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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts with the Plaza. However, no one is around until a note on the Bodega's door that said "At the beach". Titlecard appears. The scene cuts to the Cool Sun drinking his beverage and K.O. is wearing his swim trunks sweeping at Mr. Gar's Cabana. K.O. humming, look at the crab and gives a thumb up. The crab gives a thumb-up, too. K.O. chuckles.
Rad Yeah, so, they're flip flips but, you know, with rockets on them. It's great.
Dolph Finn chirping.
Enid Thank you for shopping at Gar's Cabana. Have a beach-tastic day.
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon get action boogieboards.
Brandon Woop woop!
K.O. Hi, Enid!
Enid Hey, beach bum. Did you finish your sweeping?
K.O. Mm-hmm.
Enid Oh yeah? Hmm. Sounds like we've all been working pretty hard here at the Cabana. I think we could use a break. Sound like beach time to me.
K.O. Beach time?
Rad Yeah, so I don't even get commission for this…
Rad hears K.O.'s word of "beach time" and gets excited, shoves Dolph Finn.
Rad Beach time!
K.O. building a sand castle.
K.O. Hey, Rad, look at my castle!
Rad building a sand statue of Rad, looks at K.O.'s sand castle.
Rad What? Darn it, how come yours is so much better than mine?
K.O. Okay, time to fill up this moat.
K.O. looks at the bucket of water.
K.O. Are you ready to be a moat, little buddy?
Baby Wave Uh-huh.
K.O. laughing, pouring the baby wave in the moat of his sand castle.
K.O. Ah, the perfect moat. Thank you so much.
Cool Sun is relaxing. The bodega gang are eating. In a minutes, K.O. and Rad are flying kites while Enid is relaxing on the water.
K.O Ooh, I can't feel my toes.
Enid is riding on the bike, K.O. in Enid's bike basket and Rad is skating.
Rad Yeah!
Enid Keep up, slowpoke!
In the beach, Enid inhales and exhales deeply.
Enid Great, finally some time to myself. I'm gonna so some serious spiritual training.
Enid humming, practicing her ninja jutsu by imaging Corn Shepard.
Rad Cannonball!
Rad splashes on Enid. He and K.O. laughing.
K.O. That splash was huge!
Rad There's more where that came from, squirt?
Rad splashes at K.O.
Rad Hyah!
K.O. splashing at K.O., shouting. Enid jumps to the ocean, make her hair shape like a shark's fin, charging at Rad and K.O. and make a big splash at them.
Enid Aah! Yeah, how do you like that? Shrimps.
Rad and K.O. got splash, getting up and coughing. They laughing now until the big wave is coming.
K.O. and Rad What?
Raymond Greetings, Lakewood landlubbers.
Shannon Prepare to meet your aquatic annihilation!
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond shouting while surfing, making the wave splash at K.O., Rad and Enid. K.O. spit water, Rad have sand on his face and Enid have a starfish on her face.
Rad Box Bots? What are you doing at the beach? Raymond's not even wearing a swimsuit!
Raymond rips his skin off, exposing his pink G-string/thong/speedo.
Raymond Ha!
Rad gasps, blushed.
Raymond You beached buffoons need to hang 10 on out of here.
Shannon 'Cause you're currently trespassing on the site of Boxmore's newest landfill!
Shannon shows the sign: "Trashmore, coming soon".
K.O., Rad and Enid Trashmore, coming soon?
Darrell Yeah! So say aloha to your precious beach!
Rad Say hello to our precious beach?
Darrell kicks a sand at Rad.
Rad Aah!
Darrell It also means goodbye!
Mr. Gar Hey!
Mr. Gar and Carol as lifeguards coming in the beach. K.O., Enid and Rad are confused. The Boxbots are confused, too.
Mr. Gar No kicking sand around this bay!
Mr. Gar removes his sunglasses.
Mr. Gar Not on our watch.
Darrell kicks the sand on Mr. Gar's face. Mr. Gar groans. Carol picks him up in the cabana.
Shannon Great work, Darrell. Without the lifeguards, there's no one to stop us from taking over this entire beach!
Darrell laughs.
K.O. Think again, Boxbutts! This beach is here for everyone to enjoy!
Enid Get ready for a total wipeout.
Rad We challenge you to a...
Announcer B-b-beach battle!
Title: Beach Battle. Bell dings.
Crinkly Wrinkly Round one! It's volleyball time. Spike it up, buddies.
The bodega trio and Boxbots in the volleyball battle. Rad throws the volleyball.
Rad Extreme volleyball!
Darrell hits the volleyball. K.O. hits it. Shannon transform into a hand and hits the volleyball. Raymond hits it, Rad hits it and Shannon hits it. The bodega trio and Boxbots breathing heavily.
Shannon Brother! Finish this.
Raymond Hm!
Raymond throws the volleyball and hit it hard.
Raymond Beach sports!
The volleyball is getting close to Enid, but Enid is hitting, getting close to the ground.
Enid Aaah!
Enid hits the volleyball.
Enid Aah!
K.O. hits the volleyball. The Boxbots are getting close to hit the volleyball, but they bump into each other. The Boxbots are fighting and the bodega trio cheering.
Crinkly Wrinkly Round two. Time to limbo. How low can you go?
Crinkly Wrinkly goes under the limbo, laughing.
Rad Ha! We just have to walk under a stick? Let me handle this.
Rad goes under the limbo, but his muscles gets him stuck.
Rad Huh? No! Curse these muscles of mine.
Raymond laughing.
Raymond Let's show these tourists how it's done.
Crinkly Wrinkly changes the limbo to low. Raymond sighs, goes under the limbo, but his nose makes him fall down. Crinkly Wrinkly changes the limbo to low. Enid grunting to get under the limbo, but sneezes and transform into a log, sighs. Crinkly Wrinkly changes the limbo to low. Darrell straining to go under but get stuck. Crinkly Wrinkly changes the limbo to low.
Enid All right, K.O., you're the only one small enough to get under there.
Rad Yeah, not even the Boxbots can limbo that hard. It'll be automatic win!
K.O. Okay!
K.O. goes under the limbo, whimpering.
K.O. I did it!
K.O.'s hair tip makes the limbo stick fall down. He is sobbing.
Rad Aw, don't cry, buddy.
Enid Yeah, it just means this round is a draw. We're still up by one.
Shannon Ahemp.
Darrell and Raymond removes Shannon's head. K.O., Enid and Rad shuddering. Shannon's head rolls under the limbo. Darrell and Raymond cheering, carrying Shannon's head.
Darrell and Raymond Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Crinkly Wrinkly Okay, daddios. Time for round 3. The ultimate beach band battle. It all comes down to this. It's gonna be cools-ville.
Audience cheers and applause. K.O. have a ukele, Enid have a bongo and Rad have a drum. Darrell have a tambourine, Shannon have a drum and Raymond have a guitar. The audience cheering until the shadow of a giant wave. All the audience gasps.
K.O., Rad and Enid Huh?
Raymond Egad.
A Real Magic Skeleton, Brandon and Diving Belle A giant wave?
The giant wave crashes the beach.
Enid Beach time is gonna be over for good. Where will we go to slack off from slacking off?
Darrell How's daddy supposed to dump his junk here if there's no here left?
K.O. Guys! If we want to defeat this gnarly wave, we're gonna have to put our differences aside and work together.
Rad, Enid disagrees, Darrell shocks and Shannon smug.
Raymond Brother, sister, this disgusting little urchin was right. Teamwork is the only weapon that will best this beast!
Shannon Ugh. Fine. But only so we can keep kicking your bodega butts.
Darrell and Shannon place their hands on Raymond's hand.
K.O. Rad, Enid. Pweeeease!
Enid sighs.
Enid All right, all right. We're in, too.
Enid places her hand on the Boxbots' hands.
Rad And then we'll kick your butts.
Rad places his hand on the Boxbots' hands.
K.O. chuckles, places his hand on Boxbots' hands.
Raymond Cowabunga.
K.O. Um, wait. How are we going to fight a wave?
Raymond It won't be like one of our regular "Bodega Brawls". I know that wave. That's King Wavezilla.
People shouting by the attack of King Wavezilla.
Raymond The perfect wave.
Raymond's flashback.
Raymond Once when I was doing my sports research, I went scouring the planet for the gnarliest, most crest crests. Our paths crossed. I gave it all I had, but even I was not enough.
Raymond's flashback ends.
Raymond If we want to beat this wave, we'll have to truly shred.
Darrell, Shannon and Raymond grabs the surfboards. They and K.O., Rad and Enid are surfing to fight against King Wavezilla.
Enid This thing's got too many heads.
Shannon transform her hands into buzz saws.
Shannon I'll take care of that.
Shannon jumps and the rips one of King Wavezilla's heads.
Shannon Aah!
King Wavezilla's head repairs.
Shannon Uh-oh.
Enid Aah!
K.O. Guys, I don't know if fighting it is gonna...
Darrell transform his hand into a laser cannon, laughing.
Darrell See how you like eating my laser, you big wet worm!
Darrell shoots laser at the head of King Wavezilla, but it's not effected.
K.O. and Darrell Oh.
King Wavezilla crashes K.O. and Darrell.
Rad I don't know if this is gonna work, man.
Raymond Try to keep up, shoobie.
Raymond surfing.
Rad Aaah!
Raymond Yeah, hoo-hoo-hoo!
Raymond surfing around and around.
Rad Whoa! It's no use! We got to bail, man!
Raymond No. I must confront fear!
King Wavezilla crashes Rad and Raymond, splashing all of them.
Raymond What am I missing?
Shannon Maybe we should sacrifice something to appease the wave.
Shannon looks at K.O. and Rad behind her, but Enid backs them up.
Enid That won't be necessary.
Shannon Well, it wants something.
K.O. looks at his sandcastle with the baby moat.
K.O. That's it!
K.O. picks up the baby water from his sandcastle moat and comes to the ocean.
K.O. King Wavezilla!
King Wavezilla roars.
K.O. I know you're not an evil wave. You're just an angry wave! Angry because you've lost your baby!
K.O. shows the baby water.
Baby wave Mama!
King Wavezilla becomes sad and reaches their wave hand. K.O. throws the baby water.
Baby wave Mama!
Baby wave and King Wavezilla comes to each other, they're now leaving. K.O. waving.
K.O. Goodbye, Wavezilla, and baby Wavezilla!
The plaza people cheering.
K.O. Now they're leaving to find a new island to call home.
Raymond You, small child. Surfer to surfer, I have to respect you for understanding the wave better than any of us.
Darrell Yeah! You totally kicked that wave's butt!
Shannon Not bad for a little kid, I guess.
K.O. Compliment?
K.O. gasps.
K.O. Wow.
K.O. straining to shake Raymond's hand.
K.O. Thanks, guys. That's so nice. Maybe when we get back at the plaza, we can all be friends and get some ice cream and... and play videos game, and it'll be so much f...
The wind blowing, the Boxbots are turning into dusts, leaving Raymond's hand for K.O. He is shocked.
Enid Ooh, looks like all the salt water rusted them away from the inside.
Enid pats K.O. on the head.
Enid Sorry, little guy. Wasn't meant to be.
Rad Yeah, K.O., it wasn't meant to be.
Rad brought a sparkler.
Rad It's time to party! Look, I brought sparklers!
K.O. looks at the sparkler, gasps. He drop Raymond's hand and took a sparkler from Rad's hand. K.O. smiles. The plaza people are laughing.
Rad This beach is great!
K.O. comes to the beach and shows the sparkler to Carol and Mr. Gar. The end.

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