• FreeSpirit98

    For Season 2's planned order, my estimate is The Perfect Meal and Hope This Flies is between Lord Cowboy Darrell and Plaza Film Festival, the rest is lined up by the order they air though the Cartoon Network app, the intended story numbers will be added once all season 2's titles are confirmed.

    Title Planned # Online # Broadcast # Production #
    1044-024 / 1044-025

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  • CNReactionGuy18
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  • CNReactionGuy18

    Don's lines.

    September 28, 2018 by CNReactionGuy18

    Don is a fictional character in OK K.O, ever since Season 2 Episode 64, he doesn't speak anymore because he's now a creature.

    Episode 1

    "Ay, Gar! This is going to be the best day ever!

    "Hey, uh.. Little Kid.. You've been through a lot! So take the day off eh?"

    "It's probably for the best- YAHOOOOO!

    "Same, I've played five games in my entire life."

    "Really..? That's the worst treatment you got gar!"

    Episode 2

    "Actually, I don't think you could be a employee. I won't allow it—"

    "Call Gar! Call anybody! Oh. Never mind. It's not a drill."

    "W-Wha? I'm kicked out of the plaza? (sighs) This little boy ruined my life.."

    Episode 17

    "It's Mother's Day! I'm gonna fully celebrate it with a special present—"

    Episode 24

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  • CNReactionGuy18

    K.O's Playtime 2018

    September 27, 2018 by CNReactionGuy18
    • K.O: Hey there! Remember me? Well guess what? Today is the day where I play with all of my friends! In the next ten days, we'll begin!

    (K.O is packing his bags)

    K.O: That took like.. Five seconds! Anyways, it's about time to begin!

    Rad: I'm excited to see what you'll show us dude.

    K.O: Aww, thanks!


    Drupe: That's nice.. So, this contest/playtime is taking place in a stadium..?


    Enid: That was a weird break.. Wait we skipped forty-three minutes?

    K.O: Wait, did we mi-- I don't get it..


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  • Boy-Yo

    I'm sure some people have seen the new episodes by now. If not, there will be Spoilers.


    So, about the new episodes... I'm not sure about you guys... but I was underwhelmed.

    That's not to say I hated them, but considering so much potential, and how long it took to even get these episodes... it almost felt like it wasn't worth it.

    You may disagree with me, but at least let me go through and explain why I feel the way that I do.

    Final Exams

    I liked the beginning and most of the ending. The middle, however, just felt rushed. Parts like character motivations and answers we got just seemed too quick in places, like Elodie coming back for Enid, the explanation for what Chip Damage is, and Sparko deciding to not go to P.O.I.N.T. any…

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  • Okkofan


    September 12, 2018 by Okkofan

    Yeah pkay I know this is not ok ko 

    But my player name is ok ko fan bye

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  • CloudyLilac

    Um, Hey

    September 8, 2018 by CloudyLilac
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  • Ivy Girl 65

    arrow.ko 2. I have to say that the season is really exciting and motivating.We've known many new heroes and new bad.I waited excitedly for every new episode.Of course, the questions have been raised in my mind.Here are the questions in my mind and the answers I've tried to find in my own mind;

    Who's the shadow character ?:I think the shadow character is Professor Venomous.Technically, everyone knows that Professor venomous is a pessimistic scientist and a pessimistic genetic engineer...But I don't know what to say, I think exactly the opposite of these ideas.There is a promise that I always believe and always stand behind."No one is ever bad at birth,the environment and perhaps the trams he lives in."For example, Lord boxman is a good man w…

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  • FreeSpirit98

    Hello, I'm writing this reflection on based on my wiki account turning one year old and the start of one year editing on this wiki. This will include a reflection, some thanks, and future projects I will be adding onto.

    My reflection being a user on this great wiki. The show I like to watch (and the avatar I have as I'm writing this). As I gain knowledge of editing in the wiki. It comes to great knowledge of knowing how things work and what info to add. With creation of pages, I aim to keep up to date with episodes as I created episode pages to have them set for me or anyone wanting to edit them. As I had added some regulations regarding wiki content, I try to make them clear and consistent so that it will make things efficient for the futu…

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  • Midnight Sparkle 56

    Sun light Lady and matrix book:

    The true identity of the sun light lady is Elsa montage.Valentina's mother.Unfortunately, she couldn't raise her own daughter.Because the accident that happened in his last war was also incarcerated in the matrix book.That's what happened.:

    The Lady of sunlight was fighting Foxtail,her greatest enemy.Foxtail may seem like a great and powerful hero out there.But she was actually a bad woman with dark plans.The Fox girl stole the matrix and tried to steal the other matrix with it.One of his wings was hurt when the Lady of sunlight was fighting him.That's why he had to run.Foxtail had him cornered.The Lady of sunshine was ready for any attack with her staff.Just as foxtail would attack him, the fox girl Matrixsi …

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  • Y2elik

    I have new character ideas for this season.Here are the characters and levels of heroism.

    Shadow Lady:Shadow Lady,a new girl is the hero.Thanks to the shadow matrix, he became the new protector of good.Boxmore fights robots,new bad characters, and most importantly Shadow characters.At the same time, he guides to the Ivy girl he has trained as a hero and gives him all his experiences.No matter what happens, he never thinks about giving up.Forces snow and ice magic,memory wiping,telekineesis,sharp sword assortment,unarmed fighting,object creation(e.g. new Defense tools, techno money,transport tool).v.b.)bat wings,costume change,music magic,moving your hair and ability to control,power shield,fairy wings,invisibility,mind reading,magic of love…

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  • Y2elik

    My favorite 10 arrows.Ko character:

    10-rad action:when I learn that rad action is a color warrior, I have to say that I am proud of it.And it came from 301x.It's a little surprising,because it's a big desire to come from a distant future.But I think it's a great year in 201x.And it was a great virtue to correct his mistake.Red looks good on her as a hair color.Besides, I think he's got some great friends.

    9-Carla:I think Carla is very kind and sweet.I love your outfit.A suit and stylish outfit for a complete computer engineer.Even in the worst possible case, he can still look at the best part of things.Moreover, I think we can learn a lot from him about the power cards.I've met a semi-animal computer engineer for the first time, which adds a…

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  • Y2elik

    5 Matrix Magic

    August 6, 2018 by Y2elik

    The true secret and power of the matrix:Once Upon a time, peace and peace prevailed everywhere in the world.But one day, another magical power came to earth before the Meteor with the color crystals.It was a tree, and the magic bright spheres were flying around.There was a star-shaped talisman in the middle of the tree, and within this talisman there were 5 matrix with magical powers.These were dark Matrix,Ivy Matrix,Fox girl Matrix,Shadow matrix, and sunlight Matrix.

    1-dark Matrix:The Dark Matrix represents evil and loneliness.And one of the greatest strengths of the dark matrix is to feed on people's greatest fears and weaknesses.How much negative energy means a lot of power for a lot of evil.But the person who uses the dark matrix is not…

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  • ReidoBandito2


    August 5, 2018 by ReidoBandito2

    Sup OK KO Wiki? I'm ReidoBandito2! (but you can call me Reido) I saw a few episodes of the show and I liked it. Some of you know me from another wiki.

    This is my first time on this wiki and I hope to meet new friends on here

    I will probably join the discord server as well

    Anyways, I hope to have a good time on here.

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  • Y2elik

    Shawody lady

    August 4, 2018 by Y2elik

    Name:Shadow lady.

    Special Forces:teleportation,invisibility,telekinesis,having all martial arts in the universe,creating snow and ice,super speed,moving your hair and increasing it on demand,creating objects and objects and changing sounds.

    True identity:Professor Valentina.

    Personality:Professor Valentina,formerly a point student.The languages of Science,mathematics,history of bravery,Chemistry and heroism were his favorite lessons in point.Foxtrail is her mother...I mean, he thinks so.He loves anime art.Behaves differently in each environment.At a business meeting he is very serious and cool,caring and helpful in Plaza,anxious and nervous at science fairs,and when Mrs. Kuantum has become a substitute teacher for his students,he helps them, …

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  • Okkofan


    July 23, 2018 by Okkofan

    Is anybody excited for the new crossover event?

    The only things we know though is that raven

    Garnet  ben and ko tell me what

    You think in the comments

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  • FreeSpirit98

    Hey guys, I want to tell you this that this wiki turned 5 years old! Yep, the wiki turned 5 as of this day.

    This is somewhat of my basic knowledge of this wiki. So, this will be short.

    Since July 7, 2013, the wiki was founded by a user named QuestionRules who has been the earliest wiki editors of this wiki. However, by the time he made a last edit from 2014, the wiki has not been edited since that time between 2014-2015, most likely due to no Lakewood Plaza Turbo/OK K.O.! content released that time.

    Since 2016 (one year before the show premiered), some of the OK K.O.! content has been released, which was the shorts which would spike activity in the wiki.

    However, due to founder's inactivity on the wiki, the wiki was eligible for adoption in a …

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  • Chrismouse

    Picking up at TKO's House and then diving into the unreleased episodes, here's part 2!!

    TKO's House was a really strong episode and made me really like TKO. It was nice to see him working in harmony with KO and having them figure out their problems together. It left me really curious about Shadowy Figure's deal with the glorbs, too. I also like how KO and TKO seem to have a brotherly relationship now. I was nervous about TKO's motivations after You're in Control, but now I see he really is a part of KO.

    I liked Special Delivery. We don't get to see Rad and Enid interacting without KO very often, and they got some good development. I don't have much to say about it other than that it was a solid episode.

    Now, the P.O.I.N.T. Prep arc... As Enid…

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  • Chrismouse

    Let me just say, I took a break from OK K.O. for a while to focus on my schoolwork, but I watched all the Season 2 episodes that have been released so far and I am SO GLAD to be caught up!

    First, I'll comment on the officially released stuff (from "Seasons Change" to "Dendy's Power").

    I found the first twelve episodes this season to range in quality from "cute and fun" (Plaza Film Festival) to REALLY AWESOME (Your World is an Illusion and TKO's House).

    I think it's cool that Carol and Mr. Gar are dating! They really seem to care about each other and KO loves them both. Their relationship has come a long way. On that note, I hope we'll get to learn more about Gar and Carol, or at least more about their time in POINT.

    I'm glad Boxman at least re…

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  • Okkofan


    June 30, 2018 by Okkofan

    Every one join discord its easy and fun

    Theres tons of rooms so if you dont like one room 

    Then join another my favorite room is

    This room the ok ko room

    And don't forget to have fun on this wiki

    And dont spam! 

    Regards okko fan

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  • RedLightningStrike


    June 29, 2018 by RedLightningStrike

    I have barely been on this wiki and am super inactive. I hope to catch up on this show and what's going on. Also, what is this new font on the wiki? I personally dislike it.

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  • Candysaga

    Ok ko bomb

    June 28, 2018 by Candysaga

    I cant wait for the new ok ko bomb and 

    Whats funny is that its right next to a su bomb:)

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  • MinerCraf1er

    Look at my avatar right now, I have a mustache! Dont you think its cool? Rate it at a #/5, #/10, or #/100 in the comments below. BECAUSE I TRIED TO LOOK BETTER!! sry i was just excited. Anyway, you should update your avatar as well. Dont leave your avatar in the garbage.

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  • MinerCraf1er

    Hello everyone! This is my first blog post. I really love this wiki. I started this wiki because I saw this wiki and I joined the minecraft wiki already and I watch the new show. Well, thats all I have to say.

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  • Mega095


    May 20, 2018 by Mega095

    After tko’s house I’m excited. What if S.K.O. gets his own equivalent of Turbo? What if S.K.O. takes over from K.O. as the main character of the series? so many possibilities! Just imagine Turbo S.K.O. . God strength.

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  • Chrismouse

    Haewon Lee Art

    May 13, 2018 by Chrismouse

    I couldn't upload these images to the page itself, so I'm uploading them here.

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  • Honey Dew Dew 12

    Is anyone else pumped up for the new season of OK K.O.? I know I am. So many changes have happened since the season 1 finale; Darrell becoming the head of Boxmore, K.O. becoming level 1, Boxman getting fired into the sun, and SO much more. I can only imagine the things that will happen during the new episodes of OK K.O.!

    I don't have any predictions myself, by I'm looking forward to the future, while also trying to contain the monstrous amount emotions I have locked up in my subconscious.

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  • FreeSpirit98


    April 24, 2018 by FreeSpirit98

    Ok. So this is a blog where I want to talk about how I'm progressing at the Wiki so far, here it goes.

    I would like to say that I have been helpful with fulfilling my admin/bureaucrat duties so far, with trying to add some content to pages, and I have little involvement with galleries (which I will point out in the next paragraph are so), and the transcripts. I would like to say that I have been improving the wiki at where things go, changes needing to be made and utilizing the proper features in order to make the wiki improve as a community with trying to get some things done.

    I would like to say that after months of doing transcripts for the episodes, I have finally completing the transcripts for Season 1. They are a biggie to deal with if…

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  • CleffaGirl


    April 12, 2018 by CleffaGirl

    I found one of my best friends on here! I'm so happy! Hi Em! I love you!

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  • Ducklover101

    Ko made the deal that Tko will no longer be in a cage. But have a punching bag, so that Ko can use Tko powers while Tko has a punching bag to beat it up. This means that Tko has the power to go and control the body whenever he wants to. Soo this isn't the last of Tko. I am thinking that Tko will have more screen time in season 2. And Ko can't do anything because Tko said in the deal "no take backs". Before there, hands get  lock into a chain. Ko can't do anything to stop Tko problem. So I think near the end of season 2, Ko and Tko are going To be two different people. Ko for the good side and Tko for the bad side. 

    Sources: My very own comment. So if you see this same thing in ok ko video, it's me okay.

    And I don't think that boxman died. I …

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  • Lophornis

    Check out the discussion happening, to vote on what you think should be done with the Boxmore list of relatives, on characters' infoboxes.

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  • Chrismouse

    This episode was a LOT to handle! TKO, Dendy, COSMA??? DARRELL?!?!?!? Will any harm come to KO now that he's made this deal? How are they going to fix the plaza after a fight of that magnitude? What on earth is going to happen to Boxmore now that you-know-who has taken over? What will the other villains think about you-know-who's evil act???? Was KO the only one whose power level changed... or has someone else's gotten lower? And the biggest question of all... ARE THEY REALLY DEAD??????

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  • Ducklover101

    The OK KO season 1 finale airs TONIGHt @6; 25 pm!!! Its been sooo long since the Midseason Finale! (like 7 months)

    I can't wait to watch it!!!! This gets me more hype than the star vs the forces of evil season 3 finale.( Which I am still hyped for!!! Airs tomorrow!)

    TKO is the main star of the ep which everyone is super hyped for! Hopeful we can see Shodawo figure and pro venomous!

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  • HallowFish


    March 31, 2018 by HallowFish


    Um I don't know if this is gonna work.



    Well i have been watching O.K K.O a lot recently and im surprised how much it fits my humor. I guess you wouldn't know what my humor is, BUT if you have watched the show you probably guess what it is. 

    Um, i have to go now...

    This was weird wasn't it.

    Im sorry bye.

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  • GhostGecko

    If you could make an OK K.O.! video game with no restrictions, what would it be like?

    Personally I would go for something similar to Let's Play Heroes but with a wider world to explore, the opportunity to collect all Pow Cards from the show, the option to play as other characters rather than just K.O., more villains to fight and a multiplayer mode.

    I'm interested in knowing what other members of the fandom would like to see in a OK K.O.! game ^^

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  • Froggybite


    March 7, 2018 by Froggybite

    Let's hope i remeber to come on here more. I want to be more into the [[1]] community. I love the show, it's so adorable. My favorite character is K.O. If i do something wrong, please tell me. I dont fully understand too much on where to post or how to follow.

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  • MaverickGuy720

    Hi, Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Maverick aka MaverickGuy720. I’m new here and I just Started watching the show. I thought the show was so good, I’ve decided to join this wiki. My Favorite heroes so far are KO, Radicals, And Punching Judy. And so far, I consider Just be a pebble my favorite episode. So, Yeah, Really excited to be here and I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.

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  • FreeSpirit98

    Oh hello, you came across this blog? Good for you. I am proudly to announce that the Wiki has gotten into social media. Yep, this wiki has two platforms we are using, Twitter and Discord.

    The main wiki has their Twitter account, it is available under the Twitter section of the homepage. But here’s the website anyways. Twitter.

    See this link for more information:!_Wiki:Discord

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  • Boy-Yo

    OK KO just got nominated for an Ursa Major Award, under the category Best Dramatic Series or Short Work. If you wish for OK KO to win, you can help make it happen right here:

    The deadline is the end of March, so choose your time wisely.

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  • Boy-Yo

    I have theories about OK K.O.

    February 28, 2018 by Boy-Yo

    This has been on my mind since Let's Take A Moment, when I was thinking about what was up with Carol and the earpiece, who she is talking to and such. I had one feeling with her that might make her seem not so good. I might say what it is here.

    But I was then thinking about the idea of K.O.'s father. If it ain't Gar or Laserblast, who is it? But then I thought of something that might make sense. We don't know for certain, but Carol might have kept Laserblast's lollipop. She might have felt so hurt that she decided to look into any way to bring him back. Maybe she first went to P.O.I.N.T., and they could have turned her away, or maybe they decided to tell her about someone else who could help. Enter Venomous, who may or may not be related to…

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  • Boy-Yo

    Season 2 Ideas?

    February 28, 2018 by Boy-Yo

    So Season 1 is over (or almost over, as there's the potential episode You're in Control), and now we have Season 2 to think about. I have some general ideas, and I would love to hear ideas from you guys too.

    1: Some more episodes involving background characters: It is nice that Season 1 gave some nice moments for characters that aren't part of the main cast (i.e. Beardo, Dynamite Watkins, Potato, Red Action, RMS 'n Brandon, Mr. Logic), but we could always have more. I'm interested in seeing how Red Action's friends, Drupe and Gregg, would get along with the Hue Troop. I'm curious about what adventures Joff and Nick might go on. Maybe explore why Shy Ninja and Vormulax are enemies. I am also curious about how villains like Cosma and Billiam …

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  • Frostbyte3YTOFFICIAL

    Why are there Missing Transcripts? Isn’t There Someone To Make Those? Me And Entertainment&mediafan98 Literally had to make Transcripts,

    = Almost All Transcripts. Read more >
  • Frostbyte3YTOFFICIAL

    Asia Is So Delayed, In Phillipines (where im now,) IT IS SO DELAYED, WHAT IS WRONG? Ok, I Don’t mean to HATE, Its Just, IM AT PHILLIPINES, AND IT IS DELAYED 1 YEAR LATE. It Says “ All New “ EVEN THOUGHT ITS NOT.


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  • Mango-Pango

    "Age range" as in what age they're programmed to be, regardless of when they were created (so like robo-teen, robo-kid, etc. but with specific numbers)

    • Darrell: 14-15
    • Shannon: 16-17
    • Raymond: 17-19
    • Ernesto: 22-24
    • Jethro: 4-10
    • Mikayla: 11-13
    • Mr. Logic: 19-26

    (Bonus: Enid and Rad (maybe Elodie and Red Action too) are 17-18, Fink is 6-11 (same as KO and Dendy), Potato is 12-14, Carol and Venomous are in their late 30s, and Gar and Boxman are in their (early?) 40s

    idk about the others)

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  • Mango-Pango

    Just some memes that I did out of boredom


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  • MrHacks

    Greetings, Plaza Patrons.

    As you know, using Wikia is fun and informative. We share information about what our heros are doing as well as the plans the villians plot. We talk about the latest episodes and research the origins of references .  And of course the Fanon is there to ship their favorite characters like Boxmore fullfillment center during the holidays (though hopefully on another Wikia).

    Today, I, Mr. Hacks, have some ideas as to how to make the Plaza Wiki a more fun an interactive place.  I propose that infoboxes for the Heros and Villians be ore like Pow-Cards.  Normally we would use our standard Infobox template to fill out information about characters, but I would like to see them flip!  That's right! You can do this using HTML5 …

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  • T.K.O is edgy

    Sup my BOYS

    February 10, 2018 by T.K.O is edgy

    Drinking a can of off brand dr.peper with my bored so there thats my first blog entry.will make more in the future.#ITSNOTAPHASEMOM

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  • Boy-Yo

    Dendy and Mr. Logic?

    February 7, 2018 by Boy-Yo

    So I just watched Mystery Science Fair 201x and Lad & Logic back to back (I'm about to watch OK Dendy after this), and something just hit me.

    Anyone think Dendy and Mr. Logic would become good friends?

    I mean, Mr. Logic thinks logically (of course), Dendy thinks more scientifically. I think they would like to spend time together, talking about what feels logically sound and what science can possibly create.

    Plus, they have a similar speech pattern.

    What do you guys think?

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  • GhostGecko

    If you bought OK K.O. ! Let's Play Heroes on Steam you may come to find that inside the file "StreamingAssets" there are quite the number of documents that contain sprites. 

    Well, you know they are sprites because they show up after a document by the name of "sprites.db", but it's very hard to actually open them up because they're .bank files.

    .bank files are used in video games, oftentimes it's just audio but it can also be animated sprites, however, unlike .assets files they're a pain to access. 

    My main problem with this is that Venomous has his own set of sprites, and his sprites are even heavier than the sprites of most other characters (which would indicate he'd be a recurring character in the game's plot), but as far as I'm aware he ca…

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  • Boy-Yo

    Hello, I’m here to let you guys know that OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes can be nominated for an award, if you guys are willing to nominate it. It might not be much, but it can be good publicity. And no, this ain’t spam. It’s a legitimate online awards ceremony, which has been around since 2000.

    These awards, the Ursa Major Awards, are available for anyone with an email to nominate and then vote for stuff, just as long as it is anthropomorphic, and OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes actually fits the bill. Anyways, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is eligible for Best Dramatic Short Work or Series, and it is very easy to nominate it.

    First, what you do is follow this link:

    Look for the one area to type in your email, it's the seco…

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