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Speaker Dialogue
Enid is sitting at the counter of Gar’s, Enid sighs, scrolls through social media on her phone.
Enid Man, Red Action’s way too cool for 201X. Why would she come all the way from the future to hang out in this dumb plaza? Bet the future’s got cooler food, cooler hangouts, cooler...girls?
Enid zooms in on a picture of Red Action with an unknown girl. A notification pops up that reads “1 NEW PHOTO”. Enid clicks it and a new image appears, showing Red Action taking a selfie with Enid in the background.
Enid Heh. Enid, as if she’d ever wanna hang out with you. W-wait, what?! H-how? Why?
Red Action Heya!
Title card appears.
Red Action Hey, Enid.
Enid U-uh, w-welcome, t-to, G-Gar-
Red Action Oh, gimme one of these gum things. Thanks. Uh, so, I’m hangin’ out around the parking lot today, and all my friends bailed on me, sooo…
Enid Are you...asking me to hang out?
Red Action blows a raspberry.
Red Action It’ option. I mean, do whatever you want
Red Action flicks a Techno into Enid’s hand.
Red Action Either way, I’ll be around.
Red Action exits the store.
Enid Oookay, what was that about?
K.O. pops out from behind the counter.
K.O. Red Action!! A rogue warrior from the future, wants to hang out with you!
Enid I barely know her, she’s probably just messing with me. Hey, she didn’t even take her gum!
Cuts to Enid outside Gar’s.
Enid Hey Red, I brought your-
Enid bumps into Red Action.
Enid Guh!
Red Action Hey.
Red Action blows a bubble.
Enid Your gum. But you left-
Enid looks at her hand, which is now empty.
Enid How-?
Red Action chuckles.
Enid Oh. Okay! Well, uh, so what did you wanna do first? Arcade, or…?
Red Action Actually, I was just gonna go for a ride. You know, nothin’ big.
Enid giggles nervously.
Enid Where are you parked?
Red Action Turn around. Actually, can you cover your ears too?
Enid Okay! This is fun!
Red Action looks side to side, making sure nobody is around.
Red Action Red! Action! Hovertank, goooo!
A futuristic vehicle drops from the sky.
Enid Um, okay. I think I’m gonna turn around. Dang!! Does everyone in the future have stuff like this?
Red Action Nope, just me, haha! C’mon.
Enid So, like, where we gonna go, anyway?
Red Action Hm, you seem like a girl who likes thrills.
Enid Ohohoho, heck yeah! Thrills are the best!
Red Action How ‘bout we cruise through the Danger Zone?
Enid The Danger Zone?!
Red Action speeds off.
Enid Uh, heh. So, why’d you travel from 301X to our time, anyway?
Red Action Enough questions. Let’s liiive!!
Enid Ahaha, this place rules! Danger Zone, pff.
Enid begins unbuckling her seatbelt.
Enid Danger, heh.
Red Action Keep your seatbelt on though, obvs.
Enid Oh. Right, right. Wow! Hey, what’s with all the nautical stuff?
Red Action Uh, previous owner.
Enid Is like, sea-themed stuff big in the future or someth- Augh! What the heck?
Red Action veers onto a narrow, winding road.
Enid Where are we now?
Red Action Pop your head out the top there.
Enid Wow. This is incredible! It’s like a permanent thunderstorm!
Red Action That’s exactly what it is! I love coming here! The air is-
Red Action gets shocked by a lightning bolt.
Enid Electric?
Red Action You said it!
Enid and Red Action laughs.
Enid I think I saw your skeleton, dude! Ahahaha!
An alarm goes off in the Hovertank.
Red Action Quick, back in the tank!
Enid What’s wrong?
Red Action Radars, pickin’ up hostiles. Could be cybermutts, growlers, anything! Brace yourself!
Four vehicles appear from a portal.
Red Action Oh, no!
Female voice Hue Troopers, go!!

Trooper 1: Red Action, we’ve come from the future to arrest you! Read ‘er the charges.

Trooper 2: Two counts of time shenanigans.

Trooper 3: And betraying your friends!

Trooper 4: That’s us! Green Guts!

Trooper 2: Black Strategy.

Trooper 3: And Yellow Technique!~

Trooper 1: Blue Power! The Hue Troop, it’s ‘hue’ we are.

Enid: What the heck is this?

Red Action: Uh, ro...per...road performance artists! Hahah, they’re everywhere in the Danger Zone. You just gotta ram past ‘em. Raahhh!

Green Guts: We weren’t finished!

Blue Power: Unfortunate.

Green Guts: You crum-bum!

Yellow Technique: Are we even sure that was her?

Black Strategy: Extensive mods have been made to the angler tank, but there’s no mistaking that energy signature.

Green Guts: She’s getting away, ya hosers!

Blue Power: Hue Troop! Let’s roll.

Enid: That was...something!

Red Action: Forget about it, we’ve got cooler things to do. Urgh, no!

Enid: What is it?

Red Action: It’s those future dweeb- ah! Those performance artists.

Blue Power: Pull over, Red. Don’t make us whomp ya.

Red Action: You wanna go, slappy? Let’s go!

Green Guts: Cute, but you can’t escape the Uniscallop that easy! Stop running!

Red Action: [to Enid] Ever fired a rail cannon?

Enid: What? No!

Red Action: Come on, you’ll love it!

Enid: You’re lucky I don’t get performance art.

Green Guts: Crum-bums!

Blue Power: There’s no escaping us, Red!

Black Strategy: You must return to 301X. Your aim is predictable.

Yellow Technique: The jig is up, matey!

Enid: Uh, Red?

Red Action: Hold your fire! Adjust 90 degrees! Let ‘er rip!!

Enid: Hoo, okay, that was fun. But it also seemed...super personal? What aren’t you telling me?

Red Action: Nothing, it’s just- [sighs] Alright, E, I’ll level with ya. A long time ago, a meteor crashed on Earth. Inside was the legendary Prism Crystal. A hero discovered its holographic link to the alien Ren Bo, who had the power to predict catastrophes. That hero became the first Hue Trooper. With Ren Bo’s guidance they assembled a team to prevent the disasters she foretold. As time went on, they kept the Hue Troop alive, passing the Crystal down to new teams. Until my generation. I kind of...accidentally destroyed the Crystal in the now I’m here, on the run from my own team.

Enid: Red, why didn’t you tell me? Space crystals, prophecies, that’s incredible! You’re incredible!

Red Action: I’m not incredible! The Hue Troopers are all like cheesy poses, and like, weird helmets. I’m supposed to take orders from a rock, and I broke it! I’m not like you!

Enid: Wha-?

Red Action: You’ve got your own moves, your own style! You don’t follow anyone. Heh, I never had the nerve to comment on any of your pictures. Deep down, I wanted to hang out with the coolest person in 201X before I got dragged back to the future. But I dunno if I can keep running.

Enid: You’re right. You can’t. So let’s beat ‘em.

Red Action: Huh?

Enid: No matter what you did in the future, Red, right now we’re just two cool people hangin’ out! And if the Hue Troopers won’t leave us alone, we’ll just have to make ‘em!

Yellow Technique: How bold. You always wanna do things the hard way!

Red Action: Uh...uh...nah. I think you clowns are gonna be a piece of cake.

Hue Troopers: [gasp]

Yellow: Hue Troop! Let’s end this!

[Red Action deploys her arm cannons]

Enid: [to Red Action] Nice!

Red Action: Right?

[They begin to fight, and Red Action knocks down Green Guts.]

Yellow: Green! [to Red Action] Traitor.

[Everyone looks up as an orb begins to descend from a hole in the sky.]

Yellow: What the…? Hue Troop, retreat!

Enid: Red, is that the meteor from your story?

Red: Eh, it can’t be that meteor. That happened a long time ago, remember?

Enid: Red, I’m really sorry that I have to say this, but you’re from the future. This is a long time ago!

Red: Oh, nuts!

Enid: C’mon, let’s get outta here!

[The meteor lands.]

Blue: Everyone alive?

Yellow: Think so.

Enid: Red. Red? Red?! Red!

Red: Augh. Careful with the goods!

Enid: What?

Red: Sha-bam! [opens her hand to reveal the Prism Crystal. The Hue Troopers gasp.] Just an ultra-powerful crystal, no big!

Enid: Wow…

Yellow: I get it now. So this is why you escaped to the past! You’ve been searching history for the time when the meteor crashed to atone for breaking the crystal.

Blue: I knew you didn’t betray us.

Black: You can come back to the future now.

Green: So how’d you know 201X was the right year?

Red: Ha! Heh, how, you ask? Well, if you must know, I...I didn’t figure anything out. I got lucky. Sorry, guys. I thought my mistakes would vanish if I kept running, but they were just getting worse. I wouldn’t have noticed that without Enid here! I think 201X is pretty cool, so I’m gonna stick around for a while. [tosses the Crystal to Yellow]

Yellow: 201X, huh?

Red: Ha, I know, right? It’s not so terrible here.

Enid: Nice meeting you!

Black: You, too!

Green: Come visit sometime!

Blue: You fight good! Hue Troop, let’s go home.

Green: Yeah. What a crazy day!

Yellow: Red’s changed.

[Black Strategy opens a portal]

Black: Yellow, time capsule’s up.

Yellow: Coming!

[They all exit through the portal. Cut to Red and Enid in the Hovertank]

Red: Let’s see, I got you chased through the Danger Zone, attacked by my teammates, hit by a meteor; I think it’s fair to say this day was a bust, wouldn’t you?

Enid: Hey, you said I was a thrill-seeker. I was very thrilled. But if you really wanna make it up to me, let’s go volcano surfing!!

Red: I don’t even know what that is! Haha, let’s liiive!!

-- THE END --

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