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I see now that platonic friendship… is one of the most beautiful loves of all.

—"Second First Date"

Cupid is a minor character that first appeared in the episode "Second First Date".

Physical Appearance

Cupid has dark peach skin with a big and buff body with plenty of chest hair. He has a brown beard along with little brown hair from the top of his head and wide eyebrows. He also has a heart as a pupil on his left eye and a heart tattoo on his right arm, near the shoulder. He wears a white toga with a pink belt wrapping around his waist. The buckle of the belt has a heart on it. He wears red sandal. He also has two tiny white wings that float near his neck.


Cupid is seen to be very passionate about all things love-related, especially when it comes to problems involving love. However, it is also seen that he is also very understanding about how relationships are already.

Abilities and Powers

  • Flight: Cupid is capable of flying by using his tiny wings.
  • Heart Bazooka: Cupid has a heart-shaped bazooka that shoots pink, heart-shaped beams.
  • Image Projection: Cupid can project images directly into people's eyes, using his pink eye. He uses this power to show others events he witnessed in the past.


With his only appearance in "Second First Date", he first appeared in Gar's Hero Supply Store & Bodega sensing that there are two people with unresolved romance tension, which were Enid and Rad. He remembers the day Enid and Rad were in love and reminded of them by showcasing their flashback from Cupid's left eye. Cupid and K.O. settled as judges on top of the volocano with Cupid serving as the announcer for a "fight" against Enid and Rad. Cupid offers them flowers and challenges them to whoever puts the flower on their partner. After seeing what Enid and Rad learned from their "date", he realizes that platonic love is the most beautiful form of love and reminds K.O. to never forget the power of friendship as he leaves.

Episode Appearances


  • Cupid was born to a hero mother and father in the present, but infected with a glitchvirus. The past infant Cupid was sent into the future only to return seconds later as a battle-scarred, muscled out future warrior whose one goal is spreading love.[1]


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