Captain Planet is a character of the titular 1990's television show, Captain Planet and the Planeteers. In OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, he appears in the episode "The Power Is Yours!". Captain Planet is the embodiment of Earth and nature, and represents the beauty of the planet.

Physical Appearance

Captain Planet has a notably muscular physique. He has light blue skin and a green mullet that reaches his shoulders. He has a square face with chiseled features and large, expressive eyes with notable eyelashes.

His appearance as a whole represents the beauty of Earth and a clean environment; donning a bright-red chest plate, gloves and trunks, a green proto-mullet, a bright yellow globe insignia on his chest, earthy brown eyes, and crystal blue skin.


Much like his prior series, Captain Planet is a heroic being who believes in the good of humanity and wants to save it from pollution. Despite his heroic nature, he enjoys taunting his enemies and make a few one-liners. However, over the years of fighting, Captain Planet desire for the world to be safe is growing weaker. As the Planeteers failed to stop it and Planet seems to realize that saving the world is no longer an opinion to ignore and must be done.


Gaia, the spirit of Earth, is the modern-day rendition of the primordial Greek personification of the planet. Gaia possesses characteristics from all human races. After a century-long slumber, Gaia had awoken in shock at the rapid increase of pollution across the planet. She summoned five Planeteers and bestowed upon them an elemental ring, each representative of their nature and respective element. When the Planeteers, Kwame, Linka, Ma-Ti, Gi, and Wheeler activated their powers in order (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart), preceded by the phrase, "Let our powers combine," Captain Planet was summoned.

After some unspecified incident, the Planeteers disbanded and got "real jobs", leaving Kwame to uphold the group's legacy alone. When Dr. Blight convinces Lord Boxman to use her pollution generating machine, Kwame recruits K.O., Enid, Radicles, A Real Magic Skeleton, and Brandon to revive the Planeeters, and thus Captain Planet.


Season 1


  • The name of the episode he appears in is one of his signature catchphrases, "The power is yours!"
  • David Coburn, Captain Planet's voice actor from the original 1990 series, reprised his role in The Power Is Yours!.

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