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Speaker Dialogue
The opening scene starts on the rainy day at the bodega, where K.O was mopping on the floor. Until Potato came in and wet the floor again.
K.O. That's okay!
K.O. mops the floor, humming. The scene cuts to Enid and Rad at the counter as the customers buy the umbrellas.
Enid Thank you for shopping at Gar's. Have a punchtastic day. Thank you for shopping at Gar's. Have a punchtastic day.
K.O. (hums) (Jumps after hearing the thunderstorms at Darrel's (formerly Boxmore) Have you guys ever wondered what happened to Lord Boxman?
K.O. sighs.
K.O. I mean it feels like we haven't seen him all season.
Enid Do you think he, like, you know, (points up) went to the big corn field in the sky?
Rad (Interrupts) Ooooooo (gets slapped by Enid) Aah!
K.O. He didn't, (Points up) you know. He just left Boxmore. Maybe he's turn over a new leaf since then.)
The scene cuts to Professor Venomous' Home.
Congress Woman You're demanding one billion technos from the government?! That money belongs to the tax payers! I would never compromise my sworn duty as a public servant to the likes of you! Professor Venomous!
Title card appears.
Professor Venomous (sighs) Did I not mention that I have my Doomsday device fully charged and launched into your coordinates?
Congress Woman (grumbles) You may have won this time, Professor, but mark my words, the scales of lady justice shall fall head heavy upon your head! And I will seek to personally that you are properly punished for your crimes! Within' the ladder of the law! But for now, I will wire you ill-gotten technos.
Venomous checks his watch to see the transfer from Congress Woman is complete, and the message says "Ur Rich(er)!!!" with a techno dollar sign.
Professor Venomous Well, there we are. Thank you, Ms. Congress Woman. (snaps his fingers)
Congress Woman I'll see you in court!!!
The scene cuts to Fink playing a video game.
Fink (laughs) Bye! Eat chunks, ya scabmunch! Ha! Yes! (gasps) (sees Venomous enter the living room) Boss! You're out of your meeting! You wanna play some videos game with me?
Venomous stares at the window as it's still raining outside.
Professor Venomous (sighs) You know I hate videos game, Fink.
Fink (walks to Venomous' side) What's-a matter, boss? Did those government dummies not cough up the money?
Professor Venomous No, no. I'm just a bit bored, I guess.
Fink Bored, huh? Ooh! How about we go burn down Billiam Milliam's yacht?! It's so funny when he cries.
In Fink's cloud bubble, she and Venomous are laughing evilly while Billiam frets over his hover yacht that was destroyed as it sunk into the water.
Professor Venomous It is funny. But I think I'm just going to go for a nice, relaxing drive. Maybe it'll clear my head.
Fink Ooh! Are you taking the convertible?! Can I drive?!
Professor Venomous I said I wanted a relaxing drive, Fink.
Fink pouts. Venomous takes off his jacket and puts it on the rack wall mount
Professor Venomous Why don't you work on your scales while I'm gone? Just take a break from the videos game, okay? (takes his car keys) I'll be back later.
After Venomous left, Fink then stares at the piano before taking a glance at her paused video game. Fink laughs mischievously. Cut to the scene where Professor Venomous opens the garage door and heads to his car. He hears rattling coming from the trash can before he enters his car.
Professor Venomous Hmm? (opens the lid of the trash can) What the...?!
Inside the trash can is Lord Boxman now disheveled.
Professor Venomous Boxman?! What are you doing in my trash can?
Lord Boxman Oh, is this yours? Well, guess ya sleep in one trash can, you've slept in 'em all. (laughs)
Boxman shakes the trash can until he falls down to the ground.
Professor Venomous Why aren't you at Boxmore? Did the board finally shut you down?
Lord Boxman Oh, no, it's -- it's still operating. More profitable than ever. (chuckles) Matter of fact, my son, Darrell, uh, you remember my son, Darrell, don't you? Well, funny story, he destroyed my baby, staged a coup, shot me into the sun, and now he runs the company. (chuckles again) Kids, right?
Boxman chuckles until he begins to sob.
Professor Venomous Ah, well, I should be going.
Lord Boxman Can I stay with you?!
Professor Venomous What?
Lord Boxman Just for a few days! I really don't have anywhere else to go. It's been, oh, so long since I've been in an evil lab. I guess I just wanna scratch that itch, y'know? This could be a chance for me to get back to doing some real villainy!
Professor Venomous Mmmmm. Fine. (Boxman pulls Venomous) Whoa!
Lord Boxman (hugs Venomous and spins him around) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!
The scene cuts to Fink playing a video game.
Fink (laughs) (the door suddenly opens) Eep! I was only taking a break! I...
Fink finds Lord Boxman holding a suitcase. The sound of a foghorn is heard.
Fink Boxbutt!
Fink hisses at Boxman and attempts to push Boxman out of the house.
Fink Get out of our house, you stink man!
Professor Venomous stops Fink by holding her up by the ears.
Professor Venomous He's not a stink man.
Professor Venomous lets go of Fink, Fink yelps.
Professor Venomous He's our guest. At least for the next couple of days.
Boxman chuckles sheepishly. Fink stares at Boxman before she pulls Venomous away so she can talk to him in private.
Fink Boss, are you seriously gonna let this bozo live with us?!
Fink gives a pout.
Professor Venomous He's not living here. Boxman's been through a lot, and doesn't really have any other villains he can turn to. You never know. Maybe he'll be fun to have around.
Venomous smiles as Fink grumbles in dismay. The scene cuts to the next morning at Professor Venomous' home. Professor Venomous is doing some research at his lab. He carefully carries a tiny cell on the glass.
Professor Venomous Careful.
Suddenlly, the eletricity at Venomous' home powers down and Venomous startles as he drops the tiny cell and the glass shatters. Venomous grumbles as the power is back on. He looks down at his ruined research on the floor.
Professor Venomous (shouts) Boxma-a-a-a-a-n!
At the living room, Boxman is shown lying on the floor after an unknown explosion he caused and Venomous runs towards him.
Professor Venomous What is going on in here?
Lord Boxman Well, I've just been tinkering on a little project is all. Feels so nice to get my evil juices flowing again.
Professor Venomous What the...? (sees the mess Boxman made in the living room) What is all this garbage doing in here?
Lord Boxman Well, since I'm staying here now, I thought I might as well make myself at home and put up some personal artifacts.
Boxman puts a photo of Darrel in his adolescence wearing Sunday clothes on the fireplace.
Fink Yuck!
Professor Venomous (picks up the clothes from the floor) No, no, no, no, no, no! (throws them in the air) It's not supposed to look like this!
Lord Boxman But it -- It's been so long since I've had a place my evil lair.
Professor Venomous Are you wearing my shirt? Take that off!
The shirt Boxman's wearing suddenly rips off in half.
Professor Venomous And clean up this mess!
Venomous leaves the room.
Fink (gives Boxman a loser hand gesture and sticks her tongue at him) Nyah-nyah!
Fink leaves the living room. The scene cuts to Venomous having a meeting via vid-phone with the Board of Evil Investors: Cosma, Vormulax, and Billiam Milliam.
Cosma This is a large sum of capital. Have you considered what we should be investing in?
Fink is scribbling something with a pen.
Professor Venomous Maybe we can buy even more weapons, broaden our reach. Look, I have a literal Doomsday ray about 10 feet away from me. (gives Fink another pen as she scribbles something with two pens) For all I care, we can threaten the Congresswoman again, and she'll give us whatever we want.
Cosma (raises her hand in disagreement) That's far too risky!
Professor Venomous Well...
Lord Boxman ♪ It's-a some-a kinda good, oh ♪
Venomous becomes startled by Boxman's singing in the background.
Professor Venomous What?
Lord Boxman ♪ Ah, solo mio ♪ ♪ I'm gonna eat it all up-oh ♪
Cosma Professor, what--
Professor Venomous (interrupts Cosma) Do whatever you want! I gotta go!
Venomous and Fink head to the kitchen to find Boxman singing while cooking something from the oven.
Lord Boxman ♪ 'Cause it's-a som'in kinda good ♪ ♪ You're gonna love it ♪ ♪ You're gonna wanna put it in your face ♪
Boxman takes out a strange looking casserole from the oven.
Lord Boxman Howdy, babies! I made some of my famous blunch! (moves the spoon to Venomous) Here comes da twain!
Venomous swats the spoon away.
Lord Boxman Whoa!
The spoon containing Boxman's blunch falls to the floor.
Lord Boxman You don't want to try my blunch?
Venomous' face angrily turns red.
Professor Venomous (shouts) Boxman, for the last time, clean up this filth and stop ruining my laboratory!
Venomous turns into a mutant humanoid snake and hisses at Boxman.
Lord Boxman Clean up? Oh, you're so sweet, Professor. (takes off his dirty shirt and places it over Venomous' head) I've been toiling away in here and I haven't had a shower all year. (chuckles)
Boxman leaves the kitchen. Venomous takes Boxman's shirt off his head and sighs in dismay. The scene cuts to Venomous placing a mutant bonsai and some equipment on the table before putting his gloves on. Venomous inhales deeply before trimming his mutant bonsai.
Professor Venomous Everything will be okay.
Cuts to Boxman taking a shower while singing.
Lord Boxman ♪ Oh, it's-a som'in kinda good ♪ (gets out from the shower wearing a towel and another towel around his head) ♪ And you're gonna want to put it in your face cause-- ♪
Boxman accidentally slips off from the water puddle.
Lord Boxman Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Boxman slides around Professor Venomous' house.
Lord Boxman Whooooooa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Aaaaah! (crashes onto the Doomsday ray) Oh!
Boxman accidentally activates Doomsday device. Professor Venomous' home suddenly explodes. Venomous remains unharmed after the explosion and Fink pops out from the pile.
Boxman Aah!
Boxman destroys the mutant bonsai and falls onto the ground.
Boxman (looks at Venomous) Ohh! Hey, there, P.V.
Venomous slowly turns to Boxman with a wry smile. The sound of a thunder is heard.
Lord Boxman That's a nice, uh, pile of mush you're working on there.
Boxman chuckles.
Professor Venomous You... have become the most terrible, ineffective villain. I wonder, will you ever stop disappointing me?
Fink You stink, Boxman!
Lord Boxman Oh, I'm so sorry, Professor. Do you ever think I can make it up to you?
Professor Venomous (scoffs) I'm not sure there's anything that'll cheer me up right now.
Lord Boxman Well, there's one thing I can always count on to soothe my soul. (shouts) Attacking the Plaza! You know, that little shrimp K.O. and his shrimpy little friends?
Professor Venomous Thanks to you, I have nothing left I could possibly attack the plaza with!
Lord Boxman Well, I have been tinkering on this little, old thing, since you've been letting me crash at your pad and all.
Professor Venomous Explain.
Lord Boxman I made something special for Fink!
Boxman changes into his regular attire as he opens the garage. Fink gasps as she stares at Boxman's latest invention.
Lord Boxman Ta-da! The Rat Trike!
Fink becomes excited as she laughs with joy and rides the Rat Trike.
Professor Venomous (sighs) Just when I think I'm fed up with you again, you prove me wrong. Seems like the only thing you're really good at is dreaming up new ways to commit petty villainy.
Lord Boxman Profesor Venomous, let me show you a good time, Boxman style!
Fink Hey, boss! Box Brain! Get on!
Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous smile evilly at each other and hop on Fink's Rat Trike. They head toward the Plaza. Cuts to Mr. Gar's Bodega on a sunny day. K.O. is cleaning up the umbrellas until Potato came in and tossed her umbrella to the floor.
K.O. That's okay!
K.O. cleans up the floor, humming. The scene cuts to Enid and Rad as the customers buy the sunglasses.
Enid Thank you for shopping at Gar's. Have a punchtastic day. Thank you for shopping at Gar's. Have a punch--
Enid and Rad, along with the customers, heard a rumble. K.O. exits the bodega.
K.O Huh? Wha...?
K.O. looks up to find something flying over the bodega and landing on the parking lot. K.O. finds Fink driving the Rat Trike with Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous riding on it.
K.O. Fink. Professor Venomous? (gasps as he notices Lord Boxman) Lord Boxman?! I was right!
Fink I got it from here. You two just sit back and watch the show!
Professor Venomous Give 'em heck, kiddo!
Lord Boxman Whoo-who!
Fink drives her Rat Trike and charges toward K.O. K.O. turns to Rad and Enid who are inside the bodega.
K.O. You guys, I was right! Boxman didn't d--
K.O. got run over by Fink's Rat Trike.
K.O. Fink! Stop the vehicle! (his bum lands on the running wheel) Ow! Right now! (his bum lands on the wheel again)
Fink If you say so!
Fink stops the Rat Trike, sending K.O. flying.
Enid K.O.!
Rad I gotcha, little buddy!
K.O. suddenly crashes onto Rad who fails to catch him. Fink rides her Rat Trike all over the Plaza parking lot, destroying one of the cars.
Enid That little brat is gonna burn the plaza parking lot to the ground unless we stop her!
Rad You'd think a tricycle wouldn't be that powerful. I mean, it's only got three stupid wheels.
K.O. (gasps) Rad! It's only got three wheels! If we can take out that tiny wheel in front...
Enid We can destabilize the whole thing, and she'll lose control!
Rad (surprised) Wow!
K.O. And I think I have just the thing for the job!
K.O. takes a glance at a leftover pile of used umbrellas at the bogeda entrance. Fink laughs evilly as she rides her Rat Trike before she notices Rad.
Rad (sends the umbrella with his levitating beam) Sorry to rain on your parade.
Enid But the forecast says -- (sends the another umbrella with a kick) Hyah!
K.O. holds an umbrella and floats down from the air.
K.O. (with a Cockney accent) You're in for a spot o'pain, luv.
K.O. throws down the umbrella. Fink quickly closes her eyes but notices three umbrellas didn't attack her.
Fink Ha! (notices the handle of the Rat Trike in her hand and turns to see the third wheel with three umbrellas sticking into it) What? Crud.
Fink screams as she is about to crash into Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous, sending the defeated three villains over to Boxmore.
Enid Heh. Nice.
Rad Yeah, that was pretty...
K.O. Awesome.
Cuts to Lord Boxman, Professor Venomous, and Fink after defeated by K.O., Rad, and Enid
Professor Venomous I loved every moment of that.
Fink Box Boss! How'd you make a bike that shreds like that?!
Lord Boxman I've taken myself out go-karting for every single one of my birthdays.
Fink Make me another! Make me another!
Lord Boxman If I can scrap together a few more parts, I can make 10 more!
Boxman and Fink laugh evilly
Boxman Oh, yeah!
Professor Venomous Boxman, I've been so bored for so long. The supervillainy I've gotten into is pure dreck. All I do is answer e-mails, make calls. But this... Getting blown up from head to toe, getting these hands dirty!
Lord Boxman Oh, I know! It's just so...
Lord Boxman & Professor Venomous Exhilarating!
Lord Boxman Oh, professor. I just wish every day could be like this. All I want is to be back in my old office, making evil robots and crushing heroes.
Venomous' phone vibrates and Venomous checks to find he got a notificiation of a bag of technos. Venomous gives an evil grin.
Professor Venomous Lord Boxman, as a thanks from me to you, for reminding me time and time again what made me love being a villain in the first place... With my new capital, I will buy Boxmore back from the Board of Villains and put you, Lord Boxman, back in charge as its CEO.
Cuts to Professor Venomous and Lord Boxman with the Board of Villains, Venomous buys Boxmore, and Cosma gives him the key to Boxmore. Later cuts to Boxman entering Lord Cowboy Darrel's office and Darrell gives Boxman a hug and gives him a belt with a buckle that says "Daddy". Boxman somewhat kindly refuses. Boxman has become the CEO of Boxmore and Darrell becomes the henchman once more.
Professor Venomous You and I together will run Boxmore right!
Lord Boxman (shakes hands with Venomous) Thanks, partner.
Boxman and Venomous give an evil laugh. Cuts to the exterior of new Boxmore. K.O. appears out of nowhere, giving the audience a sheepish expression.
K.O. Whoopsie!

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