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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode begins with a black screen, proceeding with a title card]
K.O. It feels like forever ago that I began my hero's journey at Gar's Bodega... [Groaning as the screen goes from black to showcasing K.O. punching a Jethro]
[Enid kicks the Jethro K.O. just punched and Rad uses his laser beam to throw it into a pile of other Jethros]
Rad [Panting and sweating] I think... That's the last of 'em.
[Both Rad and Enid sit down on the ground in front of the Bodega]
Rad [Pointing at the pile of robots] We must have taken out at least a thousand stinkin' Jethros!
Enid [Getting some sweat off her forehead] All directly under the hot, hot Suuuun.
Cool Sun [Blushing] Oooh, shut... You really think so?
K.O. [Thinking, while looking at his co-workers] I've made great friends, [Looks down at his POW Card] explored new places and helped defeat all kinds of evil. [Checks his card's stats and clicks to update] I've accomplished so much... Surely by now... [POW Card shows that he still doesn't have enough points to level up] Oh, man! I thought for sure I'd reached level 1!... I know leveling up takes a while, but-... Maybe all this time, I should have been working harder. [Speaking out loud] Okay, guys! Starting right now, let's all train twice as hard! [He looks over at them and jumps, startled]
[Enid and Rad are now dressed in swimsuits, Enid is testing out the water from a hose while Rad carries beach toys in his arms]
K.O. Wha-... What's going on?!
Enid Oh, well... While you were inner-monologuing, Rad and I declared the rest of today: No work, just play-day. Which we're spending in a kiddie pool.
Rad [Talking about the toys] These are for activities!
K.O. [Throws Rad's beach toys into the ground] No, no, no, no, no!
Rad My activities!
K.O. We can't play now! There's-... Too much training to be done! Look how close I am to leveling up! [Shows Enid his POW card]
Enid [Smiling] K.O., that's great! But-... Did you forget that we just kicked enough robo-butt to fill a parking lot?
Rad [Reaching for his toys] Yeah Squirt, take a break. All heroes do it. Even the god-tier ones, like me.
Enid [Points the hose at Rad's face, making him drop the toys again. Following that the sky turns purple, meaning another Boxmore robot was incoming] Ugh, no way!
Darrell [Shoots from inside the box and as he gets out he's seen dressed like a cowboy] Hah-Ah! It's me! Special limited edition, Cowboy Darrell! My daddy said I could.
Rad [Angrily, as Enid facepalms herself] I don't wanna fight more robots! I wanna play!!!
Darrell [Preparing to throw a lasso] Play with this! Yeepe-weep-weee! [Throws the lasso towards K.O. but something cuts it before it gets K.O.] My special limited edition lasso!!! [A mysterious blonde character shows up from behind Darrell and seemingly pokes him with a sword in a light manner] Well, that did nothing. [Explodes]
K.O., Rad & Enid [Look at this person in shock] Wooooow...
K.O. [Approaching the stranger] Hi there! You took out that Darrell like it was nothin'! I'm K.O., what's your name?
Hero You can call me... [Dramatically stares at nothing] Hero. [Flashback begins, showcasing him leaving some random snowy town behind] I left my homeland, far away, on a solo quest to the dark castle to defeat evil nemesis, [Attempts to say the name Galgarion but fails]. We've battled countless times over the ages, but soon I'll be strong enough to finally complete my journey.
K.O. [Showing excitement] That must be so cool! [Suddenly, on a more serious tone] But so lonely...
Hero [Still dramatically looking at nothing] Heh-... There's no room in your schedule for lonely times, when you've dedicated your entire life to leveling up.
K.O. Leveling up?! That's what I wanna do! Hero... [Puts himself on his knees] Take me with you on your quest.
Rad & Enid [Staring at each other] Wait, what?!
Hero [Pondering] Hmmmmm... Okay!
K.O. [Jumps in the air celebrating]
Hero Just... Wait here a sec.
Enid [As the hero enters the bodega] K.O., are you sure you wanna do this?
K.O. If I'm ever gonna level up, I need to work harder! Helping this hero guy is my chance to do just that!
Hero [Leaving the store with his arms full of potions] Wow! What a selection! You comin', K.O.?
Enid Hey, if you wanna go, knock yourself out! If you change your mind, we'll just be here... Playing with inflatables!
Hero [Swinging his sword] I can't wait to get out there and-... Swatch some buckle!
Rad Or maybe... Just... Blowin' some bubbs?
Hero There's no feeling like... Leveling up!
K.O. [Turning to Rad and Enid] I'll see you guys later!
Enid Let's go fill up the kitty-pool.
Rad & Enid [Dancing] No work, just play-day!
K.O. [Walking next to Hero] So... Is this gonna be like... Super dangerous?!
Hero Oh, no, no. There's absolutely nothing to worry about! [Monster jumps out of nowhere and attacks K.O.] Except for monsters... They're kind of a problem. [Jumps in the air and separates the monster from K.O. with his sword, then starts fighting the monster] Just follow my lead, kid! And... Jump! Curl up! [Hero uses his sword as a bat to throw K.O. against the monster, who starts trying to hit K.O. with fire] Now... Bogleo! [Staring at his watch] Aaaaalmost there! [Hits the monster in the chest and it disappears] One!
K.O. [Celebrating] We... Won! We won! We won! We won!
Hero No, no, no, no.... One... Thousand! Only 259 more until I'm ready to face my nemesis!
K.O. What?!
Hero C'mon! Time's a wastin'. Leveling up takes hard work. You gotta fight a lot of monsters.
K.O. Really?! I longer how long- [Gets attacked by another monster] Hey!! Wait-... Didn't we already fight this fella?
Hero Sure did! [Separates K.O. from the monster with his sword again] Now, get ready to jump, curl up and bogleo again!
K.O. Got it! [Jumps and curls up, then gets thrown at the monster by the hero again] Alright, so... Jump, curl up and... [K.O. shuts up as he sees a blue ball approaching him]
Blue creature Jabbala-ja. Jabbala-ja. Jabbala-ja.
K.O. [Getting distracted by the creature] Heh-Hey! That's pretty neat! [Gets hit by a fire ball] Ugh-... What happened.. Uh... Hero?
Hero You were supposed to bogleo, kid. Drink this! [Gives potion to K.O.]
K.O. [Takes a few sips but then spits the potion out. He then gets healed] Wow! I'm all be-...
Hero [Interrupting K.O.] Ah-, bah,bah,bah,bah. No time for chitchat. We lost 5 whole seconds because you didn't stick to the plan.
K.O. But 5 seconds isn't so long!
Hero It may not seem long now, but it adds up. If we lost 5 seconds of fight for an entire day, we'd miss out on a whole bundle of experience!
K.O. So, all I gotta do to level up, is do the same thing over and over... And nothing else?
Hero Exactly! I didn't level up 90 times without avoiding distractions [Starts patting K.O. on the head]
K.O. 90 times?!
Hero Yep! Now, come on! Every second matters!
[We're shown a compilation of fights K.O. and Hero got into as a song plays, the compilation consists of very similar battles, K.O. getting more and more tired and him drinking potions]
Hero Alright! Almost ready.
K.O. [Groaning] Hero... I feel exhausted...
Hero Oh? How about a healing potion?!
K.O. No, no... No more of those! Can't we take a time out, and... Rest? For a while...?
Hero Rest won't level you up, K.O.. I know the hero's path takes a while to get used to, but once you're as dedicated as I am, you won't even think about doing anything else. Anyway! We're here! The dark castle! [A very tall dark tower stands opposite to the two]
K.O. Thank crackers... Ohhhh, we made it!!! [K.O. gets on his knees with arms up in the air]
Hero Huh? Oh... No, no, no, no, no. There's still 100 floors full of enemies and traps to scale!
K.O. No, no, no no, no! [K.O. then gets grabbed by Hero as he walks into the castle while he is still saying no]
[There's another compilation of fights being shown now, this time portraying our heroes climbing stairs and going through traps]
K.O. [Groaning and panting has he managed to get to the last stair] We made it....
Hero Yep! All that's left is a 3 stage battle against an impossibly powerful foe! Come on! [Starts running forward and K.O. soon tries to catch up]
[The two go through a wide metal door that leads into a room where someone's standing]
Hero So! We meet again! Gal-...Hmm...Gal-.... Uhh... [Stares at his own had where the villain's name is written down] Galgarion!
Galgarion [Staring at his own hand as well] Uhh... YOU!
Hero We meet again for yet another final battle! [Jumps in the air and tries to hit the villain with his sword, only to have him defend himself using nothing but his arm, Galgarion throws Hero across the room and starts throwing green explosive balls at K.O., who tries to dodge them]
[The fight continues as K.O. runs towards Hero, proceeding to jump and curl up, having Hero throw him higher in the air. K.O. then throws punches at Galgarion, who dodges all effortlessly. Hero tries to sneak up on him but Galgarion notices this and makes the Hero get stuck on a green bubble. He then has the bubble be thrown at K.O., the bubble breaks as this happens and Hero frees himself]
Hero Enough tricks, [Tries to say the villain's name but fails one more time].
Galgarion [Casting a spell with two of his fingers and a smug face] Confuso.
Hero Nice try, [Isn't able to say the villains name again], but you're... Finished! [Jumps in the air along with K.O., ready to beat up the villain, however, the spell Galgarion cast makes the two hit each other instead] How can we be losing?! I know I leveled up!
Galgarion Foolish, you. I also leveled up! [Shows the heroes his POW Card, having the level of -99] Had nothing better to do... I can't actually move from this spot.
Hero So... All of this was for nothing?!
Galgarion Pretty much... Yeah. [Laughs]
Hero Oh well... Guess I'll just have to level up some more!
K.O. [Gets up from the ground and yells] NO!
Galgarion & Hero What?!
K.O. We didn't just spend all day working as hard as we possibly could, just to start all over!
Hero K.O., you seem a little frazzled. Have a healing potion! [Gets a potion from behind his back]
K.O. NO! I don't need a healing potion! [Throws potion onto the floor] I need sometime to do a-anything else!
Hero But-... Anything else would be a waste of time.
K.O. Not to me. Not if I like what I'm doing. Don't you ever wanna do anything else? With anyone else?... I love working hard, but I don't wanna choose between leveling up, and the other things I like. And I don't think I have to. I'm gonna go back to my friends. [Walks through the EXIT door]
Hero [Turning to Galgarion] You know somethin'? We've been fighting each other for so long, I forgot why we even started!
Galgarion Aren't we, like... Long lost brothers and-... And you're the evil one?
Hero Well, I thought you were the evil one...
Galgarion Mmm... Maybe we're both the good one!
Hero Heey!... Nah... That can't be right. Maybe we should take a break from this.
Galgarion We could always... Fight some other time!
Hero And using the time in-between to get back to-...
Galgarion Re-decorating my kitchen!
Hero Ooh, I was gonna say our friends and family..? Welp, see you later! [Walks off]
Galgarion Later! [Tries to move but can't]
Hero [Outside of the castle] K.O.! Wait! I'm going back to my friends too!
K.O. Really?!
Hero I've been so focused on this quest, I ended up leaving behind a lot of people I care about... And I am not wasting here anymore time without them! So, with that said, let me help you sometime and help you get back home! [Swings his sword] Hop on! [K.O. climbs Hero and gets ontop of the sword] Good luck with everything, K.O.! I love you!
K.O. Okay! [Starts jumping on the sword and eventually reaches enough height to fly] Byeeee! [Goes through a cloud and sees the Plaza] Oh! The Plaza! Heeeeeey! Rad! Enid! [Starts falling towards the kitty-pool where Rad and Enid are in]
Rad & Enid [Putting their arms up] K.O.!
Enid Aww, you made it back!
Rad [Messing with K.O.'s hair] We knew you couldn't say away!
Enid So... What's your POW Card looking like? Must have leveled up by now, right?
K.O. [Floating on the pool] Mm... I'll check it later... It's not going anywhere.
Cool Sun What a good boy. [Laughs]
[The scene cuts to black and then we're shown a comic-strip-like scenario]
Hero Darling, I'm back! [Enters through a door] And I'm really, really sorry!!!
Narrator One year later...
Hero [Sitting next to his wife, who's holding a baby] I'm so glad I learned valuable lessons.
Cherry And I'm so glad we had a baby named Spaghetti!
Hero [Running outside while holding his baby, alongside his wife] This sure beats leveling up alone!!
[Episode ends]

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