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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts off with K.O. eating his food and Carol reading the newspaper while holding a cup of coffee.
K.O. So… who's my dad?
Carol Laserblast.
K.O. makes a spit-take and Carol went surprised. Titlecard appears.
K.O. What?!
Carol I told you this already.
K.O. No, you did not!
Carol I coulda sworn I did...
K.O. Mommy!!
Carol Okay, okay, sorry. Come along, I'll show you something cool.
Carol and K.O. head to her bedroom and Carol opens her closet.
Carol Let's see.
Carol searches through her closet
Carol Aha. Here it is. (gives K.O. Laserblast's helmet) This is your father's helmet.
K.O. Whoa. His head used to go here. I can't believe both my parents were on the same hero team.
Carol Yep. We sure were. Sparks flew on the battlefield between me and Laserblast.
The scene then transitions into a flashback of Carol when she was Silver Spark. She was back to back with Laserblast as they fight the Mecha Lizards.
Carol It wasn't long before we paired up as a couple.
Silver Spark and Laserblast share a kiss.
Carol He was an excellent brawler, but to use that strength, he needed to drain the power of his foes.
Laserblast uses his power to drain the Mecha Lizards.
Carol He was dependent on it.
K.O. (interrupts the flashback story) What? I thought Laserblast's power was his eye-lasers.
Carol Nah, the lasers just came out of his helmet.
Carol shows K.O. by pressing the button of helmet to shoot lasers, the lasers destroy a part of the ceiling.
K.O. Aah!
Carol See? (continues telling K.O. her story about Laserblast) That skill of his got us out of countless binds.
Silver Spark, along with Foxtail, Dr. Greyman, Rippy Roo and El-bow, praises Laserblast after the fight against the Mecha Lizards. However, despite that, Laserblast is displeased for a reason.
Carol But he wanted something stronger.
Silver Spark is sitting on the bed with Laser, trying to comfort him.
Carol No matter how many times I told him that his power was good enough, he was always plagued by dissatisfation.
During the flashback, the scene changes to the exterior shot of the Donuts shop.
Carol He'd overcompensate by rushing into battle without thinking.
Laserblast I'm gonna slip in there and disarm those weapons.
Silver Spark So you'll just go in on your own? That's crazy!
Laserblast Hey! Trust me, I'll be fine. It's not like I'm gonna croak.
The Donuts shop exploded from the inside. Silver Spark and El-bow notice the explosion.
Silver Spark (gasps) Laserblast!
Silver Spark and El-Bow run to the shop. After the Donuts shop suddenly teleported to who knows where, Silver Spark slides down the pit.
Silver Spark Laser! Laserblast! Laser? Laser.
Carol finishes telling K.O. about his father's disappearance 6-11 years ago with a sad look on her face.
Carol And that's how I lost him. (changes her sad look to a happy look; the ding is heard) Not long after that, I found out you were on your way.
K.O. and Carol laugh. K.O. looks at Laserblast's helmet.
K.O. So my father was one of the greatest heroes in hero history?
Carol He sure was. Go ahead, K.O., try it on.
K.O. Aah.
K.O. puts on the helmet.
K.O. (gasps and yells) I can feel Dad's hero blood coursing through my veins! Wahoo!
K.O. dances while vocalizing.
Carol Um... (chuckles) Let's show some respect for the deceased, sweetie.
K.O. continues to dance until his phone rings
K.O. Oh, a call, from Mr. Gar. (answers the call) Hel--
K.O. is interrupted by Mr. Gar.
Mr. Gar K.O., I need you on an urgent solo mission, pronto!
K.O. (gasps) Solo mission?!
Mr. Gar Yeah, Rad and Enid got food poisoning and are too busy throwing up.
K.O. Gross.
Mr. Gar Yep. Besides, you're ready to handle one of these on your own.
K.O. (raises his leg) What's the mission, sir?
Mr. Gar Your assignment -- intercept an illegal glorb deal. Location -- Boxmore.
K.O. leaves and rides his go-kart to go on his solo mission.
K.O. (thinking) What a relief. I don't have to worry about my inner darkness anymore.
K.O. arrives at Boxmore and gets off his go-kart to infiltrate Boxmore and intercept its glorb deal.
K.O (thinking) I was born to be a great hero, just like my dad.
The scenes changes to Lord Boxman with an open briefcase filled with lots of glorbs.
Professor Venomous Perfect. Billiam will be so pleased, and...
Lord Boxman (closes the briefcase and finishes Venomous' sentence) We'll be so rich!
K.O. crashes out from the wall and confronts Venomous and Boxman.
K.O. (yells before landing on the ground) You don't wanna mess with me. I just found out who my daddy is.
Venomous shockly spits his beverage at Boxman's face.
Professor Venomous That helmet!
K.O. tackles Venomous to the ground as Lord Boxman ran in fear.
Lord Boxman Oh, boy!
K.O. That's right, Professor. This helmet belongs to my dad, the famous hero Laserblast! I take it you've heard of him?
Professor Venomous Heard of him?
Professor Venomous began to cackle evilly. Boxman backs away as he sweatdrops.
Lord Boxman Uh-oh.
Venomous grabs K.O. by the shirt. The helmet falls off from K.O. and lands on the ground.
Professor Venomous Boy, take a good look. I am him.
K.O. becomes shocked at this revelation.
K.O. No.
Venomous throws K.O. to the ground. Boxman joins Venomous' side.
Lord Boxman You're doing this now? I thought we were gonna draw it out more, torment him for at least another season--
Professor Venomous (interrupts Boxman) Stop talking and go finish preparations on the glorb deal.
Boxman quacks and salutes before leaving to finish preparations. K.O. slowly clings onto a railway.
K.O. Y-You're lying. You're a villain. And my blood is pure hero.
Professor Venomous (laughs) You really think that to be true? (picks up the helmet) Sorry, K.O. (puts the helmet on) I am your father.
K.O. No. No. (shouts) Mom!!
Meanwhile, Carol is at the kitchen sitting on a chair while reading the newspaper. She suddenly spits her coffee when she heard K.O.
Carol I'm coming, my beautiful boy!
Carol crashes inside Boxmore from the ceiling and tackles Venomous to the floor.
Carol No one is ruining my son's miss-- (gasps as she sees Venomous wearing Laserblast's helmet) How dare you steal Laserblast's helmet, you-- (takes the helmet off Venomous)
K.O. Mommy, wait. That is Laserblast.
Carol looks at Venomous.
Carol Hah. What are you talking about, hon? This is Professor Venomous-s...
Carol becomes confused as she stares at Venomous' face.
Carol Uh... (puts the helmet on Venomous) Uh... (takes the helmet off Venomous) Uh... (puts the helmet on Venomous again)
Professor Venomous How ya doing, Sparks?
Carol (shocked) Laserblast?
Carol takes the helmet off Venomous once more, Venomous laughs.
Carol You-- You're back.
Professor Venomous (takes out a potion from his jacket) I never left.
Venomous breaks the potion to the floor, causing a purple smokescreen. Carol coughs until she finds Venomous nowhere to be seen.
Carol (gasps) Seriously?!
K.O. (points his finger at Venomous, who is trying to sneak away.) Mommy, down there.
Carol Oh, no, you don't, you dirtbag! (tackles and pins Venomous to the ground) Where have you been all these years?
Venomous slithers himself out from Carol's grip. Carol attacks Venomous, only for him to evade calmly.
Carol How could you abandon us like that? (grunts) We thought you were shrunk or teleported or -- or whatever!
Venomous laughs as he continues to dodge Carol's punches.
K.O. I'll help you, Mom. (notices his arm turning into T.K.O.) Wha...
K.O. stares down at his hands.
K.O. (concerned) Oh, no. I really do have villain blood.
Carol Enough! (grabs Venomous by the shirt) Answer me, or I'll destroy you right now.
Professor Venomous Fine, but you're not gonna like it.
Carol Ugh! (pushes Venomous away from her and K.O.)
Professor Venomous (sighs) I had long grown tired of my mediocrity in P.O.I.N.T.
The scene transitions to a flashback where Silver Spark told Laser about his powers.
Professor Venomous You always told me I should be content with the powers I already had. But how could you possibly understand, was so vastly superior?
Cuts to Laserblast entering the Donuts shop.
Professor Venomous I knew P.O.I.N.T. would never approve of my efforts to obtain new powers, so in between missions, I studied up on bioengineering and conducted experiments in secret.
Laserblast leaves his secret lab shortly before Doctor Greyman walks nearby the Donuts shop.
Doctor Greyman (humming) Oh, donuts! (enters the Donuts shop) Whoa. What's all this stuff?
Cuts to Doctor Greyman talking to the members of P.O.I.N.T.
Professor Venomous Suffice to say things would have been very different now if it weren't for... Greyman.
During that time, Laserblast becomes concerned.
Doctor Greyman I've discovered a lab, belonging... to an unknown villain. (opens the briefcase, revealing three orbs) And inside were these weapons.
Silver Spark gasps in amazement.
El-bow Holy...
Doctor Greyman Just allow me to demonstrate. Stand back!
Foxtail, Silver Spark, and El-Bow step back. Cuts to Doctor Greyman holding the red orb.
Doctor Greyman This one, this one here?
The red ball reacts when touched with Greyman's hands and explodes.
Foxtail & Laserblast Doc!
Greyman strains as he tries to use his superpowers to levitate his fedora, but it doesn't work.
Doctor Greyman My powers... they're gone!
Everyone gasps.
Laserblast Guess they were stronger than they looked. What do you say we snag more before they fall into the wrong hands? We could even use them against our foes.
Foxtail Absolutely not. What we need to do is to find the rest and disarm them completely.
Professor Venomous I couldn't risk Foxtail destroying my lab and countless months of research. So on that day, I left you and El-Bow outside while I ran in to cover my tracks.
Cuts to Laserblast giving Silver Spark his lollipop.
El-Bow Ew.
Laserblast See ya in a few, Sparks. You watch her back, all right, El-Bow? (leaves Silver Spark and El-Bow)
Laserblast quickly ran to the Donuts shop in a panic.
Laserblast (panting) Oh, Cob. Oh, Cob.
Laserblast uses his laser from his helmet to destroy some evidences here in the lab.
Professor Venomous But fate, however, had other plans.
Laserblast accidentally drops one of the capsules containing three red balls, causing an expolsion. The sound of the alarm is heard.
Silver Spark (gasps) Laserblast!
Silver Spark and El-bow run to the Donuts shop. Lasblast, without his helmet, is seen lying on the ground.
Laserblast (groans) Huh? (uses his superpowers only to find out much to Laserblast's shock) My powers...they're gone.
Laserblast notices the green ball is activated and quickly goes inside the sewer pipe nearby. As he manages to crawl inside the pipe, he heard the explosion and turns to witness the Donuts shop suddenly floating in the air before it shrinks. Silver Spark and El-Bow also witness the fate of the Donuts shop.
El-Bow Uh...
The shrunken Donuts shop suddenly teleports.
El-Bow Silver Spark--
Silver Spark (runs) Laserblast!
Professor Venomous I was going to crawl back out, but then I heard you.
Silver Spark Laser! (slides down the pit) Laserblast! Laser? Laser.
El-Bow Aah! (falls onto the ground) Oof.
El-Bow walks to Silver Spark.
El-Bow Silver.
Silver Spark He wasn't powerful enough to survive something like this.
Laserblast becomes astonished and hurt by Silver Spark's words.
Professor Venomous Just as I suspected. I couldn't bear to face you, couldn't stand the thought of you lying through your teeth. about the power you said I had.
Cuts to K.O., Carol and the disheartened Professor Venomous.
Professor Venomous After I lost everything in that explosion, in that predicament, what purpose could I serve as a teammate? As a partner? As a father? So I went into hiding.
Cuts to another flashback of Laserblast doing some experiments on himself.
Professor Venomous I spent ages desperately trying to regain the powers I'd lost. Nothing worked.
Laserblast changes drastically. He lost muscle mass and his body turns purple. Now known as Professor Venomous, he is sitting on the stool.
Professor Venomous And yet, through all my miserable failures, I'd made big developments in areas of great value to a market I hadn't considered...
Cut to Venomous is making an experiment and sells it to Billiam Milliam.
Professor Venomous ...villains. It wasn't until I'd struck it rich selling my goods to all those crooks that I realized something very important.
The last flashback ends and cuts to the scene of Professor Venomous smiling darkly.
Robot Payment from Billiam Milliam received.
Technos are raining down.
Professor Venomous You don't need powers to have power!
Professor Venomous laughs evilly as the pillar brings him up to the skylight.
Professor Venomous Now then, if you'll excuse me, I have a delivery to make.
The cannon is set up besides Venomous. Boxman is in it.
Lord Boxman Cannons aimed for Billiam's, P.V. (gives Venomous the helmet) You ready to blast off?
Professor Venomous Yes, I think we're done here... unless...
Cuts to K.O. struggling as he tries to not to unleash T.K.O.
Professor Venomous K.O., does the villain in your blood beckon you?
K.O. gasps as he looks up at Venomous.
Professor Venomous How'd you like to join Daddy at work today?
Carol How dare you even ask that, you slimeball? You think we want anything to do with you after everything-- (notices K.O. walking towards Venomous) Huh? What are you doing?
K.O. He's the worst evil I've ever fought, but if he really is my dad, then that means there's some of him in me. And maybe learning from him about that part of myself will help me learn about T.K.O., too. I think I need to do this. (turns to Carol) So can I go, Mommy? Please, please, please?
Carol Uh... (sighs) All right, peanut, I'll support you. However, didn't you already agree to Mr. Gar's mission today?
K.O. (gasps) That's right! (turns up to Professor Venomous) Hey, Professor, um, any chance we could reschedule?
Professor Venomous Mm, how 'bout weekends?
K.O. (turns to his mom and nods) Hmm.
Carol (sighs) Yeah, whatever. But right now, (smacks her fist) it's Tuesday.
K.O. And on Tuesdays, we kick villain butt.
Carol runs towards the pillar Venomous and Boxman are standing on and grabs it with her bare hands.
Professor Venomous Whoa, aah!
Carol throws the pillar into the air. K.O. and Carol jump onto the sky and deliver two Power punches; K.O.'s Power Punch is blue while Carol's is purple. With that, the explosion explodes and Professor Venomous and Lord Boxman were flying backwards, defeated. Lord Boxman crosses his arms with a disappointed look on his face.
Lord Boxman Told you we should have drawn out the reveal.
Boxman and Venomous suddenly crash onto the plant as it falls down and causes an explosion. Carol holds K.O. in her arms and both land on a cloud nearby. The cloud that carries the two flies away. K.O. looks down and sighs.
Carol Are you okay, K.O.?
K.O. You know, I really never expected to have villain blood in me.
Carol Aw, sweetie.
K.O. But it doesn't matter. I choose to be a hero, like you.
Carol sighs in relief. They both hug each other.
Carol I love you, K.O. You're my hero. (picks up K.O. in the air) And you know what heroes get?
K.O. Ooh, ooh, what do they get?!
Carol Ice cream at Weiner Kabob!
K.O. laughs in joy as he and Carol head to Weiner Kabob. The jingle for Weiner Kabob is heard.
Weiner Kabob Jingle ♪ Yum, yum, Weiner Kabob ♪
K.O. Yay!

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