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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts with Ernesto at his desk.
Ernesto Thanks for meeting with me. I've been sensing some tension between you two in the workplace. Tell me, how are you feeling?
Darrell and Fink are sitting on the sofa looking away from each other with their arms crossed.
Darrell I'm feeling fed up of having our missions ruined by Fink here, who won't follow orders from her senior coworker!
Fink Well, duh! Because I don't listen ugly bozos, whose "orders" will get me destroyed!
Darrell You're ugly!
Fink I know you are, but what am I?
Fink laughs mockingly.
Darrell I said you're ugly!
Darrell and Fink are fighting each other in a burst of comical dust.
Ernetso Hmm...
Darrell I'm gonna get you!
K.O., Rad, Enid, and the Boxbots watch Darrell and Fink fighting.
Rad Uh, are you fighting us or each other?
K.O. Yeah, this is super-weird. Villains shouldn't fight... each other. Guess it's okay if we fight 'em!
K.O. destroys Jethro with his hammer fist.
Enid Ugh, okay. We'll be here when you guys finish.
K.O. Please don't take too long, 'kay, fellas?
Cuts to Boxmore.
Lord Boxman (angry) Ohh! How are we ever going to destroy those stinking heroes if our minions are too busy destroying each other?!
Professor Venomous Perhaps we've been too neglectful.
Lord Boxman Hmm?
Professor Venomous If our employees aren't able to resolve conflicts amongst themselves, then it is our job as upper management to intervene. (walks towards his desk) Ernesto, cancel our 2:00 and schedule us for... an emergency conference.
Lord Boxman Oh, bother.
Titlecard appears. The sitcom theme is played in this episode's intro.
Crowd It's "The Voxy Bunch"!
Announcer Last time on "The Voxy Bunch"...
Cuts to Venomous, the Boxbots, and Fink in the car at Weiner Kabob drive-tru. Darrell is picking on Fink who's sitting on the front passenger seat. Shannon and Raymond are making a fuss. Professor Venomous is making an order.
Professor Venomous Can I get, uh, three Crunch Dog Supremes, two, uh, Schnitzel Twists?
Cuts to Darrell and Fink fighting over a teddy bear.
Fink What do you think you're doing?! That's mine! Gimme that!
Cuts to Shannon and Raymond holding shopping bags.
Shannon & Raymond (laughs) Shopping!
Cuts to the Boxbots, Fink, and Boxman at the checkout section. Boxman takes out his wallet which it was empty. The audience groans but they cheer and applaud when Venomous is holding a stack of technos.
Cuts to Professor Venomous holding his phone to Raymond wearing his sport uniform in the car.
Lord Boxman Raymond, get out of the car and go practice!
Raymond No!
Cuts to a recital performed by Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond.
Darrell ♪ And on that farm ♪
Darrell is interrupted by Fink during the performance.
Fink ♪ He had a cow ♪ ♪ Ee-i-ee-i-oh ♪
Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous applaud, Boxman cries in tears of joy.
Cuts to the scene from the beginning of the episode where Darrell and Fink are fighting each other during the Boxbots' battle against K.O., Rad, and Enid.
K.O. (off-screen) Please don't take too long, 'kay, fellas?
Professor Venomous turns off the television.
Professor Venomous So, as you all just saw, the merging of myself and Boxmore has brought many difficult changes, and while most of us have adapted quite well, I realize some of us are still having a bit of trouble.
Shannon You're talking about Darrell and Fink, right?
Darrell and Fink are still in a heated quarrel but stop when Shannon mentions them.
Darrell & Fink Huh?
Professor Venomous Well...
Lord Boxman Yes!
Professor Venomous Boxman!
Lord Boxman It's been a real pain! Which is why Professor Venomous and I have developed an excellent minion team-building strategy that is sure to settle their differences. Darrell and Fink, for the foreseeable future, you two will be...
Lord Boxman & Professor Venomous Sharing the bedroom!
Darrell and Fink become shocked as Raymond and Shannon snicker and snort.
Darrell & Fink Nooooooooooo!
The scene cuts to K.O., Rad, and Enid walking until they heard Fink and Darrell screaming and cover their ears.
K.O. I think this is gonna get worse before it gets better!
Rad & Enid What?!
Cuts to Darrell dropping a box of his stuffs on the bed

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