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"Big Reveal" is the 11th episode of Season 3 of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, the 103rd episode overall, and the mid-season three finale.[1]

Official Synopsis

K.O. finds out who his father is.[2]


K.O. eats a bowl of oatmeal while Carol reads a newspaper. K.O. asks who his dad and Carol calmly replies with "Laserblast". K.O. spits out his meal. Carol shows K.O Laserblast's helmet and tells a story, then Mr. Gar calls K.O to go on a mission, To go stop Boxman making a deal with Professor Venomous! Then later finding out that Professor Venomous is Laserblast and K.O's dad.




  • When Ian Jones-Quartey tweeted about the July 26 episode batch, the episode's title card was censored along with the title due to its big spoiler nature.
  • It was revealed that Lord Boxman had known about Professor Venomous' true identity.

Production Notes

  • Ian Jones-Quartey and Toby Jones stated in a What A Cartoon! podcast that this was the last episode they had outlined before they got news that Season 3 was cut to 20 episodes since they planned on having 40 episodes.
    • In the same podcast, it was revealed from the outline that the episode was originally going to be a half hour episode and would have served as the 19th/20th episode of the season. The reason for the change to accommodate the 20 episode count was that the show crew preferred the 11-minute version because it felt that some parts didn't contribute much to the story and the parts could have been made as a separate 11-minute episode plot.[3]
      • The joke that Lord Boxman said about how he and Professor Venomous was going to draw the reveal out more and torment K.O. for at least another season may have stemmed from that production change the show crew faced.
        • The Owl House from Disney did a similar jab at their network in the episode "O Titan, Where Art Thou" as they were another show that was prematurely cancelled with a shortened third season.
    • In the 22-minute draft version, it included a huge battle in the pipes and corridors under the Plaza and K.O. wearing Laserblast's helmet in front of Mr. Gar which was gonna freak him out.[4]
    • It was revealed that Mr. Gar's role would have been a bit larger in the 22-minute version. The main considerations for the 11-minute version is that Carol's reaction is much more important, the episode should not become a "Gar vs. Venomous dad-battle, and that the story should reflect around K.O.'s feelings.[5]
    • Professor Venomous being Laserblast as well as being K.O.'s biological father was planned from the start of the series similar to how Rebecca Sugar from Steven Universe kept quiet about Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond until "A Single Pale Rose" was written and boarded.


Cultural References

  • When Professor Venomous says to K.O. "I am your Father!", it was a reference to Star Wars: Episode V, when Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) says to Luke Skywalker that he is Luke's father.



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