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Chip Damage is a minor character in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes series, a hero of P.O.I.N.T., and a holo-man created by Dr. Greyman.

Physical Appearance

Chip Damage is very muscular and has two metal gauntlets that end in his hands. He has a small, brown afro, yellow knot-tied cape, a two-piece blue bodysuit with a belt with a white "CD" buckle, and two knee-high boots possibly made of the same material as his forearms.


Chip Damage is brave, noble and civic-minded. He is confident and persistent in the face of danger. Chip is bold and he uses his powers to directly confront danger.

The hero is alert and aware of the concerns of others; such as when he heard Enid ask if Chip should be worrying about the glowing gloop while he was signing autographs. He further shows his alertness towards others when he goes to rescue K.O. and Enid after they subtly snuck into the bodega to try to defeat the Gloop.

Chip has shown to be humble when he acknowledged Enid's merits in defeating the Gloop, and he invited her to P.O.I.N.T. Prep.

However, Chip has shown questionable behavior by giving superlative students of P.O.I.N.T. Prep power-ups that make them destructively powerful, and apparently running a secret society composed of those he deems worthy. It was revealed that this behavior was due to Chip's programming being secretly manipulated by Foxtail.

When given freewill, Chip becomes sincere and well meaning. He tells the public about his existence as a holo-man. He apologizes and refers to Elodie as a good and real example as a hero before destroying himself.

Abilities and Powers

  • Flight: He has been seen flying at average speeds.
  • Super Strength: He is capable of lifting many heavy objects.
  • Shape-shifting: He sports two mechanical arms capable of shape-shifting into almost anything he desires.
    • Hands
    • Spoons
    • Pens
    • Flamethrowers
    • A drill
    • Glorb-empowering cannon
  • Empowerment: Chip seems to have the power to activate the Glorb he infuses a person when he deems it, giving them a temporary boost in their powers.

Episode Appearances


  • He is considered to be one of the most powerful heroes around.
  • Chip Damage's name is based off the video game term "chip damage", which is when characters take damage even when blocking.
    • Incidentally, he stars in his own fighting game, which is the genre that "chip damage" is best known for being in.
    • He has his own snack bars called "Chocolate Chip Damage Candy Bars", and has several items branded under his name.
    • His name may refer to computer chips, which could be a hint of his true nature as an android.  Further: the state of damage is reflected in his role across episodes, malfunctioning and going haywire in multiple episodes.


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