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The Danger Zone is an area in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes that has been mentioned in the series. It is an unincorporated off-the-grid area just outside Lakewood Plaza Turbo, which is located in the Neutral Territory. There are two danger zones surrounding Lakewood Plaza, the first situated on the border of Neo Riot City, and the second on the border of Battleburg 3K.


  • Mad Sam is a hero who came straight from this area.
  • Bell Beefer's family originates here, but they sent him to school in the Neutral Zone.
  • Enid and Red Action drove in one of the Danger Zones in "Back in Red Action", which there appeared to be many obstacles, a rough landscape, and other dangerous things, this probably gave it the name, "Danger Zone".
    • Since they drove right from the Plaza on Route 175, this means that they drove upwards to the second danger zone, by Battleburg 3K.
  • Radicles and his friends usually go here and smash things in their free time.
  • In the episode "Action News", it is said that Lord Boxman has been buying items from the Danger Zone (although it was not said which), along with Battleburg 3K, and the Neo Riot City.

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