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Hidden Ability Of K.O.

Since T.K.O’s the least of K.O.’s problem (and since Turbo Ko is dark form),

Is it possible that K.O. newfound hidden ability is to ,you know, switching types at will 🤔?

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Choose your favorite Boxmore bot!

Just curious!
  • Raymond
  • Shannon
  • Darrell
  • Ernesto
  • Jethro
  • Mikayla
  • Can't decide/other
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• 3/8/2019

I wish O.K Ko Let’s Be Heroes BACK!!!😢😢😢😢😢

I really wish for more Season of this favorite tv series 🤩


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• 3/5/2019

New Boxmore Bots

Will Boxmore build an even better robots and a new breeds of Boxmore bots with even more tougher abilities?🤔

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• 3/1/2019

The OK K.O.! Wikia Discord server turned one year old

Yeah, since March 1, 2018 was the day of the Discord server was found. As of this day in the UTC time, March 1, 2019, the OK K.O.! Wikia Discord server turned one year old. If any of you guys are interested in joining the wiki Discord server, instructions are shown in here. There's plenty of channel discussions there such as the show in general, other topics, art channel, memes channel and etc.

Added bonus, here's K.O. cheering :P

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• 2/21/2019

New Strategy: P.O.I.N.T. & P.O.I.N.T. Prep

Point Organization has some of the greatest weapons defenses, including lasers, on Ok Ko. Universe and not to mention some of the troopers.

Could there be other way to for Lord Boxman and his superiors find a way to their weak spot?

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• 2/16/2019

I don't think this is a coincidence

What's your opinion? Also, could someone add something about that skill in the Venomous' page? (I'm not a native speaker so I may write something meaningless, sorry)

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• 2/14/2019

New Episode of O.K. K.O.

I really miss The ok Ko Let’s Be Heroes.🙏🤩 i really wishing for the brand new episode every day.

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• 1/22/2019

For the New episodes on 2019 a new Characters

Dear, Cartoon Network, For the new episodes for Ok ko on February,

Meet Glendia, a new student who is attending on the Lakewood Public School and she’s good at sports like soccer and needs to know how to know a little about her power.

and she got a pow Card and her xp level is 3.

And she is only a human girl.

and she is kind of cute and rough

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• 1/16/2019

Heroes from the pasts and K.o’s new friends and Mentor Ideas

If K.o first met The likes of Captain planet...

then can there be any other heroes in O.k K.O lets be Heroes Universe and any humans who would meet them all 🤔?

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• 1/15/2019

More season of ok ko

I wish for more ok ko season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and more Plz🙏😭

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• 1/12/2019

MOTD Ideas Season 3

Every heroes would encounter the strongest evil Creatures and Boxmore robots with minus power levels to boost the heroes up🤔

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• 1/9/2019

Shadowy Figure’s Enigmatic Motivation/Plans Theory

What if the Shadowy Figure have been working with someone else rich and powerful so he can find a way to retrieve the Glorbs so that he would fix the circuits?🤔🤔

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• 1/1/2019

Happy New Year!😃🎆

Happy New Year Ok Ko!

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• 1/1/2019

Season 3 idea!

i really wish for a 3rd season of Ok ko

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• 1/1/2019

Happy 2019 OK K.O.! Wiki!

In UTC time, the wiki entered 2019! We celebrate good times it had in 2018 and now moving forward to 2019.

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• 12/28/2018

Tv Special Idea

Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous meets The board of the Investors old boss, The Big Big Boss.

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• 12/28/2018

K.O’s New Power

What if the S.M.S will teach ko a brand new power?

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• 12/28/2018

Shadowy Figure & Glorbs Theory

The Shadowy Figure obviously wanted the Glorbs not only for himself but also his boss.

In the last episode he said he doesn’t have any time wasting on his hard work and also implying that he let him live.

I don’t know even if he’s working with someone else more than Boxman and Venomous to find a way to harvest more Glorbs🤔

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• 12/28/2018

New Powers

What other hidden potential/all new powers that K.O should be unlock at this time🤔

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