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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode starts off at the Action News 52 studio being set-up]
Big Cheese Lights! Camera! A-A-A-nd…
Dynamite Watkins [Rips through the backdrop, knocking her desk out] A-A-A-Action News! [Titlecard appears] [Grabs her mic] Good evening, I’m Dynamite Watkins, your local reporter/anchor/tireless muckraker. With the latest newsworthy action from the Neutral Zone!
[Zooms out to show K.O. watching TV]
K.O. Mom, it’s almost on!
Action News Narrator Bringing you your daily dose of Action News!
Dynamite Watkins Today, local business owner and petty tyrant Lord Boxman [cast appears in background replacing the backdrop] of the Boxmore Corporation launched yet another attack on Lakewood Plaza Turbo. As always, your tireless reporter was on the scene. [Shows interview] Mr. Gar, why do you think Lord Boxman continues to attack your store over and over again? [In the background, Enid beats up Darrell. Dynamite passes the mic to Mr. Gar]
Mr. Gar Uh, no comment.
K.O. [Raises his hand] I have a comment. [Dynamite passes the mic to him] Hi. Mom!
[Pans next shot to Carol kicking a Shannon head and she waves to K.O.]
K.O. Oh, that’s us! Yes! [High-fives Carol]
Dynamite Watkins Here to provide us with another piece of this puzzle, we have with us tonight Boxmore employee Darrell the Robot. [Darrell waves to the camera] Good evening, Darrell.
Darrell Good evening, Miss Watkins! Thank you for having me.
Dynamite Watkins Yeah, yeah, yeah! All right, enough small talk! [Smashes the glass to transport Darrell to her studio] What is Lord Boxman up to?!
Darrell I-Mm… Hmph! No comment!
Dynamite Watkins Oh, is that so? Well, I think… the public deserves to know! [Zaps Darrell though her mic]
Darrell [Grunts] Must… reveal… truths. [Grunts]
Dynamite Watkins And?
Darrell The truth is… I wear cowboy boots to bed! Gah! [Cuts to Shannon painting her nails] Shannon has human feet!
Shannon [Knocks her nail polish] Darrell, you rat!
Dynamite Watkins And what is Lord Boxman’s plan?
Darrell [Panting] Aah! His plan is… [Screams and blows up]
Dynamite Watkins Well, there you have it, folks. [Tosses papers] Not! This incident is clearly just one in a long line of bizarre plots in connection with Boxmore. [Shows scenes that might tied up to one thing] Between the ongoing attacks on the plaza, the brazen attack on POINT headquarters, Boxman is clearly building up to something. But what?! [Trucks of Boxmore drive through] And what of the mysterious Boxmore trucks that have been rolling through town at all hours of the night? What’s inside of them? Who’s driving them? What does it all mean?! We’ll dig deeper… after this commercial break. [Cast member moves the backdrop] Whew! So, what’s the view count today, Cam? [Cam squeaks] That many?! Well, I’m not surprised. No one can tear their eyes off this spicy-hot breaking Boxmore news!
Big Cheese Watkins! [Shows papers] What is this?! I want this spicy-hot breaking Boxmore news torn from my eyes immediately! I’ve told you a thousand times to—
Dynamite Watkins Stick to the script.
Big Cheese Which is?
Dynamite Watkins [Gets out rolled-up paper] The fluff piece on DJ-A-Saurus.
Big Cheese Very good. Now get back in there. [Clears throat] One more thing. If you try sneaking in the Boxmore piece again, you’re off the air.
Dynamite Watkins But, sir, I really think the Boxmore piece is more important tha— [The crew brings in a new backdrop. She gets out her microphone] And now back to the news! [Reads the script] Is he a poet… or a musician? [Big Cheese directs her] This verse-slinging bronto is putting the “rap”… [Big Cheese chuckles] …in “reptile.”
K.O. What the… This is a puff piece. Where’s the substance?!
Dynamite Watkins DJ-A-Saurus is the pop sensation… hitting… Ugh! I can’t take this anymore! The people need to hear the truth. And I’m gonna give it to ‘em! [Puts up a Lord Boxman photo. The power goes down] What the… Who cut the power?
[The next scene shows that “Action News 52” is cancelled]
K.O. No more journalism?! Guess I’ll have to do something boring, like play with toys.
Big Cheese I warned you, Watkins, but you never listen! I know you get your power from having eyes on you. So I’ll make you powerless. Consider yourself suspended. Badge! [Dynamite hands her badge to him] Mic! [She hands the mic to him] The mic on your ankle holster, too, please. [She removes her mic]
Dynamite Watkins [Kicks a can] Ugh! That jerk! I’m this close to figuring out the Boxman scoop. I have to keep going. But without the Action News viewers, without the lights and cameras… without eyes, I’m powerless. [A light shines on her] What the… [Cam was the one who shined the light] Cam? You want to help me investigate Boxmore? [Cam nods “yes”] Oh, you know the boss won’t like this, right? [Cam doesn’t seem to mind it] [Chuckles] Well, what are we waiting for? [Gets out her mic stashed from her coat] Let’s go shine a light on the truth— together! [Next scene shows her driving the Action 52 van] This ain’t gonna be easy, Cam. Since we can’t broadcast this scoop live like usual, it’ll be extra important for you to keep your eyes— uh, lens focused on me, even when we’re not taping. Got it? [Cam nods “yes”] Let’s do this! [Drives to Boxmore and Cam starts filming her] Are we ready? [Cam nods “yes”. She counts down] Good evening. I’m Dynamite Watkins, rogue reporter, bringing you a special investigation of Boxmore’s suspicious activity. Huh?
[Darrell and Shannon walks by with beverages and take out food]
Darrell How’s the milkshake, sis?
Shannon Whatever. I’m still mad at you.
Dynamite Watkins You two! [Runs to them] If you could just answer some questions!
[Darrell screams and Shannon takes him]
Shannon I’ll never comment alive!
Dynamite Watkins The public deserves to know! [Her mic tries to zap them but they dodge]
[Darrell continues screaming]
Shannon Ha! Weak.
Dynamite Watkins [Straining] Huh? [Tries to zap them]
Shannon Ha ha!
Dynamite Watkins [Groans] Wait!
Shannon [Waves to Dynamite] I got a news flash for ya. You stink! [Slams the door]
Dynamite Watkins [Groans] [Cam squeaks] Oh, it’s no use, Cam! My interviewing powers are too weak. Huh? What’s this? [Sees a folder of “Box-man’s Receipts] Boxman’s receipts? [Opens the folder] Oh, it looks like Boxman has been buying parts from all over. Battleburg, Neo Riot City, the Danger Zone… [Picks out two receipts] Huh. Why would the Big Cheese want to stop me from finding this out? It’s just a bunch of receipts for… [Gasps] The Big Cheese! Lord Boxman has… bought my boss? [Throws the folder] What a scoop! This story goes deeper than any this rogue reporter has ever seen! [Cam squeaks. A truck approaches] Now’s our chance. Let’s get into that truck! [Puts on a cap]
[Dynamite and Cam signals the truck to stop]
Dynamite Watkins ‘Scuse me, sir. If I could just have you pull over and let us identify your cargo and… [Gasps] Big Cheese?!
Big Cheese Watkins! [Chuckles]
Dynamite Watkins You were the one behind this?
Big Cheese Nice try. [Gets the battery out of Cam]
Dynamite Watkins Cam?! Cam! No. [Cam loses signal] How am I gonna report without anyone watching?
Big Cheese [Starts engine] It’s over, Watkins. [Laughs] No one’s around to film your silly half-baked journalism. Forget about your big Boxmore scoop. Ha ha!
Dynamite Watkins No. Even without Cam, even without Action News, it’s my duty to investigate the truth— for the sake of everyone in Lakewood Plaza Turbo!
[Everyone at Lakewood Plaza Turbo heard Dynamite Watkins]
K.O. Is that Dynamite Watkins?! Come on, guys! We gotta help her out!
[K.O. leads everyone at the plaza to see Dynamite Watkins. They take pictures with their phones]
Dynamite Watkins Big Cheese… I know you won’t listen to what I have to say. So I’ll just interview the guy that brought you here. [Transforms to her regular outfit] The public deserves to know! [Her mic zaps the truck]
Truck [Gasps] What?! Whoa!
Dynamite Watkins Why have you been driving around at such late hours?
Truck [Gasps and stammers] No reason.
[The crowd boos]
Dynamite Watkins Hmm. Then what’s in your trunk?
Truck [Stammers] No comment!
[The crowd still shouts in support for Dynamite. She zaps herself and the truck into the studio]
Dynamite Watkins What was Darrell doing with those receipts?
Truck Uh… Can’t… keep lying for much longer.
Dynamite Watkins Why did my boss get bought? [Brings the mic closer to the truck]
Truck [Under a lamp] Must… tell… truth!
Dynamite Watkins Tell me, what is Lord Boxman’s plan?
Truck Ugh, fine! Boxman’s importing weapons from all over to build a new super bot. You win!
[They are back to outside of Boxmore. The truck explodes. The crowd cheers and chants “Dynamite!”. Dynamite grabs the battery and puts it on Cam. Cam is on the air]
Dynamite Watkins Good to have you back, buddy. [Cam turns on their light] Looks like we’ve got our cargo. What is all of this? [She and Cam sees the mess] Rocket launchers, motor oil. Baby bottles? What’s he using these for? [Gasps] Big Cheese! [Cam squeaks] No, no, no, you’re right. Something is off. [She takes off the Big Cheese costume to reveal Lord Boxman] [Gasps] Boxman?!
Lord Boxman [Gasps] Aah! [Slides away]
Dynamite Watkins Would you like to make a comment? [Lord Boxman pants and runs away] Hey! [Cam squeaks] Yeah, it’s fine. We got what we needed. [Gets out a receipt] Wait. Boxman didn’t buy my boss. He bought a boss costume. [Lifts her finger] Which means… he must have tied up the real Big Cheese and impersonated him to shut down our story! Cam, we’ve gotta get back to the station. [Cam squeaks]
[Next scene shows Crinkly Wrinkly in the bathtub with a brush and rubber duck]
Crinkly Wrinkly Bluddie, blue! [Laughs]
Action News Announcer [On TV] We interrupt this program to bring you a special Action News bulletin.
Dynamite Watkins Good evening. I’m Dynamite Watkins. Lord Boxman was discovered to be importing mysterious new robot parts. [Shows scene of outside Boxmore with police surrounding the evidence] Evidence indicates that these parts are being used for the production of a mysterious new super robot. [The police gathers the evidence] Boxman was also caught having kidnapped Action News 52’s very own head honcho, the Big Cheese!
[Next scene shows the guard removing tape from Big Cheese’s mouth]
Big Cheese Thanks for the rescue, Watkins.
Dynamite Watkins You’re welcome, Chief— I mean Big Cheese. But I didn’t do it alone. I had the support of loyal Action News cameraperson Cam. [Shows a mirror to show Cam on the air] Say hi, Cam. [Cam gives a thumbs up] And we had help of you, the viewer. [Points to the camera] Without your support and active participation, a reporter’s search for truth is impossible.
K.O. That’s us! [High fives Carol] Yes, yes, yes!
Darrell [Claps] Yay! We did it!
[Shannon rolls her eyes]
Crinkly Wrinkly Yahoo!
Dynamite Watkins But even though we’ve figured out the who, what, when, and where of what Lord Boxman is up to, the question still remains: Why?!
Lord Boxman [Turns off the TV] Oh, I’ll show you why, Dynamite Watkins. [Laughs evilly] I’ll show you all. [He is carrying the new robot and their eyes glow red]
[The episode ends]

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