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Bobo is one of K.O.'s and Dendy's classmates and a minor character in the series.

Physical Appearance

Bobo has light purple skin and a puffed out body. They have purple hair on both sides of their head, along with two small ears on top, and purple eyelids. Bobo has large black glasses. They wear a hot pink cap and a yellow shirt with blue stripes and purple sleeves. They also wear dark violet shorts, short light blue socks, and teal sandals.


Bobo is seen mocking Dendy in "You're a Good Friend, KO", but also praises her later on.

Abilities and Powers

Their attack consists in enchanted burps that float around, and if a hero walks into them, they begin burping non-stop.

Their weakness is math.


"You're Level 100!"

They help K.O. to defeat Big Darrell.

"We've Got Fleas"

They are at a convention where animal characters dress up as humans which meant they are not human.

"Mystery Science Fair 201X"

They were literally suspended outside of school by Ms. Quantum.

"The So-Bad-ical"

They, along with their classmates became a mindless student with Ernesto's rote memorization curriculum. They were freed from Ms. Quantum.

"Whacky Jaxxyz"

They lost a match against Nanini with Whacky Jaxxyz.

Episode Appearances


  • Bobo is the self-insert character of Stevie Borbolla.[3]
  • Bobo shares a similar name to Bo.
  • They and Gregg are the only confirmed characters who are neither male or female and uses they/them pronouns.
  • Prior to their name being revealed in "Mystery Science Fair 201X", they were referred to as "Human costume party kid 2" from their model sheet.
  • They and Genesis are the only classmates of K.O. and Dendy to be wearing their different form majority of the time. However, Genesis' normal form is human.


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