's Foxtail and Elodie's ship.
Rad We can't let them take back the plaza. Plazamo. block those lasers.
Plazamo shields itself from lasers.
Foxtail Keep firing.
Enid Plazamo, can you try a counterattack?
Plazamo Counterattack.
Plazamo launches missiles from its hands.
Foxtail Shield up.
Elodie Yes, ma'am.
Elodie beeping and press a button to shield. Plazamo's missiles were destroyed by a shield. Rad scoffs.
Rad The missiles bounced right off that force field.
Enid Then we just got to break it. Plazamo, advance.
Rad & Enid Capture that P.O.I.N.T. ship.
Plazamo is charging.
Foxtail Elodie, stay in formation. I'm going out there.
Elodie Yes, ma'am.
Foxtail goes up while Plazamo is charging. Foxtail punches it and punch it down on the head.
P.K.O. Wow, she's so cool!
T.K.O. You fool. She might be cool, but we got to fight back.
P.K.O. Right.
P.K.O. is charging more. Foxtail gasps from Plazamo's attacks. It launches missiles at her, but Foxtail punch it with her tail and got hit. She grunts.
Foxtail Time to take their power away.
Foxtail flies back to P.O.I.N.T. ship.
Foxtail Put the shields back to full energy.
Elodie Roger.
Rad We got them cornered.
Rad & Enid Plazamo, now!
Plazamo's hands activated fingers.
Foxtail What the?
Elodie gasps. Plazamo caught the P.O.I.N.T. ship.
Rad We got them!
Enid Yes!
The P.O.I.N.T. ship blast off Plazamo's grips.
Enid That shield is too strong.
Rad Ugh, we'll never get a hit in till that force field goes down.
Foxtail Seems like normal attacks are inefficient on that thing. Elodie, activate the disempower ray.
Elodie But, Miss Foxtail, there are still heroes on that thing.
Foxtail And what's a couple of sacrifices in the grand scheme of things? This is for the greater good of all heroes, Elodie.
Elodie Right.
Elodie is struggling to push the disempower ray button. Her hand is shaking and push it. The POINT ship actitivated the disempower ray laser.
Enid Oh, my Cob.
Rad That's...
Rad & Enid The disempower ray.
P.K.O. If that hits Plazamo, we're done for.
Foxtail chuckles. Something comes out the sky.
Mr. Gar Aaaaaah!
Mr. Gar in his El-Bow mask is coming out of the sky.
Rad Mr. Gar's going for the ship.
Enid Can he really break the shield all by himself?
Something coming out of the sky, it was Carol in her Silverspark wristbands, belt and boots.
Enid Wait. Never mind. We're good.
Mr. Gar grunting.
Carol Eugene!
Mr. Gar Huh? C-Carol?
Carol I should've told you I was working for P.O.I.N.T. sooner. I'm so sorry.
Mr. Gar I should've listened to your reasons when you told me.
Carol I just wanted to protect you.
Mr. Gar I know.
Mr. Gar sighs.
Mr. Gar Can't believe you've been working undercover at the dojo this whole time.
Carol You never suspected anything when I just showed up out of the blue and rented a space next to your store?
Mr. Gar I just thought maybe I'd gotten lucky once in my life.
Carol sighs.
Mr. Gar Well...
Mr. Gar and Carol hold hands.
Carol Hm.
Mr. Gar Hm.
Mr. Gar and Carol used their elbow powers and blast off the P.O.I.N.T. ship. The force field breaks.
Enid All right. Shield's down.
Rad But look. This disempower ray's still charging.
Foxtail Fire!
P.O.I.N.T. ship is firing.
Rad & Enid No!
P.O.I.NT. ship is blasting at Plazamo.
T.K.O. Now.
P.K.O. is charging more and more, blasting with T.K.O.'s energy.
Rad Wha?
P.K.O. is grunting with T.K.O.'s energy.
P.K.O. Aaaah!
Plazamo's defense system is charging with shield battery, blast off the disempower ray and it's going to the P.O.I.N.T. ship.
Foxtail They think they can stop me? Elodie, shields up.
Elodie Commencing auxiliary shield activation, ma'am.
Elodie gasps to see the cockpit open switch.
Elodie Hmm.
Elodie pulls down the cockpit open switch. The P.O.I.N.T. ship opens, Foxtail gasps.
Foxtail Elodie, what do you think you're doing?
Elodie It's like you said. Nothing wrong with a couple of sacrifices if it's for the greater good.
The disempowerment blast the POINT ship and destroyed it. The resistance cheer. P.K.O. is lying down from charging.
T.K.O. Come on, loser. Stand up already. We got to get out there and finish them...
K.O. We did good out there, but the time for fighting is over.
T.K.O. Fine.
K.O. Hm.
The plaza people comes to the destroyed P.O.I.N.T. ship. Foxtail and Elodie gets up.
Foxtail My ship! It's ruined! You're gonna pay for this. She jumps off, however, her tail flats down. Aah!
Foxtail falls down.
Foxtail Ow.
K.O. Forget it, Foxtail. We reflected your disempower ray right back at you.
Foxtail looks at herself, breathing heavily.
Foxtail No.
K.O. That's right. You're completely...
Foxtail Powerless! I'm... powerless.
K.O. gasps and comes to Foxtail.
K.O. Hey, hey, hey. Uh, it's okay.
Foxtail I am the leader of P.O.I.N.T.. Without me, everything can fall apart in a moment. I've lost good heroes that way.
Mr. Gar and Carol gasp, Carol comes to Foxtail.
Carol Foxtail.
Foxtail If I'd been a more powerful hero back then...
Carol hugs Foxtail, shedding a tear.
Foxtail I need those glorbs, Carol. How else can I keep the world safe?
Carol You can't keep the world safe by yourself. What you need isn't power. It's support.
Mr. Gar Carol's right. She and I learned to defend on the people who defend on us. None of us have to carry the weight of the world alone.
Foxtail sighs.
Foxtail That's why all this power was never enough. Y'all can have your plaza back and the glorbs. I'm so sorry for the damage I've caused.
K.O. hold Foxtail's hand.
K.O. Miss Foxtail, I'm really happy that you're a great hero after all.
Foxtail Me too, kid.
Lord Boxman laughs maniacally. He have the box of glorbs.
Lord Boxman Surprise! You heroes spent so much time fighting each other, you forgot about me. These are my glorbs now.
Lord Boxman laughs maniacally.
Foxtail You got this, sugar cube?
K.O. We got this. Can you lend me a hand?
Foxtail Hm.
Foxtail picks K.O. up.
Foxtail Even without my powers, I still got a pretty good arm.
Foxtail throws K.O. to Lord Boxman, K.O. punches him to Boxmore, it got destroyed. The box of glorbs is falling, Rad caught it with his levivation. Spectators gasps.
K.O. Whee!
K.O. is falling to the box of glorbs.
K.O. Yay!
K.O. laughs. The plaza people cheering.
Foxtail What you did back there took guts, Elodie.
Elodie Oh, it wasn't that big a deal. I dialed back the disempower ray before I fired it. We'll be back to normal in a few days.
Foxtail's surprised face turns happy.
Foxtail Hot dog!
Foxtail laughs.
Foxtail Integrity and brains. I love it. You know, that's exactly what P.O.I.N.T. needs in its leadership. I'm stepping down as head of P.O.I.N.T., and I'd like you take my place.
K.O. and Enid gasps.
Elodie Me in charge of a superpowered-hero organization? Whoo-hoo-hoo! As your new leader, I say it's time for us to go back to our roots as individual heroes --
Foxtail and Elodie remove their P.O.I.N.T. outfits and go back to their original forms.
Elodie without the silly uniforms.
Spectators remove their P.O.I.N.T. outfits.
Spectators Yay!
K.O., Rad and Enid laughing.
Mr. Gar Bodegamun!
K.O., Rad and Enid gasps.
K.O., Rad & Enid Sir, yes, sir.
Mr. Gar At ease. Today you've proven yourselves to be the new generation of heroes. You're ready for the real stuff.
K.O., Rad and Enid gasps.
K.O. Y-y-y-you mean...
Rad Your secret missions?
Mr. Gar Yep. You're real heroes now.
Mr. Gar winks.
K.O. Wow.
Dendy K.O., look. Our POW Cards!
Dendy shows K.O. his and her POW cards, leveling up. K.O. is now level 4 and Dendy is now level 3. K.O. gasps.
K.O. You guys, check your POW Cards.
? Hey, level up!
? Me too!
The plaza people laughing. Plazamo chuckles.
Plazamo Plazamo loves all.
The episode ends.

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