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Speaker Dialogue
(The short starts off with K.O. mopping while Mr. Gar comes with in a jetpack.)
Mr. Gar K.O.! We just got a big new shipment. I need you to open every last crate and barrel in the warehouse.
K.O. Okay.
Mr. Gar And, K.O., don’t forget to follow procedure.
K.O. (Enters the break room) Whoa. (The procedure appears) “Get a crowbar. Open containers.” But I don’t got no crowbar.
Rad (Reads magazine) Eh, order doesn’t really matter.
K.O. (Punches a crate spilling coins) Do we— Do we sell money?
Rad We sell a lot of things, kid.
(K.O. continues to punch barrels and crates and gets some items.)
K.O. Hey, we do sell a lot of things. (Laughs and continues to punch barrels and crates) Wha-cha! A turkey dinner! With all the trimmings! (A K.O. cutout says hi) Aah!
Rad Relax, K.O., don’t overthink it. (Eats a K.O.)
K.O. Got to focus. If I don’t push myself to the limit, I’ll never find a crowbar. And my honor will be forever tarnished. (Stacks crates) There we go. (Smashes crates with his feet)
Rad You find a crowbar yet?
K.O. No. But I found this crow bard. (Crow bard caws)
Rad Why do we even stock those?
K.O. Huh? (Notices that a barrel tuns into a crate and vice-versa as he smashes it) What? Hear my words, invisi-crate, I will clobber you! (Punches the crate and creates an explosion) Ooh! (A crowbar shows up) Yes, I got the crowbar!
Rad Wow, K.O., you actually found one.
K.O. Yes! Now I can open everything in a less interesting way! (Shows a mess in the break-room) Oh.
Mr. Gar What happened here? I thought I told you to follow procedure.
K.O. But, Mr. Gar, I opened all the boxes and got the crowbar. The order doesn’t matter, right?
Mr. Gar Who in blazes told you that?!
(Rad walks away.) [THE END]

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