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The Cool S, or the S symbol, is a stylized letter "S" that frequently appears in the OK K.O.! universe.

Physical Appearance

As the name implies, the Cool S is the English or Latin letter "S" which has been stylized to look "cool." The shape largely resembles a stretched hexagon with several lines within and across it, forming a pointy "S" shape which loops behind and over itself.


This symbol is seen at least once per episode and has appeared in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and applications ranging from patches on clothings, graffiti on billboards and doodles on paper, and even embossed on something significant such as a logo or service medal. However, it is rarely brought to attention and never discussed, just acting as a "blink and you'll miss it" gag all throughout the series.


  • The name of the object comes from the relevant Wikipedia article.
    • Other names include "Stüssy S," "Super S," "Pointy S," "Banksy S," and "Graffiti S."
  • During the 90s, the symbol was a common thing to see drawn on notebooks and in bathroom stalls, among other places.
  • In a Reddit Ask Me Anything with show creator Ian Jones-Quartey, when asked about the symbol, he explained that the symbol is part of the show because it's "just funny!"[1]
  • On rarer occasion, a "P" variation can also be spotted.


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Reference Sources

  1. Q: "Was it intentional to have people recognize that S symbol as part of OK K.O. or just a byproduct of wanting to include the random S into the show?" (November 02, 2018 AMA with Ian Jones-Quartey)
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