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Battleburg 3K is a place in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes that was seen on a map. It is just above Danger Zone 2, which is above the Neutral Territory. Battleburg 3K is also exposed to be a big river and has many little peninsulas in the water. It could possibly be a war ground or a villain territory, as the name suggests.


  • It is unknown why Battleburg has "3K" at the end of it.
  • There are two (probably three) brown areas that are not named that come out of Battleburg, attached by thin roadways.
  • In the episode "Action News", it is said that Lord Boxman has been buying items from Battleburg, along with Neo Riot City and the Danger Zone.
    • Battleburg 3K was referenced just as "Battleburg", without the "3K".
  • Battleburg has not been explored in the show.
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